SAS Business Class on A330-300 - Stockholm to Chicago Review

SAS Business Class on A330-300 – Stockholm to Chicago Review

so hello from the SAS business class guys it's my first time buying it which is insane didn't that SAS is my national carrier and I'm so excited today I'm reviewing my home airline can you believe I haven't done this yet I'm fortunate that the Swedish credit card market really offers an incredible opportunity to redeem miles for SAS business class for the same price as economy class but more on that later in this video this is a two-part review one will be my first flight from Stockholm to Chicago but that's the one in this video and then the second will be of there a 3:40 on a flight from San Francisco to cope and so let's start with what I love about their cabin it's stylish in the most Scandinavian way and the design really speaks to me some people like the glitz and glamour of Emirates but if I had to choose this is just more appealing the dark design paired with a pop of colours of the SAS logo and the storage area makes the cabin feel exclusive all seats in SAS business also have direct aisle access which is better than most of their European competitors there are just four seats per row in a one-to-one configuration which is great whether you're traveling alone or with a companion if you're in a window seat you'll want to choose the even-numbered seats which are further from the aisle there were only 80 passengers on this flight so the business cabin was quite empty but I'm sure the people in Economy were having a ball I managed to jump around the cabin for takeoff and landing even though I was seated in the center seat for most of the flight pre-departure I was served a choice of orange juice water or shampoo after takeoff the menu was distributed the cover design is so so cute and Scandinavian that I have it on the wall in my apartment right now the food looks quite good on the menu especially the caviar service which is really rare in business class all right so let's have a look around the seat there's a beautiful sunset outside so just initially I don't know why I said that but anyway here on the left side there's not really anything but then on the right we have a bunch of different controls the mood light button controls the lighting in our little storage area there's a bunch of space here the tree table comes out really like I do and it's quite adjustable which I always love when we have more seat controls over here a little reading light there's several different settings power port USB and another little remote a water bottle in here our headphones our amenity kit our menu it's just so so stylish I love it fortunately SES is amenity kit is super basic with only a few necessities so no luxury here the headphones are good though and works similarly to the bose qc25 s sadly the entertainment system was not as impressive as the headphones and options were honestly quite limited the meal service started with some nuts and apple cider next my vegetarian starter was served which was basi C basic the main course was also basic but at least the flavors were incredible they served ginger soy and sesame infused beets and vegetables with rice however Finnair still blows se s out of the water in this area which is disappointing given that one in three Swedish Millennials now follow plant-based diets so guys this y'all may not look like much but it is so so good it's really spices garlic cos ginger because when I first saw it like usually when I see just vegetables and bicycle like that's a cop-out cop-out addition for airline vegetarian food but today was actually very well spiced history two cool things that are relatively unique to SAS business class are free Wi-Fi for all business class passengers and a big snack bar at the back of the cabin with plenty of things to nibble on during the flight the bathroom also contains a live plant in business class which is surprisingly refreshing to have on a plane once onboard I could tell that the crew were super passionate and engaged which I wasn't expecting from SAS to be honest especially the purser was so charming and sincere she made me feel really welcome keep in mind that the service was still Scandinavian though so don't expect SQ or qatar level attention to detail and professionalism after takeoff when I asked if I could switch seats the flight attendant said well it's always a question of and signaled with her fingers for money jokingly obviously so bedtime is finally here I'm so excited and this hosen fuzzy they can be so let's have a look the the betting is Heston's which is a Swedish that brand I guess but I love the Scandinavian like simple and fresh by a bit so I just wanted to let you know that for everyone who lives in Sweden as I mentioned there is an incredible way to get SES business class for the price of economy using points and I've compiled an entire spreadsheet that breaks down this information it has everything you need to know about the Swedish credit card market what the options are what the best redemptions are and it's right in the description below if you live in another country that's the best I know is that you should redeem miles through your regular programs usually Aeroplan or united will be really good for that in the u.s. maybe a and A's program as well I might talk about this a little more in another video but mainly if you live in Sweden and maybe if you live in Scandinavia the link in the description to the Google Doc I made will be really helpful and breaks this all down some wakeup juice that's very nice and it's light out Wow I don't understand but we're flying over the North Pole which is so cool OKs lives in seemly well and now it's time for some grapes and a delicious Swedish can be that you have to get if you go to Sweden it's like a it's really a classic and about to get my computer out and do some work all righty and the pre-arrival meal is served olives that still have plastic wrap on that's the most with some vegetables and if you check out my ss+ review that's pretty much exactly the same pre-landing meal we got there so overall SES business was exactly what I was expecting to be in some aspects but surprising in others starting with the negatives the food entertainment system and amenity kit were all too basic I'd love to see a bigger investment in these aspects of their business class experience to make it feel more premium the seat was fantastic although it felt less sturdy than I was expecting and sometimes it felt like it was gonna fall apart the most positive aspect of the flight though was definitely the crew who were by far the best SES crew I've ever had however SS service structure makes it really hard for them to shine and it comes off as lazy with an assembly line procedure and leaving things like wrappers on food just doesn't give them as premium feeling so the product is perfectly decent and better than Lufthansa and British Airways in many areas when it comes to European Airlines SES business is in the upper ranks ladies gentlemen most welcome to Chicago O'Hare Airport all these planes are an approach anything this is my finger tightly but full hair is just insanely busy

25 thoughts on “SAS Business Class on A330-300 – Stockholm to Chicago Review

  1. Please review TAP and their new C cabin. I'm booked on it in December and would love your thoughts.

    SAS is good, but the food always disappoints me. The seat is just strange. I guess it is inflated with air.

  2. Yeah, its great right. Any scandinavians who would like an invite for SAS Amex and get instant 6000 – 18000 Eurobonus points (!!), use a referral link:
    Let me know if you're interested 🙂

  3. Hastens makes the best beds and bedding in the world and costs up to $80k and is entirely custom hand made.

  4. Refreshing vlogs compared to your airline product peer reviewers who seem to be too critical or giving praise away like candy! Keep it up Dan

  5. vexperienced the sas business class from PVG-CPH. The seat is pretty cozy.
    But the foods were disappointing.

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