Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

100 thoughts on “Sanders: Warren is the new frontrunner and that’s good news for Trump

  1. Republicans take a very short view in pretending to dismiss the damning significance of impeachment and history's damning judgment. Future generations of schoolchildren will know the very word trump as a term of obliquy.

  2. So, these people get paid to watch three hours of absurdness so I don't have to, nor would I ever even think about it.

  3. Lying Warren seems totally confused when she is "arguing". She does not know what she is saying. Is she a mental case?

  4. I am so thankful for Mike Huckabee – he and his wife raised this true all American woman known to all of us as Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was taught the way, the truth and the life thru Jesus Christ her Savior, her King and her Redemption – thank you Jesus for this gift to us here in the USA USA USA and Pres. Trump, Vice Pres. Pence, all of those who have served our Great Country to this very moment in time…. God Is Still On His Throne and has always cared for His Own…up we go via the Rapture…soon and very soon !

  5. Any one of the Democrats on that stage and many that were not would make a better President that the current ignorant, incompetent, corrupt businessman we currently have. That simple.


  7. Us that all they have is Elizabeth Warren for president this is to funny this is going to be way to easy another Four Years Trump 2020

  8. I liked Tulsi, until she said Trump has the blood of the Kurds on his hands. Erdogan is who's hands are covered in Kurd blood.

  9. This woman is PURE EVIL! Total completely lacking morals. She’s the kind of person that would do anything for 💵. Such a lowlife. She knows she’s doing evil things just does not care at all

  10. Donald has been moving us steadily toward the End of Times. Let's not lose sight our intended final destruction. Praise be. KAGA!!

  11. Joe "plugs" Biden is the American essence of corruption!!!!

    Anderson Cooper is the American essence of lack of credibility!!!

    What a pair they make, but if you're a brainwashed commie, this duo can do no wrong, ha!!!

  12. If Jesus Christ was real it would agree with Warren 2020 over Porn Star, Pu$$y Grabber!
    WARREN & Yang Ticket 2020
    🙏God Bless Elizabeth Warren🙏

  13. Funny they all agree on 1 thing impeaching the president but on stage can't argue their way out of a shoe box lmao typical Democrat.

  14. My money is on "SuperMan" in 2020 ! …. Trump has zero competition….just loonytunes, America-haters and Commi-wannabe's….all of them….sewage, by other names.

  15. they are apart of the corruption every last one on that stage Democrats have a lot of secrecy and outing Biden implicate all Democrats

  16. Pocahantus Warren is just another Satanic drag man, like ALL the "women " on Fox and ALL the Dem presidential "women" candidates. It's a sick, Satanic cult.

  17. Don’t be fooled believing these propaganda comments. Click on their profile picture to see if they have anything or if it is a blank profile (made up profile to write propaganda comments). There is an army of propaganda here on YouTube. Why do you think there are so many likes 👍 for stupid “Trumps a god” “Trump didn’t get ROLLED BY ERDOGAN, he is only bringing our boys home” comments. He’s moving them to Saudi Arabia where is other buddy is. The new thing they use now is “WARMONGERS” (Democrats are the Pro-War party now) “BRING OUR BOYS HOME” (it’s not WW II ANYMORE), It’s pathetic.

  18. I adore this woman, sitting between two morons and staying calm – her expression shows that she considers this big fish-head woman Huckerhuck Sanders as totally nuts

  19. Can anybody picture Elisabeth Warren dealing and playing hard ball with countries that totally disrespect and suppress women looking like a frail scarecrow of a woman compared to the masculine strong presence of Donald Trump. No comparison.

  20. Not all women are Trump stupid. There are good Christian women who understand Sarah is a liar protecting a man who cheated on every wife and also was cheating with porn stars. I don't know what kind of people support this president but they know zero about how Jesus feels on these matters. To follow this president's path is only one direction, down, Hell. Do you think Jesus supports a man who cheats on all his wives? Does this president look or act like he has any remorse? He just lies about it and everything else. Do you think Jesus appreciates all the president's lies? Do you think Jesus appreciates how the president only cares about the billionaire class and sunk our nation into another Trillion dollars in debt which we are paying interest? What did Jesus say about money and wealth??? Can anybody help me here or are you all just pretending you care about Jesus and are acting just like the president???

  21. Finally! They ask the real pertinent important, completely relevant questions for our troubled times. "Whether Ellen is friends with a Bush". Wow – great journalism. That question and whether Trump tried to get more information about the corrupt Bidens. clearly that will help our country.

  22. I love Sarah Sanders. She is right on in her political evaluations! She is smart, a good communicator, and she supports our wonderful President with factual debate. I love her bold, Christian values and affirmations of what is good in our Country.

  23. No way the American people should let people in over trump at this point .. The United States is big business……thisis not pta or a bake sale ..we need guts…not people with no back bone… leave trump in office!!!!!!!!

  24. Wall Street said Hell No to Warren, and if you think she will receive blue collar workers vote, your delusional. Democrats are done.

  25. Climate change is normal , we would have a problem if the climate didn't change . The climate has always changed and we refuse to pay your fake carbon tax so go and get a job, no more free money scams SORRY

  26. They said so many lies about Ohio I live in Columbus Ohio!! born and raised here in jobs are booming everywhere!!!!

  27. LeBron James is a effing idiot all he does is play basketball and run his mouth he needs to keep his mouth shut and stay on the basketball court

  28. Oh my gosh, welcome to Plymouth Rock, lady in the middle! Sorry. I know it's irrelevant. But that pilgrim outfit is over the top.

  29. Sarah Sanders is right. The only thing worse than a lier, is when they lie about it. How are people so "dumbed into" believing there are two standards if nothing else? If Trump could sue for defamation of character and hold those who claim not to be deplorable accountable than whatever they pay in civil penalties goes to build the Southern Protection Barrier – "The Wall."

  30. Now when the Turks attack the Kurds and other minority groups, Syria does not matter for Trump oh what things are quick to change, Just a short time ago, he had a dozen missiles fired in Syria.

    He should send his friend Erdogan a bouquet and praise him for this bloody invasion of the Turkish army.These are all hypocrites these presidents and rulers in this world, but the living God is watching and he will truly judge those rulers who let the innocent blood be shed on this earth.

  31. I can't take this serious, what the hell is the blonde in the middle on Fox and friends wearing? 🤣 She looks like Cinderella getting ready ready to sweap the floor.

  32. You pork-a-delic,you hog of life,you centerfold for meat magazine!Overweight,disease ridden,bloated up,hosebag,skankfest 2019!

  33. Cooper isn't a reporter he is a propagandist. As far as Bidens go these people are narcissists who are likely sociopaths based on their behaviors. They did nothing wrong in their own eyes of course. Drain the swamp! PLEASE!!!!

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