16 thoughts on “Sailing & Boating Lessons – anchoring one anchor

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  2. But what if you want to anchor the boat as close to the shoreline as possible because there is nowhere else to dock it? How would you determine when to anchor it then before the keel/rudder begin to scrape the bottom?

  3. Somewhat misleading. Should perhaps mention how you select the position, the importance of checking the whole swinging area for obstructions, and the fact that your transits etc. will change if you swing, which is likely, and how to tell the difference between that and dragging.

  4. This is not a very useful video. Never does it touch on "setting" the anchor! Forget the terminology which is incorrect. "Rope" or "cable"??? It's the "rode" that the anchor is attached to. Yes, taking a bearing or fix on your final location is useful to confirm that you are not drifting, but properly set your anchor and you will sleep a lot easier!!

  5. This way of taking aplace is wrong.
    You will be there only for a whilke and then with the first change of wind or curent you are somewhere else.-
    The place of the anchor … is the place of your boat. Thats all… end.

  6. I found this to be useful. Jay, I would disagree: I own a boat that lives in a slip, so I've never had to anchor, although I certainly know how to read charts and take compass bearings.

  7. im sorry,but im going to have to point the obvious out… if you dont know how to do something as basic as dropping an anchor,im sure you dont know how to read charts and take compass bearings,just saying.it is informative for the most part though

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