School Leadership: Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

School Leadership: Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

anyone biggest challenges we face public education is that we don't deal in reality we sugarcoat things and it's so important to say you know what is the reality of our situation you know Harry Truman once said you know I never get anybody halide film the truth and he thought it was hell and there's a lot of truth to that and the ability to deal in reality and understand your current situation and grow from there is essential because otherwise he just building a foundation based on straw and that foundation spawned the crumble I was at the school this morning that a workshop this morning in Northern Virginia and they were talking about all these percentages about all these kids well we know we had a 80 percent success rate with this group of kids that's great for that 80 percent but what about the 20 percent it didn't make it because every behind every one of those percentage points is a name is a child and we have to be cognizant that we need to make this personal we need to create that sense of urgency about what we're going to do today what wouldn't do tomorrow to meet the needs of all kids you know when I came to our school in Hartford Connecticut we had a 28% dropout rate people said some people thought that was a good thing said you know these are kids who now we don't have to worry about them taking our state tests our tests test scores will go up if we have more kids out of school well you know when a child leaves school what happens where do they go they steal your car in my car kids don't drop out of school they drop into the criminal justice system we know research demonstrates to us that unsupervised time is a key predictor of children being involved in negative behaviors poor performance in school so we took that dropout rate in ten years down from 28% on a 1.8 percent and I still wasn't happy because I wanted a zero percent dropout rate you know I happened to serve on a board of directors of the National dropout prevention center on a Clemson University we had a board meeting a few weeks ago at that board meeting we were having this discussion about defining the drop out I said there's no such thing as to drop out kids don't drop out of school we force kids out of school we create an environment that it makes it impossible for kids to be successful and I think the critical position that can change that in education is the head of the school the school principal first thing yeah there's you gotta create you got to create ownership I mean the stakeholders within the organization have to own what's happened in that school and have to take responsibility so building a culture of ownership is essential how do you build a culture of ownership well you've got to empower people and give them the opportunity to take on leadership roles

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  1. this really is the truth in all walks of life. take responsibility for your actions, you never know how one moment may affect another's life.

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