Second Whistleblower Emerges On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Second Whistleblower Emerges On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Second Whistleblower Emerges On President Donald Trump And Ukraine | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. At Winged Foot Golf Club, one of the few golf clubs Trump isn't involved with where he's a member (and not kicked out yet), the caddies have a name for Trump: Pele.
    Trump is forever kicking his ball out of the rough and back onto the fairway. No strokes.

  2. Trump is not a king and he does not get to do anything he wants. He has no filter and that is embarrassing enough..but now it comes to light that there are requests to other governments to help him look for dirt on Biden. OMG! At least Nixon kept his little unethical deeds within our country. I am done. I feel like I need to take a shower everytime I watch the news. Democrats have their issues too. I am going to vote for people I feel I can trust next time and party is not important. If no one fits the bill..I will write in Mickey Mouse.

  3. A second whistleblower!

    It's just like the whole Kavanaugh debacle. One woman comes forward, it doesn't work out, the narrative falls apart, she was lying the whole time. A second woman comes forward, she admits that she was lying. A third woman comes forward and it doesn't work out, the narrative falls apart, she was lying the whole time.

    Are you people really fooled by this dog and pony show?

  4. Are you idiots reporting on ANOTHER issue that you haven’t researched at all??

    Killing the Democratic Party. Hope you understand

  5. Everything trump tweeted this weekend was false. The guy in the picture is not a boss or exec of burisma. Biden's son did not make100,000 dollars, the claims against the whistleblowers are untrue, schiff and pelosi did nothing illegal and Devin Nunes did the same in 2016-advise the appropriate actions. There was no timeline for US military in syria. Why can't he just tell the truth? And rick perry says his request for the call to ukraine did not involve the bidens. There's probably more but who can keep up?

  6. Trump doesn’t care at all, he’s selling his own country for personal financial gain. Why is that man still in the White House it’s mind boggling as to why he’s been allowed to go has far has he has gone. It’s very distressing what he’s doing he’s dragging his country further and further down.

  7. With all of our vaunted checks and balances, how is it that the office of President is the boss of every single agency that might put a kabosh on the crud trump is doing? AG Bar, the FBI, CIA, the military, etc. etc. etc. Something's gotta give. How in the world do you fix something like that with everything so damned partisan?

  8. These Trump defenders are not worried about what happens to them because they are backed by the Trump billions. They, like Epstein, would live in luxury and thumbing their noses up on all. And, they can do this when they are put in prison and maybe given a pardon or a lighter sentence.

  9. If you haven't called out the president for this behavior it is too late to save your reputation. Tarnish happens fast and if you think of covering your butt before coming out it is too late.

  10. Typical Trump Tactic; whatever Don the Con is illegally doing, Trump accuses his adversaries of.
    Only stupid people fall for it!

  11. This news too shall die within 48 hours just like every leftist hypothetical piece that comes out. News is garbage.


  13. Short bus dumbness alert… 😀 why buy Rogaine with global warming… 😀 (24/7 MAIN GRID ELECTRO-SHOCK NO MEDS HEAVY STRAIT-JACKET DUMBNESS!!!) the magic school bus just Decommissioned… i don't blame him… i wouldn't drive ya'll either… Lol… otf… Satan… 😀

  14. Trump,s people are Evangelicals, like Mrs Elizabeth Warren too. Where are a ideological difference between Trump and Mrs Warren? Behind Mrs Warren is Hillary Clinton. Impeachment is a Hillary Fight against Trump.

  15. Who is more corrupt, Trump or Mrs Hillary&Warren?!!! All US-Congress is corrupt and criminal too!!! Together with CIA and Pentagon!!!

  16. After all this whole entire time, Trump was just lying and BS-ing all the way through how there was "never any collusion" from Russia. YEAH, RIGHT. After that photo surfaces on the news showing him shaking hands with Russian officials the day after he fires James Comey. But then again, who knows if he was also taking tips and pointers from the current dictator of Russia's neighbor Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Believe it or not, there has been rumors that Lukashenko had rigged his own country's elections and he has been in power for 25 years. Trump, on the other hand, what's he going to do for the 2020 election? Hit up some other foreign country besides Ukraine or China for more interference and then try to rationalize there's nothing wrong with it. Puh-LEEZE, as anybody already knows, that is not at all the proper way for the American electoral process supposed to work.

    SO, does anybody out there know how to make America great again? IMPEACH DONALD THE DICTATOR ONCE AND FOR ALL, SO CAN'T WAIT FOR NOVEMBER OF 2020 TO FINALLY GET HERE. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!

  17. Let me get this clear, if you are a political opponent of president you get away with crime and corruption ?? Because an investigation benefits the president??

  18. I would suggest those who leave voluntarily will be seen as having a badge of valor and honor. So going forward it will make them look like heroes

  19. I don’t know how a,Erica s warch the news. Especially at breakfast time. Is it the loudest voice wins in the States or what? Your TV hosts shout at you. Especially female hosts. But probably just to be heard. I’m a bloke and even I have to say, I understand why. Just watch Morning Joe or TYT. Mika and Ana(volume down for her every time) have too just to speak. The studios are set up for it as well. Wide shots, open studios and mics far away.
    Your news stations think you need thing yelled in your ears. It’s actually pretty weird(and annoying) once you notice it.

  20. Thanks Stephanie – good clip, we need more people like you that are interested in the truth, not some party agenda.
    Meanwhile i took the point made: if the FBI is shackled by Barr, who do we rely on for investigation of WH corruption ?

  21. Trump and his administration have no desire to be moral or ethical. His contempt for the rule of law infects his entire Administration.

  22. His foreign policy is for sale. That threatens our national security. His actions show he was using the powers of the presidency for political gain.

  23. We going to create a law saying that no one are immigrants when people recognizes belonging to the planet and it's life

  24. I'll vote for Trump in 2020 No Matter what happens. For many reasons but, if for no other reason because of the way the Dems and news media have acted over the last 3 years. The constant attack over the last 3 years with fabricated evidence tells me what is really happening in Washington. The media started talking impeachment before he ever took the oath of office. They just keep throwing stuff hoping eventually something will stick. Reagan had the Iran Contra affair, Obama had the fast and furious scandal, and other presidents have had serious
    allegations brought against them. This is not even worth mentioning. But somehow the media makes it out to be some "huge" scandal. And the evidence is highly questionable at best.

  25. Enough of your Democratic gotcha games of collusion and whistle blowers. Stop these childish games and start working on a highway bill. Our roads are crumbling while you idiots spend all your time doing this crap. 3 years of investigations costing 100 million dollars which found no collusion, but you say there is not enough money to fix our roads?

  26. …the the Republicans steer the USA into chaos and disaster… the Republican Attorney General is obstructing justice…WOW!

  27. the corrupt calling the corrupt corrupt lmfao . the us will go down in a vicious civilwar just watch. they've done this to many countries and karma will finally catch up to u !!

  28. This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that refucklibans have a collective IQ of 70. How any sane person can vote for even a single one is beyond me.

  29. If Donald Trump‘s election was really Russia’s doing, then you’ve got to give it to the Russians. They’ve done better than drop a nuclear bomb in the US. Trump is more destructive than bombs

  30. All these right wing dictators, have a global alliance.
    They've collectively figured, that by destroying their nationa political opposition, they'll be able to work s sweeter deal among themselves.
    It's a dark global scheme, of destroying the concept of Liberal Democracy.

  31. I hope they find a new Trump scandal soon, because Trump goes so fast, that those that need to bring him dow, have to keep up with him, to keep up ppl’s interest ! Don’t underestimate the orange devil, nor the stupidity and memory loss of most Americans ! Trump’s antics made all Americans get serious focus issues. He changed them into a mirror image of himself, and they’re not even aware. He’s like a cancer. Keep digging FAST & FURIOUS !! Keep digging up more TRUMP DIRT, BURY HIM IN IT and THEN SOME ! And find something that Americans really CARE about. You keep paying your progressive strategic advisers so much money, let them deliver or fire them ! And put up a brilliant Democrat to run against the Trump machine, not the uncharismatic, hesitant folks now … because I promise you, you will lose again, should you fail to deliver like I lay it out to you … it’s your future and life …

  32. He might not get impeached but his staff will be tarnished, well good to know this is all just time and money being wasted.

  33. This is the best president in the U.S. history.. Thank you for building the wall on the Mexican border. We love you.

  34. Trump is so busy deflecting and throwing accusations that everybody running is a crook and are laundering money!!! Show The American People your income statements , lets see how Honest you are Trump

  35. I find it funny how everyone posting here saying Trump is bad and completely ignore all the BS the Democrats have done and still do. Wake up politicians are all in it for them self. The only real battle is between each party on who can control what for more money and power. Trump just has a temper and will let everyone know what's going on when he gets mad. For everyone saying he is racist I still have yet to see anyone show any proof without just saying CNN said so, MSNBC said so I seen a headline on social media, I just know he is. The racial thing is not a big issue, it's just them making crap up for their own personal gain and manipulating people to do what they want doing semi brainwashing to get you on their side. Open your eyes and you can start seeing what is really going on.

  36. Media is doing a mistake of being one sided and supporting anything against Trump.
    Accept biden is corrupt too even if u bash Trump.
    Otherwise this unbiased reporting makes my corrupt Kenyan officials look more moral than you.

  37. One more and they,ll have a band. Its hilarious watching dems flounder about when they should be concentrating on policy. Schiff getting punked by those two Russian pranksters that claimed they had naked pictures of Trump has been the highlight hahahahahaha

  38. The only ones who are tarnished are those far leftists and these muck rakers. This is not news. This is crap..

  39. The relentless effort to discredit Trump is disgusting. Considering nobody is squeaky clean he has held his head up considerably well. He is the greatest leader USA has had in most living lifetimes. Let him do his job.

  40. I dont need a second ´Whistleblower´ (democrat at that) to tell me something I CAN SEE! Maybe next week, a third whistleblower will come out.. This script has been played out! The Mainstream media will learn that people are not fools in 2020.

  41. Hunter Biden got kicked out the navy for drugs, then lands a million dollar job in Ukraine, one of the most corrupt country's in the world. While his father is Vice President of the US? Idk… doesnt seem right…

  42. I have a question that is and isn't related directly to this video. By what authority does the White House/the Administration have in blocking/preventing former government employees from testifying to Congress or any of their committees? It would seem to me that if you were a "former employee", which means you were paid by the People of this country, you would be duty bound to testify and not be hampered by an officials. If someone that actually can answer this in a factual manner I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  43. When Trump talks about the "deep state" he actually means those that are upholding there oath to the constitution.

  44. God bless you President Trump. Being a politician is NOT a crime. 100 witnesses manufactured an event that is not a crime.

  45. Who Are The WhistleBlowers.? Hillary And Bill Clinton.? Barack Hussein Obama And Al Sharpton?
    Come On Sore Loser Democrats Ur
    Making Fools Out Of Urselves.👊👏🦖🐒

  46. The DemocRATS will sink to every LOW to have an excuse and a narrative to the ignorant that its now the AG keeping the investigation on a hold up…Its because they themselves are the ones that are corrupt and soon their ship will sink and take all the RATS with it. #Trump2020 #MakethemCry4moreYears

  47. …so the 2nd whistleblower comes forward to confirm Schiff's "4 Pinocchio" lies about the Ukraine call…

  48. Transcripts or just that. They are not notes they are transcripts. We already know who was on the call and they can and will testify. It’s up to congress to handle things the right way.

  49. Yawn Fest. New whistleblower. Same tired story. Wonder what the next pivot is going to be when this house of cards collapses. Come and talk to me when you’re ready to hold your own people to the same standard you hold Conservatives to.

  50. Sizi özdüğüm için ailenizden özür diliyorum Donld TRUMP beyinim karşımiş ne yapacağım bilmiyorum mesele bizim evin tv çanakları birileri tarafında bozulmuş benim aileme binlerce hakaret ve küfürler geliyor ben iş farkında değildim yıllarca benim ailemini özerinde geçindiler bana ve aileme yapmadıkları eziyetler kalmadı

  51. MSNBC…. can you report how the economy is doing at the moment? can you also report any positive changes in the country?? Oh… wait, no you won’t, because most news organizations cover only what’s in there best interest. Keep it up, you’re only proving that trump was right all along about the fake media, corrupt media who are leftist corrupt democratic supporters who have no interest in actually helping the American people.

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