Save The World Dev Update (12/4)

Save The World Dev Update (12/4)

Hey everyone, Nik here with another Save the World update. Let’s get started. CANNY VALLEY ACT 3 In 7.0 we’ll be shipping Canny Valley act 3. This will wrap up what we’re calling the Stand and Fight campaign. This campaign takes us from the moment you activate Homebase… up until the first truly decisive battle against the storm. While Canny Valley act three will wrap up the Stand and Fight campaign, this is not the end of story in Fortnite. We still have mysteries to solve, heroes to meet, and battles to fight. Fortnite isn’t a story about survival, it’s a story about building a better world. and if the husks on the map are any indication, we’ve got a long way to go. We believe the Homebase you’ve built will be a hub for storytelling for years to come, and our narrative team is hard at work creating event and story content… for new players and elder players who have been with us since day one. We will dig deeper into this in the near future with a blog, So keep an eye out! DOWN TIER CRAFTING You asked for the ability to craft schematics at lower tiers, and we’re happy to say that it’s coming 7.10! As an example, if you’ve evolved a schematic to 3 stars, you will soon be able to craft the 1 or 2 star versions… of that trap or weapon using the same schematic. If you’re playing a lower level, or if just want to save those precious higher level materials for future use, Down Tier Crafting’s got your back. We’re super excited about this feature and are looking forward to your feedback. FROSTNITE The holidays are almost here and that means Fortnite is getting in on the Holiday spirit. In 7.10 we’re introducing a new mode called Frostnite. You and three friends will battle the storm and the elements. Scavenge resources, build defenses, keep your Blu Glo furnace burning hot, and you just might survive the long frosty night. We’re having a blast playing this already and we can’t wait for you to join the fun. And now, we wanted to give you a little behind the scenes peek at something… we’ve been working on for Canny Valley Act Three. Check it out. Sounds Chilling, I wonder why we recorded that… As always, we’re building this world together, and we want to know what you think. Thank you for joining the fight and we will see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Save The World Dev Update (12/4)

  1. maybe improve and put an option in the "play with others" mode where you can see the explicit stormshields available to help others, and you can also see the details of the missions without having to enter 😛

  2. I cant wait to see save the world keep growing with an immense map of more to do. This is truly one of the best games I've ever played along with battle royale. I hope to also one day see all the bugs get worked out. Keep up the good work fortnite!

  3. Pretty nice, but where is the Option to Vote for Kick god damn? some people are just boring and i dont want to report and "hope" something happens, i want to remove them from Mission Please! 🙁

  4. Hi. Please read

    why restrict us to only 3 mini boss missions per day. BUT do not put the expected reward V-BUCKS.

    If I BUY THE GAME was for the benefit of the V-BUCKS.

    and they have us restricted with 3 missions per day. every 6 hours the missions change .. I HAVE EXPECTED MORE THAN 12 HOURS FOR A MISSION WITH V-BUCKS.

    And in none of them does V-BUCKS go out every single time they remember that we pay for the content

    Why!!? 🙁

    Thanks for reading

  5. Hey Epic on Save the world you have given me 28 power zones when i have no 28 power zones only 23 and im a power level 18 and im stuck, i cant uprade anything to get my power up

  6. Wait if frostnite is coming to save the world, then what about battle Royale? Is it just kinda gonna be like the fortnitemares event except the zombies?

  7. where is Christmas in stw ? where is the new content for stw ? there is no new events ? the only thing you did ,you updated the menu !

  8. Please make it possible to downcraft more than one trap at a time. It is far to slow having to select one trap each time!! Anyone else feel this should be an option?

  9. the frostnite event is recommended power 88 you matchmaking us with low players level 41 ! can you fix this asap level 88 or above can't play if level 41 joins this mission, they die instantly how can low level players join a level 88 mission they all die anyways🤔if you are not 88 or above don't even try to play this mission ! Fortnite fix this asap ty.

  10. Hello, I just bought Stw and I have a big problem, I don't have the research and the upgrade on command tab, and collection book and others on the armory tab, what should I do?

    I bought standard edition, I'm lvl 31 right now and I still haven't get that upgrade menu, etc. Please help

  11. This save the world update is bad for me because I'm literally a power level 5 and managed to get to plankertin shield one, but I cant continue the story because my hub is glitches to where it doesnt show the option for an upgrade option or an research lab, so I cant do either. I also cant send heros on expeditions and I can't put any survivors in squads because I dont have a squads menu and I'm a level 54 finished with storm wood, I dont understand, I also contacted epic games but they haven't responded, I also cant carry on with my story because I cant increase my freakin power level because I cant use research because literally all that shows in my command section is heros, survivors, and profile so I cant increase my power and the only reason I finished plankerton shield one is finding other people to join my party so I cant really continue my mission nor can I make my favorite gun because I upgraded it to where it takes silver and I cant get silver in stormwood.

    This is on xbox one by the way
    And if epic games decides to actually step up and help a freakin person that actually wants to play the game they paid for:
    Xbox username: flyingwafflez13
    Username in save the world: jantopia

  12. down tier crafting is excellent BUT make it so you can build in bulk for those pesky traps please! espicially noticable in frostnite.

  13. I got Save The World but I can’t get the upgrades tab even though I am supposed to have it along with the research tab which I don’t have help

  14. Why not make the storm king is not a king and just a ground soldier make an event were you add mythical weapons and 8player missions it’s a weird plot line but a lot of people will like to grind to get stronger and new weapons and make one “storm king” fight a weak and really get to know what big and small fortnite save the world think of it and release it like at the time save the world come out free

  15. They should make a game survival world like the game states of decay where you roam around the world making camps and tryna survive which the husk i pretty sure i would probably play it

  16. Can you fix the bug where I can't see my research and upgrades when I click on command; I know that there is not quest progression needed because my friend who is in stonewood can see it but I'm in plankerton and I can't see it or use it.

  17. When will save the world come out on nintendo switch? I really want to play it cause it looks really cool. Keep up the good work!

  18. I think it would be cool if after twine peaks you destroyed all of the husks and then you were in charge of rebuilding the world

  19. Please bring stw to switch! Right now I’m stuck wi5h playing stw on my crappy laptop. If the switch can run horde rush, it can run stw too!

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