Save the World Dev Update #6 - Event Updates and Battle Royale!

Save the World Dev Update #6 – Event Updates and Battle Royale!

Zak and Aaron here for another update on fortnight yeah guys we are we are changing the format up we know we haven't been super great about answering all the questions you guys have had so we're gonna try this and see if we can be more one-to-one and so let us know what you think of the DES format so we got some news we got some survived the storm updates we have a PvE updates we're gonna answer your questions very directly before we get into the pv any portion of the of the program we're going to talk initially with Eric on PvP and Bal Royale yeah so I'll see you guys a little a little bit Eric thank you for joining us absolutely um so if you haven't heard of Battle Royale it's a brand new PvP mode for fortnight we marry basically the action building and destruction of fortnight with some fast-paced PvP it's basically a hundred players dropped into an island and everyone's fighting for survival last person alive wins we really excited about some of the other battle royale modes out there and we thought that this game really can we can bring our own flavor to it and so it's it's really exciting to marry those two concepts okay but win our squads coming Eric we want to get them out ASAP so 926 is when the squads are coming out and we're also going 3 on 9 26 as well so we've got a lot of additional improvements coming we're looking at new weapons we're looking at combat balance we have some item and inventory improvements we've heard a lot of feedback from folks that picking stuff up is really cumbersome we're gonna try and get out some improvements to that as soon as we can so we will not sell any items that provide a competitive advantage we really think that upholding the integrity of a competitive PvP game is crucial so we will be considering maybe some cosmetics down the road compendium style content as well we'll have more details to share soon survive the storm is going to be ending on October 2nd at 4 a.m. Eastern Time make sure to get your last survived the storm missions in before that before that point alright and then we get to talk about the future we're bringing back a block party now known as horde bash where you build pre-built bases and you fight waves of creatures all with a bunch of your friends awesome yeah I know one things I enjoy the most is building that pre-built fort being able to unlock my skill tree to be able to put some traps in it and then taking that out and see what other people have done with theirs and now it's pretty cool the future though even more is that we're gonna do a Halloween event those of you with us on online tests know that we ran one last year and we're gonna do another one this year all with some spooky themes and a new area yeah so we actually have a new world location appearing on the map going to be called heck sylvania we have to a couple teases out there but includes a whole new biome that has a couple different actually incredibly awesome art pieces yeah there's new art there's new everything I add new new areas to explore yes yes we we are listening to your feedback you know we talked about this before every time we roll on an event in this case this was just version one of the event we're harvesting all your feedback you guys are writing a bunch of stuff you're sending it in and we are going to improve it when we re reroll out this this mission type again it'll incorporate a lot of your big feedback into that this is what we did with the Horde Bash is an is an iterative version of that and when we do survive the storm again it'll be yet another iteration of that things like the voting mechanics that people didn't like like yeah that's actually something that we're going to work on but that's going to take a bit more work and we won't be able to do that until we roll this event again but we're absolutely listening to we're hearing you same thing is true of the reward cycle we realized that we turned off some of the feedback about how you're rewarding we're not going to do that again we're going to work our way through to make sure that you understand what you're getting how you getting it and a good frequency so it feels good yeah and not only that but anybody that completed beyond day eight but acts you know that you crashed the server failed whatever it is if for some reason we're gonna be looking at it we're gonna be comping you the items that you miss the rewards that you lost along with the completing the quest for you so look for that coming up either either already done or being being done in the next few days I guess the design principle at its heart is we want to be able to show you all the stuff that we have in our game and that you can say hey I want that thing and that you can take meaningful actions on how to acquire them I think that's the big thing it's like it doesn't necessarily mean that you can go to the store and purchase everything that you want that isn't that isn't actually the goal the goal is for you guys to be able to say hey I want that thing and I can take steps to go get it and so I think the I think the the thing that we are really we haven't spent enough time is our transformation mechanics we have a bunch of transform feedback from you guys everything from how it handles the ingredients you put in to what comes out of it over time we want to give you more control through that system that is one of those things that we haven't spent enough time developing and we have a bunch of huge feature lists in order to actually give you guys more power over that system to give a very concrete example there are properties that rolled on your schematics and you may not like the properties they don't fit your play style they aren't the things that you want whatever whatever that may be that's the first thing we're gonna address with alterations and give you the power to to at the very least shape the the properties that exist on all those schematics to suit your gameplay style and basically to have the weapons that you want over long term there's a whole bunch of other things we can talk about but that's the very first like example so things like that are on your mind they're on the line of the dev team we just we just have to do more work in order to give to were fully flesh out those systems for you yeah until I can get my mega base I'm not gonna be happy guys so so we're right there with you I've been playing the game every day rolling in the same system looking for those items today just a day I finally rolled the the hydraulic sniper rifle that I've been searching for for the event and and some of those things are like okay we we need to put one of them into I'm waiting for my I know you have three hammers I have zero so there those are things that we're dealing with as well we're playing the game we know how it feels we want to be awesome and to give everybody opportunities that they're looking for to be able to get the items that the desire we're working on our code of conduct hope that is now out we're gonna be adding that into the game so that way everybody is very clear on it either way we're starting to take action against players that are not abiding by that code we want the game to be awesome for every single player we want each pickup group you get into for everybody to be good to each other thoughtful have a great play experience we know that there's work that we need to do on the game side to be able to enable that we're working towards it at the same time we're going to continue to give you guys the tools to be able to help us police the community yeah so on that note the end round screen you'll see the little thumbs up button for us that's the beginning of our karma system so anytime you you get to the end of the match and you have people with good behavior you're gonna want to thumbs up them over time we're gonna add more rewards and more incentives for people to play nice and cooperatively and be part of the Fortnight community that I know you guys are but we understand that you know you need a little bit of carrots every now and again to sort of drive people to that that system is coming we're working on it right now I don't have a whole lot of details to share right now but that's very important to us and we want to do in a positive way rather than hey noob I kick you out of the match because like you don't know how to play like there's some there's some subtleties there that we need to work on and that's why we're gonna try a karma system and reward people for for that kind of good behavior so stay tuned we this is super important to me it was actually my number one guess about the things that you guys would ask as soon as we launched so we are it's on our mind we know we need to do it my favorite idea so far is that if you have low karma the the balloon is invulnerable to your sniper rifle so I think that's a cool idea yeah it could be I mean send this with feedback and and again the bottom you know we know there's a feedback tool we utilize it kit and until we get all the way through this keep keep reporting the people that you don't think are good good members of our community all right so one of the one of the posts on reddit that I was reading you know from let's see I I'm gonna butcher this I apologize I SEC SEC we're all apologize for that you know I think your point is hey you're not talking to us in a way that that we appreciate you know resonating not talking to the camera you're acting like you don't have information you know what you're right sorry we're gonna get better this video hopefully so far has demonstrated that along with that I just want to call you know it I hear you in the fibre Serbs the ninja the for our defense you know what's happening past you know storm shield defense ten in obtaining things outside allama so you know one of those things we've talked about really directly there's three things in there that you know it I hear you we're gonna continue to talk about those things some of those conversations we've had internally I can't talk about right at this exact second but one of those things I know that Darren has a good answer for and that's gonna be the storm shield the four hours a four-hour long game play what's up with that well you know we we ran a survey that for the players a while back that said hey there's a series of things that they people wanted and they were like we want a really hardcore survival experience that was challenging at the very for the top-end players so and then we also had the feedback of like how did you have make fortnight with no fortnight duration gameplay so for this mode we decided to get that out of the way we were like gonna run an experiment of like hey what is a long like top end sort of raid like encounter look like in the world of fortnight and also wrapping up the idea of like okay finally we'll have a fortnight duration encounter we definitely understood that that by definition would limit the audience and the number of people that would be interested in that top end content like it is with a lot of endgame content but we made that trade-off initially just to just again to demonstrate that we were listening to the to the feedback from the survey that you guys spent time filling out for us over time I do not believe that we will continuously make four and a half our experiences in fact I was in a meeting earlier today where I was like let's not do that let's see how we can break up this next more manageable pieces so that's on our mind that's the reason why we did it for good or ill we realized that automatically narrowed it accept responsibility for for enabling us to do that but to give it a shot we'll run experiments like this from time to time just wacky things more people played it then then then actually I I believed would so there's a lot of people out there who are super hardcore and I appreciate those people running those hard core defenses so but yup we will I I don't think we will do something quite as aggressive as that in the future yeah so keep the feedback coming guys look we rated all the pieces of it and hopefully this is a demonstration that we are responding to and will continue to do so that future thank you so much for joining us today we hope that you like the new format we're gonna continue to be working on it we're trying to create something that resonates with all of you as well as gives us a really effective way to be able to communicate well we're excited to continue to do this for for years to come we're iterating on this as much as we're iterating on the game so we want to make sure that you know this suits you guys and we'll get better at it I think the major thing is keep sending us the feedback give us comments let us know what we could do better and what you want to see more of yeah hopefully the chairs have allowed us not to slouch so thank you so much for everything you guys are saying

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