Scheer: Trudeau has 'lost the moral authority to govern'

Scheer: Trudeau has 'lost the moral authority to govern'

mr. Scheer always good to have you with us on CTV thank you for taking the time today my pleasure good afternoon thank you why does the Prime Minister need to resign over this well he has a broken faith with Canadians he has said things that we know now are not true and he's lost the moral authority to govern when these allegations were first made public his first reaction was to dismiss them out of hand and he actually said that at no time did he direct or even put pressure on miss Wilson Reybold to make a different decision to intervene in an ongoing court case we now know that to be false he has continually acted like someone who has something to hide and at this point in time it's time for him to go let me ask you about the RCMP as well and their involvement in this and this letter you've sent to them why is it time for the Mounties to get involved well because the allegation is that miss Wilson Raybould raised are very serious we have to understand that what happened was an independent crown prosecutor decided that SNC lavend did not qualify for a special deal miss Wilson Rabil in her capacity as the Attorney General of Canada not as a Liberal MP but as the Attorney General the highest legal officer in our country decided that that was an appropriate decision for the Crown prosecutor to make and at that point in time based on political considerations we have quotes now from Gerald Butz from the prime minister himself talking about elections in Quebec talking about it doesn't matter how good the policy is they have to worry about their re-election so based on those political calculations they when they then went to work to try to get her to intervene to change her decision that is inappropriate and we believe certainly it should be the basis for an RCMP investigation what do you make of the news that Gerry Botts wants to appear before the Justice Committee himself well it's like watching a slow-moving train wreck when it comes to the Liberal government they could have become they could have been open and forthcoming right away remember we called for a public inquiry some time ago at that point in time they could have allowed the day to be shown upon this situation people like geryl butts could have testified the Prime Minister the clerk of the Privy Council key ministers who have been named now in these allegations it's only after they get caught that the Liberals start to pretend that they're interested in openness and transparency so when it comes to who I believe someone like Justin Trudeau and Gerald butt's who have been desperately trying to cover this up for weeks now or miss Wilson ray Boltz someone who is willing to stand and speak truth to power I'll make my decision with mrs. Wilson Raybould we'll see what he actually has to say but as we saw with Michael Warnock the clerk of the Privy Council these individuals have no credibility they've come and they've they've tried to smear miss Wilson reybold's reputation they've tried to protect themselves and at the expense of openness and transparency and the integrity of our independence our independent rule of law system you heard much of what she had to say over those hours and I mean we were all watching and frankly quite astonished at some of what she had to say all of those names and those dates and those quotes what did that say to you it said to me that from the get-go from the very beginning miss Wilson rainbow obviously could tell that something improper was going on she she spoke with great detail she took copious notes she had copies of text messages and emails so I what I took away from that is that she raised these alarms that with what Justin Trudeau and Michael Wernick and others in the Prime Minister's office were doing was bordering on illegal was bordering certainly inappropriate she said that herself and I believe that she started to realize that something might happen and remember this all culminates in her losing her job and that to me is an important proof point what the Liberals are saying today in the House of Commons was the fact that a deferred prosecution agreement was never give given to SNC Laughlin is proof that the system worked but that's ridiculous basically she stood up to them and they tried and they removed her and tried to put someone else in place that would do their bidding so that argument to me is like someone who is getting you know someone who's caught attempting to rob a bank but the security guard catches them and so then they turn around to the judge and says well hey we never actually got to rob the bank so you shouldn't punish us that's unacceptable Canadians see right through that excuse the liberal strategy at this point seems to be to talk about jobs jobs and jobs you're familiar with this the prime minister with many of his surrogates back in Quebec today talking about the importance of defending jobs number one what do you make of that at number two do you worry that could actually help them in the province of Quebec in an election you well it certainly doesn't hold any water when you look at the testimony from Jordy Wilson Reybold she indicates that it was partisan considerations the the quotes that she gave to the committee yesterday include things like there's an election in Quebec that the Liberal Party had to worry about their own re-election Justin Trudeau saying that he's an MP for Quebec from Papineau so if there's a they're worried about jobs they're only worried about their own Justin Trudeau was only worried about his own job but we have to ask ourselves as Canadians is there a justification for political interference in a court case we don't want to live in a country where powerful corporations can put pressure on politicians and then they turn around and start making phone calls to crown prosecutors and Attorney General's to let their friends off the hook that is a dark and dangerous path that we don't want to go down as a country the damage to our society and indeed our economy when the message is sent around the world that in Canada if you're big enough and you're powerful enough the rules don't apply to you I don't want to live in that kind of country and I know that Canadians don't want that to happen either we know that the Prime Minister was elected on a feminist agenda reconciliation with Canada's First Nations Jody Wilson Raybould was Canada's first female indigenous justice minister and now here we are February 2019 do you think Canadians though are paying close enough attention to this story it can be convoluted complicated as you know and we are relatively speaking still a long way from the next election well I note that every time the every time the Prime Minister pretends to be something can see right through that he's he's been very fake on this issue and and you know we saw again today that we saw last week and then the last three weeks the smear campaign that liberals conducted against miss Wilson Raybould you know a sex campaign trying to impugn her character and saying that she was difficult to work with and trying to undermine her credibility just today a Liberal Member of Parliament from British Columbia accused her of just acting on sour grapes and that she couldn't handle the stress and this Liberal MP went on to say that was likely miss Wilson reybold's father pulling her strings that is just completely unacceptable and Justin Trudeau has yet to denounce those remarks so I think Canadians see through his phony nasaan this when he when he doesn't like what a strong woman in his caucus says to him he fires her and puts in someone it was but puts in a minister that will bend to his will Canadian see that for what it is I believe that they will remember that interesting times for our country Mr Shearer thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to come on CTV as always thank you very much appreciate it

33 thoughts on “Scheer: Trudeau has 'lost the moral authority to govern'

  1. Well, we realized early on that he didn’t have the intellectual authority to govern. Seems only expected that he lacks morals.

  2. Hey Scheer if you’re party gets into power will you stop all immigrants from coming into Canada until you get the illegal immigrants out stop giving our money to criminals !! Yes or no !

  3. Mr sheer finally got a talking point .will be on this topic until election. Wonder if he has any skeletons in his closet🤔

  4. Trudeau is a clown! Now we all know how politically driven it is in the case of Ms Meng Wanzhou's detention. This is the same man that claimed "we are a judicial-independence country". We all know how INDEPENDENCE it is by now. How ironic and hypocritical is that? The world is watching this shameful practice and the Canadian's judicial system reputation is in the damaging stage.

  5. Wrong Andrew, you did ! That happen when you have the nerves to tell quebecois that the oleoduc will go through our lands, against our will. You are doom ! Gerry

  6. The only chance Justin Treudeau has to win any future elections, is to outright rig the election…cheat.

  7. Shirley not even the grubbiest angry saxons right could stomach a ham faced Howdy Doody like that as PM? We must support Young Leader in his time of trial and tribulation!!!!!!!!! All hail the hair!!!!!!

  8. We need to keep things running like a well oiled conveyer belt; out of the parliament into the slammer .

  9. So when is the SOLID proof will show up. All you saying is here-say at this point and wont stand in court. RCMP will not move a finger until they see a SOLID proof. You can hate the Liberal all you want but at the end of the day he was voted.

  10. We already live in a country where the rich and powerful get away with things, so why talk B.S? What a joke lol

  11. For every single day Trudeau governs Canada, he puts more damages to this country. Pls take this rat's tail and throw away him to Cuba.

  12. It's going to be an interesting election. All of the 18 year olds are going to come out and vote for Trudeau just because he's prettier than Scheer…

  13. The other day Trudeau was asked about the $36.000 spent on Canadian hookers, for SNC-Lavalin deal with the Libians & Trudeau replied Canadian workers need jobs,jobs,jobs!..(W-T-F)?

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