100 thoughts on “SE Cupp mocks Fox interview as ‘infomercial’

  1. who watches this crap anymore. i thought the fake news sheep woke up. have you cnn watchers seen the ratings. they been lying about our president for over 2 years. has anything been true. come on you cant be that dumb. wake up. cnn is going way down with their lies, mark the majority of our country.

  2. Fox needs to go down with Trump. They have weaseled their way into the white house and are even dating the Trump family. Hannity campaigned for him and ex Fox News people are even our ambassadors now. They are a tick on the ass of this wannabe dictator and have helped him from day one. And they HIDE his criminal activity purposefully from their viewers while at the same time hiding the terrorism their views do from the public eye while continuing to embolden them. They are Nothing more than a tool to aid authoritarian dictatorship. And their close ties to the NRA and funding FROM the NRA.. "AKA" Putins arm of power in the US is even more proof of how dangerous they have become. That is not even mentioning their new lucrative SAUDI channels that conveniently came around while the Jamal K stuff happened. BAN THIS STATE PROPAGANDA before it is too late America!

  3. I thought the GOP was supposed to be the party of values and responsibility. All we hear is Trump whining and crying about things being unfair to him. Conduct yourself like a professional adult and not a child / criminal you don't have all of these issues Donny. As for Faux news, Cupp is dead on; that interview was pathetic.

  4. fake news = anything I disagree with.
    liberal = anyone to the left of me.
    conservative = anyone to the right of me.
    snowflake = anyone that has a feeling.
    Trump = Narcissist.

  5. SE Cupp needs to stop calling herself SE Cupp. It's so weird…… Use your name properly, girlfriend. Otherwise you sound like a NASA robot.

  6. The republicans impeached Clinton for lying about a blowjob and this orange POS can lie 24/7 about everything, pay illegal hush money, fuck pornstars and playboy bunnies, divide the country, transfer tax money to his rich bastard friends, deregulate everything so big companies can exploit workers and destroy the planet, fuck all our allies over, piss on everything what this country stands for, embrace the extreme right and make the whole US a perverted clown show? No fucking way. He had enough fun. This crazy orange geezer has to go. NOW!

  7. The lies change like the seasons, he has more shit than an outhouse. Fox has hit rock bottom, they don't even know what gernalisum is let alone partake in it

  8. . Constant juvenile liars, like Trumpty Dumpty can't keep track of their own falsehoods. Even when his comment is on video or tape, his answer is always the same pathetic lie. " I never said that."

  9. I find it more then telling from the comments that people think they know more then they do.IF you were not there you don't know shit.CNN has been caught faking news updates from several sources and video here on the tube.just because one is to lazy to research what the data is then make an informed judgement on the evidence.most would rather just believe another who share THIER views.you are all manipulated so easy and census formed from not knowing a single hard piece of data.if you were not there you are nothing more then a opiniated asshole who has no value to society

  10. Did you get the feeling Trump new the answer's before the question's. He just so happened to have document's beside him from ( prominent lawyer's ) to say he's innocent and holier than thou. And no he didn't pay AMI the money back because he's Trump and a cheapskate..

  11. Three years of CNN acquisitions over and over and now more, all leads no where for years. All breaking news, never seem to break, but more of the same no crime, and no nothing. Like really bad. Now this new SE Cupp just another all same, leads no where as for the last three years, Eh ……….

  12. lol This is why the left loves "Conservatives". Because all they do is look for a pat on the head from leftists. Afraid to be call "racist". Afraid to be called "homophobic". Afraid of being called "anti-semitic". The left wants it's controlled opposition back, but it's not gonna happen. (million dollar man laugh)

  13. Watch "Border Agents Discover Body Of 6-Year-Old Girl: “She Was Raped By 30 Men”" on YouTube

  14. Cupp looks like the type of free willed skank that let the entire football team run a train on her in high school. I'd put a hundy down.

  15. The Infomercial Trump Show gets higher ratings simply because it's the only Really Foxed-Up (ahem) News Channel available to 1/3 of the country's delusional and misinformed viewers

  16. Here we go more CNN Clinton News Network highly funded political propaganda crap to divide our country only crackheads the ignorant and unintelligent are the only ones left watching this crap because the rest of American nose they are fake fake news CNN has been banned in other countries I wish they'd a bantam in America

  17. Fox News is like a therapist session for Trump. If a CNN reporter asked him those questions instead, he would of just interrupted them and told them to sit down or he would of said "you are very rude and a horrible reporter"

  18. Putin must be salivating about recent events in America. Why go to war in order to neutralise a western adversary, when you only need to install a man like Donald Trump as the nation's leader, to achieve your objective. Like it or not, Russia now controls the USA.

  19. Trump looked like a sentient raccoon and Harris Faulkner looked like a Space Alien. I dunno whose makeup and plastic surgery was worse.

  20. Republicans can not commit crime! They make mistakes and it’s a Democratic attack on them. Always playing a victim while being the aggressor!

  21. The X22 Report is far advanced and factual than CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC (easily) and all the other globalist-owned, propaganda distributors. Dingbat democrat leadership and their lemmings refuse any critical thinking allowing them to seek truth.

  22. CNN and their female haters….SE Cupp being one of them who was thrown out of Fox because her ass-spread got fatter than her head!

  23. Can we please end this failed Trump experiment thing now? I think by now we've seen enough of The Big Orange Disaster. And it's never going to get any better.

  24. Trumplethinskin opens his mouth and is incapable telling any kind of truth. Faux News, Trumplethinskins authoritarian regime of Blowhardia, and his propaganda media outlet. Jackass will be eating prison food with Cohen by next Christmas.

  25. Cohen (to certain media members): "If you ask the President any tough questions I WILL END YOU."

    Donald Trump: "He was a low-level guy, did some low-level work for me"

    No sir, he was your firewall. He was your pit-bull. One of your several gatekeepers you've employed, instructed by you, directed by you, empowered by you, trusted by you , to handle anything and everything that was coming at you during his tenure. Low level my arse.

  26. 1:13 / 2:14 / Why do these commentators start their answers with, "I mean…" — You haven't SAID anything yet to qualify or explain! Why the fuck are you starting your answer with, "I mean…" Just TELL us what you mean FIRST. FUCKEN HELL!

  27. Is something ruining your narrative CNN? Is that why you are stuttering your words?🤔 Always with a negative opinion of facts and presenting it as "JOURNALISM" Your viewership is eating it up! Your "Screw the American people, let's get those Ratings!" approach is disturbing and a danger to our DEMOCRACY!

  28. Cohen did an awful lot of work if he was just a low level employee. If he was low level then why was he responsible for things like making the embarassing stuff go away?
    Seriously this dude had 100's of millions of dollars of Trumps money go through him every year. and yet he was some low level employee?

  29. Can the big issue be whether or not to pass a Constitutional Amendment
    to expel Jews from the United States? Including expelling Jews who don't
    advertise their Jewishness, such as Stephen Miller, Cupp, Conan O'Brien, and
    Barack Obama? That's an issue that would be worth my time.


  31. instead spend time reporting Trump signing the executive-order on Bring back jobs to low income urban black communities. Pathetic Network if u care so much about Black issues why not spend airtime reporting to the American people???

  32. Trump lying all the time why do you bother. He talks in half sentences, minimizing things he doesn't like and then maximizing his image.. the whole time.

  33. More information on hatred of our elected President is what the title should have been. Misleading title for sure 24/7 HATRED from CNN. When was your last hour you didn't show your hatred of President Trump? Waiting tic tic tic tic probably don't remember huh?

  34. CNN and MSNBC are truly the enemy of the American people. They do nothing but divide this country for their own benefit.

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