Search and Seizure: Crash Course Government and Politics #27

Search and Seizure: Crash Course Government and Politics #27

38 thoughts on “Search and Seizure: Crash Course Government and Politics #27

  1. The public Schools one is stupid, the lockers are public property, so of course they could search your lockers.

  2. I was not speeding and not breaking the law and I still got search. In a matter of fact the police officer said I was driving too slow..

  3. Violating traffic codes are not necessarily a "crime". Usually it's a civil infraction which is a "tort".

  4. I am really grateful for these videos but my goodness I don't know how much longer I can handle this guy's completely predictable and uncreative "humor."

  5. at 4 minutes, I get that the pornography was an illegal search and seizure because no warrant. But why did it say, even if they say if they had a warrant it probably wouldn't include the trunk where they found the porn? i would like to believe firearms and explosive equipment would possible be stored in a trunk, it would have been in plain view… naw?

  6. Stop being paranoid. We will keep our guns . We had guns from the beginning and still will have for a long long time in the future in America. Constitution assured us this so relax and stop making everyone fearful of government. Guns are here to stay

    By the way if the government want your guns they can with no issue. Your wimpy weapons cannot defend US military silly. You need helicopters, Lazars, night vision, missals, etc to defeat them so forget it. Nothing like 1770 of fighting government army. Your logic silly. So should we each have middles too so we can protect ourselves from government???

  7. Have you noticed that warrants will not set limits? Nearly all will include "plus all effects of all areas therein at same address but no other address"….. or something like that. They use the same warrant that's copied over and over again. The only difference is the name and address or place, hell sometimes they don't even change what the warrant is for then claim it's just a typing error to be legal in court.

  8. Forced Drug tests are never okay according to the Constitution. The court may say that it is okay but that does not make it lawful, it is still unlawful and not okay.. and it is highly tyrannical and anti american.

  9. speeding is not a crime it is not a criminal offense it is a civil matter that's the problem with policing these days they believe that civil proceedings or civil charges can be treated as criminal charges that's the big fraud or at least one of very many frauds perpetrated by the courts and the owners of the courts the judges although the Constitution says that the people are the owners of the Court the judge actually gets paid a massive amount of money as the owner and CEO of the corporation that you were standing before because they're not actually courts of law they are corporations for profit dealing with people that they wrongly in without proper knowledge take the jurisdiction from and because they do it through fraud and without knowledge it is not legal lawful or even respectable

  10. I seriously have to credit some of the "lighbulb moments" I've had throughout my journey criminal law to Craig helping explain it in a different way that makes all my hours studying a little eaiser to understand and comprehend! Also, thank you for the unbiased lectures–it's uncommon these days. Thank God for Crash Course! 🙂

  11. Dude you are so full of s*** in a complete shield for the government I can't believe you would have the brass balls to come on here and tell all these lies you ought to be ashamed of yourself you f**** b** you certainly are not a lawyer and are not qualified to be giving information out on legalities especially considering you're lying trying to give the government rights and authorities they do not have tap two and that don't happen

  12. A friend was arrested at work on an arrest warrant for suspicion of theft. That night when he was being booked was told that he's also charged with poss with intent and para. He wasn't present when they found it and it was in a common area which dozens of people were in and had access to his bag . he hadn't been in that room for several hours. Can this stick?

  13. Please, please, please don’t tell people that the police search’s of cars are usually legal. That is a misstatement of the law. Everyone has a right to refuse a search of there property. This is the take away for most people. NOT that police can just search your car. I really hope you amend this video.

  14. What if the warrants are trying to search electronic communications and potential devices of people who are deceased…? How does that factor in to the ability of the DOJ to get a warrant to find some missing kids?
    I couldn't find any specific info on this.

  15. mongoltage.
    the person who does the closed captions for these videos need a raise

  16. I don't know what law school you went to but you definitely failed. Just because an officer pulls you over does not give him the right to search a vehicle.

  17. The police are searching my house right now, I’m blaring this video so they know I’m educated, pray for me plz

  18. Major issue with your legal advice that you're offering: A person can be legally detained and not be under arrest. A traffic stop is a good example.

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