Seasons For Change - Anchor (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Seasons For Change – Anchor (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

37 thoughts on “Seasons For Change – Anchor (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. Aun sigo viendo este video también hermoso.
    Y Estoy esperando el álbum 😍☺️🙈💘
    Me encanta este estilo tan melódico.
    Saludos desde Lima Perú 🇵🇪 ♥ ☺️ 🎶 😎🤘😝Yeah

  2. Что за ёбаная хуйня тут происходит?

    What the fuck is happening over there?

  3. Now thats a tune. The harmony, melody, depth and echo affects. I got goosebumps when it hit the chorus and bridge when his voise got a little more aggressive. Songs like this 👌

  4. I’m speechless like wow. That song was incredible! And the cinematography in the video was the cherry on top. I’m keeping these guys on my radar

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