12 thoughts on “Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. Mam, why dont you look at Back To Eden, from Paul Gautschi in WA. Then you dont have to water or any fertilize.

  2. Peaceful and beautiful countryside. She should open a small bed and breakfast there too for folks who just want get away for a few days.

  3. My wife, who's from Italy, has had good results growing Castelvetrano trees on my family's land not far from Elmendorf. They taste buttery and need very little water. I made the mistake of trying one that wasn't brined and pickled. So bitter it will turn your face inside out!

  4. Lovely story.. Im so glad to see her orchard is successful. I was born & raised in the very bottom tip of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley (cameron co) and my dad had a small olive orchard next to our house. I dont remember them ever doing anything with them but I do remember my dad out there pruning the trees with me playing at his feet.. One of my earliest childhood memories took place in that orchard.. They sure grew for Dad as they are for her..

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