33 thoughts on “Salt Flat Cafe (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. Salt Flat cafe may still be a bus stop. I suppose some people want to get off there. Or get on !

  2. I've eaten at this cafe numerous times over the years. If at all possible, I would time my visit to get there just before the sun came up. I would sit at a window facing east and watch the sun come up. The Guadalupe Peak would be the most beautiful picture imaginable at that time of morning. Biscuits and gravy or eggs and ham and the sunrise at the Salt Flat Cafe….. WOW, what memories!!! I was by there the summer of 2018 and it did look like the place was closed. Too bad Miss Shirley didn't have someone to carry on the family tradition!!!

  3. I heard that this place closed down.I never went as I do not want to drive that far and my car would not make it.

  4. After 85 years you know their doing something right honey. They're still going and welcoming customers after that much time in the middle of nowhere.

  5. This is a great spot and much history happened in that area over the salt flats. Cornudas has a cafe as well. 20 years ago the Cornudas Cafe had amazing pictures of famous people who had eaten there while hunting some on some of the big ranches, but I think they have been taken off the walls, sadly.

  6. When I biked across America in Feb-Mar 2017, I went through Salt Falt, but it looked like the cafe was permanently closed. : (

  7. Thank you to the kind gentleman who provided us with gas from the mechanic shop behind the Salt Flats cafe he was a life saver. There are no gas stations on Hwy 62 between El Paso and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

  8. Saw this again Shirley. My old backyard, miss it! That mountain is in almost all of my childhood pictures!

  9. Wow! I just got back from backpacking the Guadalupe Ridge Trail. After seeing this I wish I'd gone through Salt Flat to see if Shirley is still there. My loss ! Thank you Bob.

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