35 thoughts on “Sand Winching, best sand anchors off-road

  1. I've used a log before and it worked, but I wasn't in sand, I was in some dark wet dirt near some grass swamp in Florida.

  2. so next time, rig one strap to recover vehicle, and rig one strap that didnt hold so you can easily recover tire.

  3. i always planned on using my spare tire in this scenario. I am ordering a deadman now! looked so much easier. i think you are supposed to attach winch to 1 leg to pull/ slide it out. Awesome video and great info

  4. The deeper you can get the straps & winch rope/cable, the greater the lateral resistance you will be pulling against the mass of earth. Otherwise you are pulling up out of the relatively shallow hole.

  5. When burring the wheel or the jack you should make a „T“. So the dig in the first bit of the rope to otherwise you just pull it up and not forward. We use a simple 0.5L PET bottle in Switzerland to repell us down on glaciers so you dig it in snow or soft ice. And the most important thing is to make that „T“, I mean your life is hanging on it…

  6. Great video – I would like to see you try one of the large bags that you can get garden soil delivered, (usually about a cubic metre of soil); or one of the dumpster in a bag type products – such as http://www.wm.com/residential/bagster-bag.jsp . Thanks again for all the excellent content. — without burying, just sitting on the surface and filled to capacity.

  7. so your bogging down in 2 wheel drive so your bogging down like my wifes Toyota Corolla would bog down not like a proper 4 wheel drive gets bogged down and Toyota Corollas don't have winches…. useless video!

  8. Another way to do the dead man is to dig your hole, place it in the back side of the hole with the bottom straps going down and and connecting to the other straps. Doing it this way would make it much easier to pull out.

  9. How about a 4×8 post in the sand about 4 feet deep with a strap around the top of it. Then when you're ready to go, just pull up on it. Haven't tested, just a thought.

  10. Ronnie did you see you just pull the deadman out by one strap from the back and it leaves no hole behind, what a cool recovery tool!!!

  11. I think the deadman is supposed to go face up so the strap in the middle helps support the canvas and doesn’t rip it from the sides

  12. Curious. Ive always seen the hilift laid behind the tire with the loop wrapped over it then threaded thru the center hub of the tire. Done right with a trench to drop the tire/jack in and another towards your truck for a straightish pull you shouldnt need to even bury the thing. Saves a lot of time that way. And you dont have to air out the tire to release the strap lol.

  13. Ordinary sand anchor from a boat is designed to go deeper as effort increases and a Bruce anchor digs itself in from any angle.

  14. I had a similar situation on a SA beach ,with waves lapping at the back wheels we used a ground anchor (brand name I think) It`s a heavy steel thing with folding wings . It saved the 130 but my buddy had to ride it , we also needed a snatch block. It also showed me the treachery of beach driving ,70 kph to dead stop in a very short distance , no we didn`t cross a stream .Thanks to you & your hardworking crew for making this video.

  15. The tire should be buried flat in the bottom of the hole and the strap should run from the centre of the tire to carry the weight load..this makes hell of a anchor point.

  16. what about in the mud, snow or the swamp not just the sand I live in the states there's no sand where I live

  17. Nice video, but I wish you would of included a “ground anchor” in the comparison. Looks like a shovel that digs itself into the ground as you pull on it.

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