Sean Spicer: The impeachment vote would die in the Senate

Sean Spicer: The impeachment vote would die in the Senate

100 thoughts on “Sean Spicer: The impeachment vote would die in the Senate

  1. Why leave the Kurds now? The vacuum will be filled by putin, the massacre of our allies is terrible for America. Why? Last minute orders, now that putin knows his puppet has reached the end of the line?

  2. The liar in chief's ex chief liar lol. You would think that with Trump's lifelong history of being a crooked self obsessed liar and with all the lies and garbage that comes out of his mouth every day even Trump sheep would be intelligent enough to recognise him as the lying conman he has always been.


  4. I hate the Rhinos like Susan Collins and Mitt Romney…what’s wrong with them…do the democrats sway from their crazy leaders….next time Republicans get the house lets supeana

  5. The dems claim Trump told Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, but Trump already had the dirt, he just asked them to investigate, funny how the dems have to continuously lie, manipulate, and twist things, not American to me.

  6. your evil dream of ruling the world is over, we have the internet so we know the evil you are cable of,, we in england want out WE W"ILL BE OUT VERY SOON THEN YOUR WICKED HOUSE of Babylon

  7. PLEASE do a roll call vote and take names and numbers so we don't forget who was behind an illegal and treasonable political coup d'etat to unseat the President of the United States…. PLEASE…

  8. Polls mean nothing. Why is Neal citing polls to support his argument? Polls are not an accurate indication of sentiment: people lie to polling services all the time, most people avoid or refuse to talk to polling services. The public realize polls are used against them as propaganda to try to discourage certain voters and advance the media agenda.

  9. He does show it, Neil. That's why people love him. We don't just like him–we LOVE him. Even when they've made us too afraid to say it. He shows it in dozens of ways every day. You just can't look past the straw man you've set up in your own mind. And I was quite left-leaning when he came to power, a huge Bernie supporter, and someone who thought Mr Trump was ridiculous. Now I wake up every morning and give thanks for him, and the wisdom of the American people.

  10. If the Democrats had a majority in the House there would have been a vote by now. What they want is ,months 0f 'evidence ' against Trump hoping to smear Trump. It's a pity they didn't look at what happened with Clinton. Americans don't like impeachment, it suggests that the vote is being ignored, and voters degraded. This is not good news for the Democrat. Unless they have a loaded smoking gun with a certified picture of Trump holding the gun shouting out "I did it" the next election is Trumps to lose.

  11. Even if it dies in the senate the damage to our country is irreparable. I don’t think impeachment was ever supposed to be a political tool to smear a sitting president or stack the deck for an election. The government as a whole is corrupt and unethical. They are not subject to the same laws and policies they make Americans live by. The corruption transcends administrations.

  12. Democrats should be Impeached…for bringing forth 3 years of False Charges, Sedition, Abuse of Office, Inciting Civil War and Obstruction of Government… DEMS ARE IN NEED OF NOOSES…as HRC suggested…Oct-2016





  14. If it dies in the senate they are not doing their jobs. Enough is enough of this partisan antics – he should be impeached there is no question. Unless of course you only get your news from Trump land.

  15. Why is this news? Isn't it common sense to anyone with a brain cell still firing that a trial in the Senate would fail? Why state such an obvious fact? Slow news day?

  16. He doesn't have to have any talent on the dance floor to get votes from Trump supporters. Those idiots wouldn't know talent if slapped them in the face.

  17. The Turks are slaughtering the Kurds.  ISIS prisoners are escaping en masse and infiltrating the EU.  This is Putin's wet dream.  Thanks Trump.


  19. This is why we voted for and like Trump. Not because of what you talking heads think and say about Trump. You just do not understand trump. we do.

  20. Cavuto is a creep, he's just giving talking points to his party the Democrats. They will say, we impeached the corrupt president but the republican senate refused to prosecute. Nothing should go to the senate without due process and Cavuto's commie friends in the house are behaving like a banana republic.

  21. Trump has to be tougher than those against him. If you are facing a DNC swamp creature who is protecting their corruption and greed with millions of dollars at their disposal; whose schemes wrap the country in false narratives and to who m the truth is worthless, then you have to be tougher than their lies and know that the truth will eventually surface. Trump and his team are still focused on keeping promises, effectiveness and productivity, as the record proves.

  22. Cast Pelosi in the role of Sandy

    I've got chills
    They're multiplying
    And I'm losing control
    Ocasia-Cortez is multiplying.
    It's electrifying!
    I've got to wake up
    Coz I need a friend
    I set my heart impeaching you
    I gotta wake up
    I don't understand
    Why sleepy Joe is falling through … his son is worse than you..
    Trump's the one that they want.
    (The one that they want!)
    Who? Who? Who?
    The one that they want.
    Who! Who! Who!
    He'll get sworn in….

  23. It's not that I dislike the globalists and their minions, as I don't dislike anyone as a person; however, I disagree with how they have been indoctrinated by the globalists since the 1960s and they have bought all of it, hook line and sinker, where their behaviors will eventually lead to eternal destruction for themselves and those they have hoodwinked. Otherwise, I get along with the vast majority of people that I interact with. Except when it comes to competition because I've never been competitive and with those who suffer from Piece of Pie Syndrome (PoPS) where they view the world as one, giant pie and whenever anyone's piece of pie gets bigger it surely must mean that someone else's pie piece must be getting smaller.

  24. Cavuto has not seen Trump's kindness because he is not LOOKING – it is not that hard to see if you watch him and not clips the MSM decide to take out of context.

  25. The Dems and the Deep State heavies are threatening Republican Senators that they had better vote against Trump. They are thugs!!

  26. For years third world nations have been required to donate half of the foreign aid sent to their nation by the US back to shell corporations run by the DNC. The DEMs are worried crazy this will become public knowledge. They will not stop at anything to keep this scam from seeing the light of day.

  27. Nancy Pelosi has evidence that Trump did not rewind a video tape from Blockbusters that he rented in 1993. Nancy says that if this criminal failure is not grounds for impeachment, the American justice system has failed.

  28. Why does the Fake News only continually criticize Trump, while people like Chris Como (Fredo) gets caught saying the F word multiple times and threatening someone's life, and that news is hardly breathed. Don Lemon goes to a bar and says despicable things that no one should utter, but Trump says A$$ and the Democrat world freaks out.

  29. we watch these interviews to listen to what the guest says not here to to see the host interupt and cut off what the guest is saying. fox is getting as bad as cnn.

  30. It's going to die before the Senate. She doesn't have her house votes either!!!! Her Posey better be offering big big dollars for the vote. Cruz they know there going to lose the Rep seat soon.

  31. "The wery word secrecy is repugnant…" said the democrat Kennedy. "..subversion instead of elections…" Do they not remember this famous speech anymore.

  32. Neil, the world is filled with successful not nice people because they get things done and that's what he does. Funny that you have to say it over and over and over again but facts not feelings

  33. Trump was getting squeezed to improve gun back ground checks. He changed the narrative by his moronic move in Syria. No more talk about back ground checks! Right You’re all suckers! Ah ha ha ha ha!

  34. No one wants to hear about your poll, Cavuto — nor Don Lemon's, Anderson Cooper's or Sheepherder Smith's. Keep your poll to yourself and whatever partner you inflict in on.

  35. I hope many follow Shep…first would be Chris Wallace, then Juan Williams, and Jessica Tarlov…we do not need the phoney balance anymore Fox..why. because Dems are not credible…and all their arguments are based on hysteria.

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