SCP: Admin Events

SCP: Admin Events

why were we all feed us with them and I have a zone manager card let's leave boys and you have a gun heck yeah d boys are set now we don't need to go in there I have his own manager we can just leave it off great yeah you know what we can upgrade it the scientists come in here and we'll shoot them eat there we go 106 here go run for it oh now that's six can't charge it oh god did I lose him I lost one of 60 other D boys went the wrong way I'm bailing get me out of this facility please know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna open his chambers opening up the doors that's what you get for trying to kill me buddy no more NCF just arrived I mean have to try to slip past him while I have a chance oh my god I almost walked right into 106 anyway don't shoot don't shoot don't shoot you can hit the buttons you can have a button no no I'm gonna sacrifice myself I'm sacrificing myself ya idiot you shoot me you lose one of your own men if you go to sacrifice here 106 is chambers are open you can hit the button okay yeah I'm just accra facing myself okay hurry hurry hit the button hit the button hit the button hit the button what are you doing hit the button when you're treating the brother what you put hit the button don't run away for the visibility to 0.62 the button help oh my god no someone else did it thank god someone got it okay everyone we're doing an event this game sadly and apart from dudebro Natsuki and me is gonna be 0 for 9 ok this aam be one just gonna wait for the D Boise which event round baby there we go well thanks for the dollar for telling me that you hate pineapple are they being little zombie boys are the actual doctor he already hasn't got excited what okay he works fast yeah no I think it's just a scientist card he has his own advantage regard to alright let's let's balance oh I I can't respawn myself as a claw state yeah I'm pretty sure the admin but he might be broken alright is everyone already a zombie i I think most people that's all worried some people here's a start on mine for we can upgrade cards and then we can get to the armory and can you check your inventory to throw oh yeah I'm good I got stuff I think I gave you so much ya gave me a bunch of pistols hell yeah what two pistols there we go I think chaos insurgency just spawned in how we every was just awesome I have no [Applause] not worth all the Soviets are stuck in the concrete adventure so that's how chaos spine oh let's do this while we're here – I feel like gosh we should do a round which like a free-for-all everyone yeah SCP specifically we're all about experimentation here now we just need to get up top and nuke and that's the hard part cuz that's where we're gonna run into zombies oh here we go and then we'll just watch everyone panic to get to the new room to try to shut it off yeah Oh everyone's still stuck in the pocket diamonds oh oh yep yeah you go wait why is there chaos here now what I like it let my game notches on me to break me but welcome back and if you have to spawn too this event didn't work as it was supposed to at all this didn't work out was supposed to it all oh this is the best offense I what why am I in a black room what so you come here often I can't see where I am I'm just in a black room there we go now I can see okay oh wait there's a pistol over there and a zone manager card all right we're good let's go this is the police you guys want to bounce or do you want upgrade yeah we can pop stomp yeah cuz entrance sounds over here call me jack okay the bathrooms there that means over here we're totally all gonna die but if you flake doctors I don't know if they're for it plus a zero nine six out I don't want to die come on bread don't oh my god he didn't stitch yes yes he's still a D boy at heart Oh that's the doctor he totally saw me was that entrance on it where was that entrance on that top that's where the other doctors okay mmm inconvenient and convenient very very inconvenient now Shh I'm bone I'm boned I'm phone those are two plague doctors can I do come no it's a science isn't a safe room with a gun oh my god you killed three people yeah it's a scientist with a gun oh god no I'm looking at zero nine six I'm looking at them I don't care beep head chicken zero nine six guilty guy with the gun come on yes ha yes get ready here we go death match round baby death match round everybody get ready to fight the chaos insurgency we just have to get down there and then with the grenade at them we have grenades they don't get you down three down I'm almost dead almost dead throw your grenades throw your grenades they're trying to vape us don't let them vape us out my fridge they're up top they have the high ground on us back away back away Micro they have the high ground watch your heads it's not over yet there's still more oh god they're down below yeah we all are another cast down there's another one in the corner right over here he's down Hey MTF why thanks cavity as well do or not yeah feels good now I'm gonna sue aside ha ha ha ha didn't get the killin rib so next event will be every D classes that they're Huff D class and Huff plague doctor and every D classes on micro hid Oh totally not gonna backfire okay it probably will backfire let's be honest though alright mine be plague I'm D class alright D boy's arm yourselves we're gonna have a plague a doctor to take down yeah it's okay we have the micro we just have to plate smart which we are probably not going to do it all I have a feeling we're all gonna die we'll be fine we're okay here I have a plan I have a plan we can charter we can free charger micros before we open you ready yeah are you ready you ready it didn't work it didn't work I couldn't get the micro off oh my god this issue if we got slaughtered Go Go hello your big bully I think my audio okay I don't even know what I'm hearing right now I'm fine except I've by

46 thoughts on “SCP: Admin Events

  1. 4:00
    the bois: look at all these pistols
    the zombies: damn, it isn’t working
    the chat: traps aren’t futa

  2. “… the event did not work, all the zombies are stuck in the pocket dimension.”

    Lmaorn! Wow!
    Edit: time is 4:20
    Edit II: Thanks for highlighting my comment! This is my first time!

  3. 173: neck snapper
    106: teleporter
    096: ripper
    049: zombie king
    939: blind dog
    079: hacker
    682: biter
    035: trapper

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