Sci-Fi Short Film "Good Business" presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film "Good Business" presented by DUST

Well as you can see the high explosive rounds
are tremendously effective against soft shelled targets
as well as armor What you fellas think? WHAT DO YOU FELLAS THINK What's it gonna be fellas? WE WILL TAKE EVERYTHING So, that's 25 automatic rifles 1,000 rounds ammunition 10 GP-25s with 30 rounds each AND THE C-4 and the C-4 All right boys Start unloading Let's go Captain, are you sure about all this? Sure about what? Handing over all these guns to the Skwoids Yep, they give me the creeps too But it's company policy and good business at that Yeah? Yeah This way not only do we get a
prime piece of real estate But, we set it up so the current residents kill each other off At no extra cost What are you little fuckers up to? I don't know sir Seems like a hell of a way
to settle a world You don't get it do you comrade? We are at war with these things already They just don't know it yet

39 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film "Good Business" presented by DUST

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  2. My Ur Quan overlord is deeply insulted by this depiction of the most powerful race in the whole universe.
    Delete this so called science fiction moving picture, or else an armada of ur quan termites will destroy your beloved earth.
    As an addendum : we, the Ur Quan race, can fluently speak the barbaric english this moving picture uses; we dont growl like our brain damaged cousin, 2nd cousin, the Qu-Ten, or the closely depicted being "Predator" your moving picture has shown.
    Be forewarned.

  3. The humans should have known that these crab aliens were shady and hooked up a wrist heart monitor to the human leader with remote control to a truck at the end of the convoy carrying a small nuke so when betrayed……… BOOOOOM nuke city! Don't fuck with humans…we'll fuck up your day. The ending as it is in this video sucked in my opinion…always have a back up plan…always.

  4. Отвратительно что теперь и американцы маты гнут по русски мало того что русская нация деградировала так теперь эту моду ещё и америкосы подхватили!! ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНО!!!

  5. Not the best I've seen on DUST, but short and to the point- Mercs think the natives are stupid, but the natives double cross them back- the big plus here are the wonderful alien designs- the adults, the tiny kids, the one with the translator glued to it's shell, the older Leader with the skull-staff and the gun — that one alien with the 2 AKs shooting off was amusing

  6. That's a lot of CGI budget for a rumination on giving weapons to rival factions so they kill each other

  7. Ah Humanity, how we always underestimate those we consider inferior. Those two trader's are sure in for one hell of a lesson. Loved the Aliens, very well done and the human's were typical of their type; completely unaware that their superior attitude was just an illusion, or to put it another way, LEGEND'S IN THEIR OWN MINDS.

  8. Kool SYFY Short, Crab creatures were really Ugggggly ……but even in the future, with all their tech, AK's are the way to go….. well maybe it was't the future ….

  9. It is the the same theme of subjugation only on another planet. Taking real estate and making money on selling weapons to the enemy so they can kill themselves off. What a seemingly glorious theme. That's what it would be if we ever made it to another planet. We would be there to pillage the minerals and whatever natural resources were there of value. We would also bring the fighting over who has rights to these special minerals that are rare on Earth. The only difference would be the place, but nothing would be different as far as the creed, strife and the fighting. We would only take all of our mess into space.

  10. I've seen real Hollywood movies that don't have CGI as good as in this short movie. I was already into it and about to make popcorn w b end it went off 😂

  11. Nice lesson in never underestimating anything because of how it looks. Perception is all , & Human superiority is only arrogance.

  12. THIS is a real gem. So many CGI characters, so short, yet such interesting aliens and such a nice story!

  13. If this what aliens look like I don't want to meet them even if they where intelligent they need to be destroyed they look like.crab/bug/zoidbergs

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