25 thoughts on “Sasquatch: The Government Coverup Explained.

  1. One thing you never hear as a reason of sorts for there being a cover up; US officials DO NOT want to upset the scientic premise of how mankind evolved or the drawn out religion based populace's faith in man authored religions which serve to keep us all pacified with heaven & hell myths…. No mention of bigfoot or dinosaurs in the 3 great holy books now is there?

  2. Bigfoot avoid to kill people though they can.. .and love to do it, but they know killing one can escalate massacre on them.

  3. It seems more likely that man is the reason for SOME of these missing accounts of people… they want the organs and harvest them.. that would make total sense of why the government doesnt want you looking into these cases

  4. In 40 years of research, you just said everything I ever wanted to say on the matter, especially regarding the last 15 years of reports. Brilliantly conceived.

  5. Yeah, the woo crowd is the big reason this will never get recognition or funding for said recognition by science. As for the government, yeah, they cover up a lot so why not the idea of a 7 foot bipedal primate, which would destroy many religious-based theories, especially would cause major unrest in the bible belt areas.

  6. I'm not really sure what 'Missing 411' is but here in UK every year, 100,000 people are reported as 'missing' of which 10,000 are never found!

  7. I believe there is a connection between Big Foot, Dogman, etc. and aliens. All of which may be interdimensional. That being said, I don't trust the government at any level on anything.

  8. I have had a passion for undiscovered Species and Creatures since a child in the early 80's, and I'm very picky about what Channels I subscribe to, but after taking a look at your Videos and Content…You Sir have earned a Subscriber and my Respect! Outstanding Videos and Content!

  9. Ive been searching for you. If I would have made a video on the subject it would have been a clone of this. Great, in depth detailed information, common sense oriented..no denial of the amazingly unbelievable evidence we find.. put all pieces together nicely. Great job.

  10. Since 47 when the suposed alians manifested after wwII they have being lying to us, you see there are no real alians but demons instead counting that you will belive in everything execpt God word. That way they can own you, they fooled the president and a former nazi started our "space program" when in reality all these people follow the same agenda. Be aware there is no space alians at all its always been them thats why all the weird demonic creatures are showing and taking people, yhey got permision from US! When we stray from God path we become bulnerable so remember to read you bible and follow the Lord and only Savior Jesus Christ and you will be ok.
    No creature no weapon no evil will prosper against you.
    Faith in the Lord is far more powerfull then any lie so long you dont buy it.
    I dont belive in luck so God bless.

  11. Do you believe that these things can appear and disappear I've heard that may be there aliens in Disguise and a lot of people say one minute they're there and then the next they're not they're invisible do you really feel that this is possible for them to appear and disappear invisibly but still be there

  12. I swore I'd never become this guy, but- here I go. Between the aggressive Bigfoot (Gugwe, Type 3, etc…) and, even the less aggressive types with young ones killing to protect their own, Dog Men with or without children, nasty Little People (elves, gnomes, goblins) who lead people off & possibly skinwalkers, Rakes, Nephelim, mountain giants & Wendigos (those evil white, scrawny things who prefer cannabalistic type meals)- I think there are tons of inter-dimensional creatures feasting on the unsuspecting. Green Berets, Navy SEALs & other 'operators' are not prepared to deal with them, so, they suffer unusually painful episodes of PTSD after interactions.
    Admission of the existence of 'creatures' by any governing body would be an admission of powerlessness- unacceptable to them in any form. They may, or, may NOT know much about the creatures, but, under no circumstances does it behoove them to admit to their existence- ever. I suspect that zero point energy, alternate forms of propulsion, dimensional travel & perhaps accurate physics is known at some level, and, by some people on the planet, and, has been for decades, but, like Bigfoot- won't be shared with the population as a means of continued control over the masses.
    Global collapse of the economy, belief systems, work requirements & accepted 'income' recognition would disappear in a days, weeks or months- who knows how long it would take to recover from the probable anarchy created. At some level, I guess I understand the why. Hey, if the earth is flat and immobile- everything would change. Suddenly, we would have 'walls', but, we would no longer be motes of dust in an ever expanding bubble of vastness- but, created beings in a terrarium of the Source, Creator, or God. That alone would change the world, while removing the power base of any known Government.
    Mind blown, best to focus on the upcoming Super Bowl, food preparation for the big game & hanging with friends unconcerned with Bigfoot, Dog Men, Little People, Skinwalkers, Rakes, Wendigos, Nephilim, and Mountain Giants- let alone the shape of the earth.

  13. Years ago when I was camping near Mt Saint Helens, I was told about a sasquatch sighting. I was only 12 years old at the time. But I laughed in the face of the "adult"…been laughing ever since.

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