Save the World Dev Update #3 – Stability, Content Plans, Balance, and more!

Save the World Dev Update #3 – Stability, Content Plans, Balance, and more!

DARREN: Hey, it’s Darren. – – ZAK: Hi, it’s Zak. We’re back! We want to talk about a couple of things. We are going to talk quickly about stability, We’re gonna talk about some stuff that you guys are finding in the game that is super interesting. We’re gonna then talk quickly about the update coming out soon. So starting out with stability… We’ve been working hard, 24/7, engineers to the bone, making sure that we get as many bugs fixed as fast as possible. We’ve been able to get the game more stable for all platforms. We’ve been focusing on everything. I know sometimes those updates will come out all at the same time. We’ve just been working so fast trying to get out to every single player as fast as we can. We are able to improve… …it crashes about half as often. Over half as often as it used to, people are still crashing out there… We’re going to continue to work on it. But along with that, we’ve been finding a lot of those crashes because there’s over a million players out there. – – DARREN: Yeah, I heard there’s a lot DARREN: … a lot of people in the game right now. – – ZAK: Oh man, it’s amazing. I just cannot even fathom how many people that is… ZAK: along with that… DARREN: Yeah, I mean, two things I’ll say before you get into the other things… We’re doing these videos for everybody so we can reach more of you. We realize there so many people… our community used to be super small and now it has grown so big. We’re gonna try these new methods of getting a hold of people and talking to you guys, but it also comes with a bunch of people running through the game. – – ZAK: Exploits. DARREN: Those are some bugs there. People are finding some interesting things with the game. ZAK: Some incredibly creative ways to ensure that, at the very least, I get a chance to run around with a rocket launcher a lot longer than I was supposed to. DARREN: Why are you trying to break the game, Zak. – – ZAK: I’m not! I’m just copying what I see. Thank you guys for finding those issues. We actually really appreciate it. We appreciate when you guys send us that feedback when you find those things. If you could send them to us instead of posting them, that would be good. We do fix these things as fast as we can. Along with that we need to also balance the game. DARREN: The reason we go through this iteration is we are trying to get a sense of how fast people are going, how tough the content is. That obviously influences the amount of rewards. We want to give more rewards to people and we are trying to get a sense of how that’s working out. We get a bunch of this anonymous data that theres people moving super fast through the game and then we start investigating…. exploits are creeping in, some abilities aren’t working the way we intended, or they are finding interesting ways to apply them… so we are going to be correcting them… but the reason why we go back to do that is that Zak usually says “It’s fair.” so all the classes are fun and balanced and they all are reasonably within the same power level. So we are going to be making some adjustments to that, but ultimately the only reason why we’re doing that is so we can balance the rewards so that everybody can get the right thing, and it’s for the majority of the people. ZAK: It’s all about making sure you guys get great rewards, so as we balance those classes, expect some changes over the next, well, actually forever. – – DARREN: We’ll continue to iterate. ZAK: We’ll make sure it’s fair for everybody and their playstyle. – – DARREN: Presents are coming though. ZAK: Talking about presents, a 29… DARREN: We have an update. – – ZAK: Survive the Storm is coming! The survival mode that we talked about a little bit last time. It’s gonna be the hard iron-man, grind, it’s gonna be awesome! It’s going to have some amazing rewards, four hours of play, going to get some amazing stuff…. There’s definitely some shorter versions of that. DARREN: 3-14 game days. There’s a range of how much you want to play, and the rewards will be commensurate with the amount of time you put in. ZAK: Along with that, we’re gonna have some storms rolling in… through Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny… Twine, the storm systems are coming in along with them, they create some properties… DARREN: Yeah, they basically create modifiers for the creatures. Storm systems are unique and they add properties like Enrage on the creatures, which makes them deal more damage when they are low health, or they explode… there are also positive effects that happen to players as well. They may augment the Soldier class, you’ll be more effective with those classes and that will rotate around different classes. and certain weapon types. We are going to experiment with a bunch of those properties… and, of course, you get more rewards for trying out these things as well. ZAK: New content, as well, which we can talk about next week. DARREN: Next week we will have a ton of new content. I don’t think we have time to go through that content. ZAK: Not nearly enough. I just want to say thank you again, to everyone out there, a million plus, thank you so much. We are so excited to be doing what we’re doing with you guys… We’re incredibly passionate about the game, and we know that there’s a lot of you out there. ZAK: Thank you. – – DARREN: Yeah, thanks for all the new people who have joined us in the last two weeks. ZAK: Thank you. – – DARREN: Yeah, thanks for all the new people who have joined us in the last two weeks. We are really happy for all this new blood. Be good to each other, and I can’t wait to check out some of the streams, and see all you guys playing out there. Thanks again! – – ZAK: Thank you!

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