Sajid Javid out of the Tory leadership race

Sajid Javid out of the Tory leadership race

the total number of eights given to each candidate in alphabetical order we're as follows Michael Gove 61 Jeremy Hunt 59 Sajid Javid 34 Boris Johnson 157 the following candidates are now eligible to continue on to the next ballot which will take place this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in committee room 14 Michael Gove Jeremy Hunt and Forrest Ronson

49 thoughts on “Sajid Javid out of the Tory leadership race

  1. Well, he tried. I am proud that we have contributed to Britain

  2. Oh perhaps he'll have time to answer why he has signed off on the extradition papers to send Assange to the US then? ,

    Sajid javid plan to flood the UK with mass illegal immigration from Africa and middle East who will most likely be upwards of 75% to 80% fighting age men between 18 to 40

  4. Boris Johnson is only voted because of the brexit but if he wasn’t to do with that he would be out because of his hair

  5. It's not breaking news if nobody cares… it's not something we can vote for, so why is it being publicized on every facet of the media?
    S T O P.

  6. WE WANT A LEAVER and one willing to have NO DEAL- Another REMAINER in power will be catastrophic for the Tories and the public's faith in them and M.P.'s in general.

  7. Like I said, the moment he brought racism into it, he was toast. There was simply no need, and nobody likes being called a racist.

  8. Can’t have Muslim in parliament as soon as super boris storms in he be sorting the letterboxes out 🧕💣🧕💣💥💥💥

  9. As a lifelong Tory who voted leave and now has very deep regrets, I will be glad when this leadership race is over.
    Maybe then we will have an election and I can vote Liberal, I have never felt so conned by the amount of bulls—t I swallowed during the last vote.
    Nothing has really changed other than our economy which is going down the toilet, all that crap about cheese and wine and daffodils I feel like a fool, go to LHR and watch the foreigners walking in with black sacks of clothing

  10. The media have a long history of "accidentally" getting Jeremy Hunts name wrong, imagine how much more that would blow up if he is in the media all the time. It almost makes it worth him becoming PM just for that.

  11. I'm not sure these multiple ballots are a good idea….. They give too much time for political backroom deal-making….

  12. Bog roll Boris will be the next PM and it will destroy the tories just like Corbyn has done for the labour party

  13. they couldn't get rid of sajd javid yesterday because of the islamophobia problem, so rory stewart was sacrificed; there was no chance that the tories would choose a muslim to be prime minister of britain.

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