Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist

Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist

100 thoughts on “Schiff releases phone records of political rivals, conservative journalist

  1. How is this legal?? And nothing is done?? Do ,we, the PEOPLE, need to act?? Seems like WE do, to get our country back.

  2. Schiff is a sneaky rat! if I was ever doubtful he was corrupt now I believe it. If they can take your info from companies without your consent, that incredible dangerous. companies shouldn’t release your info so easily.

  3. When will trump go after these idiots legally, start with Hilary as a warm up….surely there must be grounds on some of these Democrat shenanigans

  4. I am inquisitively wondering about people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the like. It seems they pretend a semblance of morality, ethics and propriety, in their Hollywood-manufactured political-image view, but what really motivates them to behave/mis-behave as they do? Who might be a puppeteer, pulling their strings? Could they be addicted to "controlled substances" and therefore compromised in their integrity or could they be blackmailed? Have the Drug/Crime Cartels extended their controls and reach far into our country, securing corrupt business arrangements? Was it Pelosi that went and did ceremonial activities at our southern border, "independently honored" by Mexico or the Cartels?

    I know it was on public News, just a few years back, that some FBI personnel were receiving favors from the Cartel in Mexico and their visits to Brothels there were provided for by a Cartel. I wonder what special favors were returned-back to the Cartel, in exchange of services rendered? Virtually nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to character or a lack of character in the political arena (Swamp), so I do clearly see why a Cleaning of the Swamp is overdo and desperately needed for the well-being, safety, security, prosperity and the sustained viability of the common peoples continuum and our descendants.

  5. This is what a MAN looks like who has NO INTEGRITY……..not only is he a disgrace to his family..but to the office he holds…..the amount of BS spewing out of his mouth is unbelievable…..but whats even more unbelievable are the people who BELIEVE the BS spewing out of his mouth……..FACTS….FACTS….Adam Schiff……you have NO FACTS……..You have opinion and nothing else…You are a party member…….and nothing else. Remember people….every person has the right under the Constitution to confront any witness/accuser, any and all evidence before any person can be found GUILTY of a crime…..Adam Schiff……you need to resign….turn yourself in to the nearest federal agency for violating your oath of office….your pay check needs to reimburse the MILLIONS of dollars that this political circus has cost me as a tax payer…..

  6. This impeachment push will fail and then get Trump re-elected. It will be nothing but trouble for the dems and then they will wish they never started this. Just wait and see. Thank you Mr. Schiff and dems for the Christmas present 🎁

  7. Is that one Bondi advising the Prez and another Bondi representing Lev Parnas, or is that the same person? This is getting confusing. If Trump's strategy is to confuse the hell out of everybody, it is working. Or is it Fox News strategy?

  8. They arrested and convicted the individual that released the phone numbers of the Republicans a while back why don't they arrest Schiff for the same charge along with Spying .

  9. Somebody get me schiff number. I have been told by the neighbors cat that it was the Martians that helped trump win. Next time it will be pee wee herman elected president. Then Bart simpson.

  10. Can nobody make this guy pay for all this lawbreaking. I mean this guy is the KGB. A bug eyed untough version maybe but he's a traitor and spy. He has ties to corruption and that's why he's doing it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020

  11. This is not a sanctuary government…………Addressing the All members of GOP, Fox News members and POTUS lawyers and anyone else that is constantly warning the DNC and it’s media outlets about how criminally their actions are. Stop telling them what they are doing wrong so they can correct them selves and you never hold them accountable to their actions because they know that you’re on to their dirty deeds .
    Instead let the criminals activity happen and then sue them by taking them to court we will remove them by Way of the people voting them out of office.
    Stop warning them that They are acting with criminal behavior, instead hold them to the laws of the courts.
    You are not a sanctuary government and all those that are in office are not protected from criminal activity regardless of what they are doing.
    You work for the people, do your job that we elected you to.

    Stop acting like mayors of a sanctuary cities and tooting the horn every time the law officials are coming around the corner to Capture the criminals. (And by the way, mayors of cities or not above the law, either)!

    Help your President to drain the swamp of Washington DC.(lest you will be exposed as a swamp critter also)!

  12. schiff has lied and led american citizens down a unlawful path he must be prosecuted if we just let this go like republicans always do its another betrayal to us the people again HE MUST BE PROSECUTED

  13. These LEFTISTS need to be STRETCHED and left to sway in the breeze for all to see. PUBLIC HANGING coming soon to a town square near you.

  14. Sounds like Schiff can't even break the law very well. No proof the numbers he used to sow his fake conspiracy theory are even what he said they are. Democrats call for the impeachment before any evidence and wonder why the President wants to wait till the Senate trial for fairness.

  15. Take the Democratic Party to court Sue them Let them be responsible for their actions I All I forgot it's the government The government don't have to be responsible for any human rights violations Like feminism The fabric of our societie with the gop and dams help we need war real war For human rights violations and Tyranny Like stealing Social security the Constitution says we can we got the best definition And the best case to the separate States and shut down the United States Just remember yell you can't pass laws without both sides agreeing to tyranny. The media Hollywood in news also had a big row but they're not legally responsible But the government is. They pass the laws war war war arm up

  16. Can’t defend the facts so you attack the process and the person that lead it. Hahahahaha hahahahaha your shits weak!

  17. This guy Gaetz is a rising star in this whole mess. The Democrats are creating all these great future candidates (Elise, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins etc.) And the donkeys are gonna be left with Pelosi, Shiff and Nadler. It's almost like Party suicide before our very eyes

  18. If the average American citizen cannot see the corruption on behalf of the Democrats, you deserve your miserable life!

  19. Every move the demoturdz make ends up with a bullet through the foot🤣😂🤣

    They can’t do ANYTHING right🙈🙉🙊

  20. Crooked Corrupt Adam Schiff and Drug Cartels Madam Nancy Pelosi needs to be Arrested held accountable punished for Treasonous Crimes they both Commited ! TRUMP2020


  22. . So this is just fine, but someone even mentions the whistle-blowers initials and we need all the fainting couches on the planet to handle the number donkeycrats overcome by the vapors.

    George Washington's flag says; "An appeal to heaven." We ask Father God for no less.
    "Where are my Jehu's? Where are my righteous ones? Do you actually SAY you love Me AND TOLERATE JEZEBEL?

  24. And the Democrats are close to getting Trump’s banking records. These will be leaked to embarrass him, and scrutinized by an army of Leftist accountants looking for Impeachment fodder.

  25. Then why is he not In jail? Why is he still out there like everything is ok to be k with sending letters what cowards Do something about schiff

  26. All this time, and you still have no argument. Talking about the whistleblower, Schiff, hunter Biden. How bout proving trump didnt solicit foreign interference in an election…again.

  27. Maybe the better question is: Why did the Democrats have to subpoena records for their investigation? Would an innocent person be open and cooperative or would they delay, block testimony from witnesses and ban documents from leaving the White House. It sets a dangerous precedent for the Republic and the integrity of the Constitution, whatever your political beliefs. "Stated simply, the primary takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that Presidents are not kings," Jackson wrote. "This means they do not have subjects, bound by loyalty or blood, whose destiny they are entitled to control."

  28. It turns out that some of the phone numbers are fake do not belong to the attorney general do not belong to Giuliani do not belong to the inspector general

    This is not about impeaching President Trump this is about changing his approval numbers Trump is guaranteed to win in 2020

  29. When a congressman begins spying or surveiling American citizens through a corporation, then what WAS a Constitutional Republic has become a surveillance police state. Welcome to the 21st Century..

  30. But we all know Trump totally did it right. I has the senate so he will get away with it, but we all know he is guilt right?

  31. In light of Hunter Biden's confirmed illicit cocaine activity, has anyone asked Rep. Schiff whether or not he or his staff have a bias due to illicit cocaine activity similar to former Representatives Wilson and Radel? If Biden snorted cocaine in the Ukraine, not unlike Wilson's cocaine use overseas, would that constitute a conflict of interest, susceptibility to quid pro quo corruption and/or violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What was the estimated value of the illicit asset(s) which led to Biden's discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve?

  32. Too bad the republicans are spineless cowards. Nothing the Democrats do will ever be called out.The Democrats can do anything they please with absolutely no consequences. Republican or Democrat, it matters not, they are all equally worthless and worthy only of contempt.

  33. since when is it legal to listen to phone of people like that for no reason ?? when are those demo going to be jailed executed for treason …

  34. These liberals have been doing whatever they want with absolutely no repercussion and continue to do so,they're untouchable.

  35. When is this corrupt DC swamp going to be drained? Vote any and all of these corrupt politicians out and I don’t care which side of the fence your on. Enough is enough. We the people are the power, let’s show them.

  36. If the NSA can't do this, why is this tool being allowed to do it, its criminal. Prosecute him for invasion of privacy.

  37. Hello Faux-News, there seems to be a problem with your titling machine, the title for this video should read "Schiff releases phone records of traitors, colluders, & criminals" ! 😂
    Look at master conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity's face, he knows his phone numbers are in those records of the convicted Ukrainian "business associates" of Rudi ! 🤣

  38. I can't see how this could actually be happening? Is there a comet heading for us and they just want us distracted or what is going on? This is worst than any Russia or Iran North Koria or what have you injustice going on right here in USA

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