11 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Policy

  1. God, that moderator was treating Richard Dreyfuss like a piece of lint to be brushed off his suit. And what's the point of bringing together three guest speakers if they share a homogeneous, one-dimensional view of the Ukraine issue? Waiting for the psuedo-intellectuals to call me a "Russian bot"

  2. American nothing have to fear from Rossiyskaya this is nothing but lies from globalists elites who wish to keep American in chains. Rossiyskaya friend of American and friend of great leader Donald J. Trump. We nothing to do with American election and defeat of evil globalist clinton. President Putin wants only best for American. Please trust us.

  3. Every third whorld country s what Russean protection against Western killing women and children of the poorest countries in the world like Somalia . Afghanistan , Yemen, Syria, libian, and all latin America

  4. I'm deeply suspicious of the other commenters here. I'm pretty sure none of them actually watched the discussion. How do I know? Because the first question from the audience during the Q&A was from Richard Dreyfuss. Or has Putin banned internet trolls from watching 'Jaws,' 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' 'Stakeout,' 'Postcards from the Edge,' 'Stand By Me,' and 'What About Bob?' Certainly, we would have at least one pun, joke, or even an acknowledgement that the man who played 'The American President,' Dick Cheney in Oliver Stone's 'W,' and starred in the action/comedy 'Red' seemingly defends Russian interventionism in Ukraine by critiquing failed Western-backed interventions in Central Asia and the Middle East. But no, we just get a bunch of anti-globalist gobbledygook in broken English that doesn't really make any sense. We've got Jews, Nazis, and the Anti-Christ, but nobody thought to point out that the guy who played Yoni Netanyahu across from Anthony Hopkins as Yitzhak Rabin and Burt Lancaster as Shimon Peres sounds pretty sympathetic to their anti-globalist perspective. What is this, amateur hour at the APT28?

  5. I hear what you hear YouTube commenters, I just don't get your rhetoric. Everything is not black and white. that's the way the globalist want you to think…

  6. The Devil was allowed to have control over a great part of humanity for 100 years. That time began around the time of the last Fatima apparition (13 May 1917). The Pope will go to Moscow. When he is there he will see the Garabandal 'miracle'. He will return to Rome but there will be a communist revolution in Italy and there will be wars and revolutions in Europe. He will flee Italy. Russia will then over-run mainland Europe by October /November 2017. Russia will prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. The Garabandal 'warning' will occur in October/November 2017. Satan's 100 years will end. Russia will then leave mainland Europe. The Pope will then consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary. The Garabandal 'miracle' will occur in April 2018. Russia will then become Catholic. Jews will become Catholic. The Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox and all Protestant sects will disappear as they will all become Catholic. There will then be a period of peace given to the world. Then Anti-Christ will appear.

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