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  1. disruption is wrong he said, but that is how change is made and certainly when it is important that we need to disrupt our own life and make a change. we need to live differently.

    or else we want to make a change in emission but don't want to change anything in our own life. can not be done.

  2. Extinction Rebellion are potentially preparing the public to be more accepting than the French have been about the necessary changes to legislation that will enable more rapid change to reduce and eventually eliminate fossil fuel consumption.

  3. The 3 people on the left have missed the point completely, you can not hide from the facts, the scientists have settled thefacts

  4. Is it feasible: answer NO. why: because as a species where to stupid. Plastic this will poison us before any climate change effect.

  5. Thanks for all the great comments! Check out my YouTube channel for talks about the climate and ecological crises, and interviews that I have been doing about the vitally important Extinction Rebellion protests.

  6. The case for rebellion has been made by this Conservative government, and nowhere more strongly than in their response to Grenfell; They called a public inquiry because that is the most successful Establishment ploy for stalling prosecution and kicking the can down the road until media attention wanders off to new interests. Meanwhile traumatised survivors remain without a home in one of the wealthiest boroughs on Earth. So how else should ordinary people respond to psychopathic cynicism in regard of the truly existential threat of climate change? Write yet another letter to our MP?

  7. This argument needed well known and good climate change experts to say who is telling the truth and who isnt accurate

  8. Getting them down to 0 by 2050 isnt good enough! We need the worlds governments to agree bindingly that they have to do whatever possible to stay below 1.5 degrees. This includes loaning the poorer countries and helping them reduce carbon emissions, aswell as carbon negative technology being used

  9. Talk to the governments where rainforests dissapear rapidly. The cutting must stop immediately!
    The compagnies that pollute the most need to be talked to.
    I believe in positive, peaceful protesting.

  10. The problem in France is that Macron was about to introduce a tax to gather money to give it to the richest instead of giving it for renewable energy projects !!! This is why the "Gilets Jaunes" got into the streets !!!! Inform yourself young lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I bet this fat guy-pig, who is complaining about the demonstrations for climate change, eats meat 2 times a day… Criminal !

  12. The coming climate change is going to do a whole Lot MORE disrupting and effecting peoples livelihood than protesters in London

  13. Graphs mean nothing, political bull, liars. The house of commons is full of prostitutes selling their souls and country for what ever they can grab to line there pockets

  14. Sorry everyone, but we are doomed to failier on climate change. Too little too late, in 200 years at the current rate and inaction, human civilization will not exist. Humans will as we are survivors.,but as an endagered species.

  15. It's easy: stop disrupting Nature's systems and good and brave people like Rupert Read and all the UK activists and around the world will stop to disrupt your mediocre lives! Deal?

    Sampa/SP, Brasil – 03/05/2019 – 18:24 (GMT – 3).

  16. Disrupt people's lives… What type of life? To sustain a system that is unfair and is leading to collective death, not only human but of the entire planet?
    It's like an ambulance trying to save a person's life through the traffic, making a lot of noise to alert people to free the way, and some lazy and dishearted drivers claiming that it's not fair, it's troubling them. But that is the aim! To wake people to the fact that the very act of keeping to do the things the way we are it's not working for everyone – look at the massive inequality, wars and genocides (Palestine and Yemen), suicide rates, the commercial drugs epidemics, the massive number of unemployed people in an economy growingly antipeople: that's what you call life? That's civilization? That's the way life has always been as if it was a Nature's law? That's the great and unchangeable, almost sacred, legacy of capitalism? And these people on the table are not even the ones who profit the most from this broken and criminal system called capitalism… Imagine the war it will be necessary to convince the robber barons of the financial system and the big Tech companies… This program just confirmed that Extinction Rebellion is completely right, civil disobedience is not only a right but nowadays, a moral and the most humane and fair duty towards our species and Nature's rights – it would be nice for these people claiming "their rights" about being parasite where did those "rights" come from and what they think are the Nature, or Environmental, rights? Bunch of disgusting spoiled people! What do they like more: flying and eating meat or staying alive? Because it's almost that the choice and the more we wait to change the more necessary and most radical the changes will be – if the scientists were not been silenced for decades about our deathstyle of living, we would not be so late in that – as Greta said, we didn't do our homework as adults and want to pass the exams with honor? Think: why would so important scientists lie about this, what they gain from it? So, if they are not lying, let's try humbleness for once and let them help us to scape from the disaster.
    These people on the show really didn't get the idea: we cannot stay living as if everything was going well, simply because it's not.
    We don't deserve but we still have time, so let's use it smartly – if people we're not so lazy to change, as the panel showed, the activists work of disrupting would not be so necessary…
    Stay strong and disrupting, even more, People from the UK, activists for Life and Justice. The world needs you. Thank you.

    Times are changing, thanks Lord for that!

    Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin' 1964

    Sampa/SP, Brasil – 03/05/2019 – 17:25 – alterado às 17:52 (GMT -3).

  17. Some people find getting to work a bit annoying vs millions of people dying from climate change & environmental breakdown. Shouldn’t be a difficult one but somehow the BBC has become a voice of the regressive establishment.

  18. People are so fucking stupid. If we don’t sort this out we will end up not being able to grow food or breath our air. Why do people look at this as just an inconvenience. Get a grip people.

  19. Something needs to change and clearly democracy doesn’t work, because politicians couldn’t give a shit, they’re all in it for their own benefits.

  20. People should read Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” in regard to a right/wrong way to protest.


  21. Wow…well done Rupert Read. Love his sense of urgency yet able to keep his cool and deliver the facts! Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  22. So much stepping around the edge of the issues.
    Yes, people need cars to get to work – the solution is not to tax people, it is to change the way we work, allow more working from home, allocate housing within walking distance to places of work, move places of work to housing, ORGANISE. Society needs to be redesigned.
    Public transport, PUBLIC transport, should not be x times more expensive than driving a car alone – it should be the opposite. What is wrong with this country when it's WAY cheaper to drive somewhere than take a train or coach???
    Yes we need to stop flying, immediately. Affect the economy? Are you forgetting the alternative? Do we need to keep remind you the reasons we need to do these things. You either stop flying or accept climate change.
    Why do they waste several minutes of air time talking about the absolutely insignificant disruption instead of what threatens to affect billions of people in the future?
    The public when talking about what they will "tolerate", and every time they resist or delay, need to remember the consequences on the future inhabitants of this planet, their own children included.
    "Lose public support" … they never would have got the public support without it ? Maybe if you useless politicians had done something over the last decades they wouldn't have had to disrupt?

  23. Why are thousands and thousands of new homes being built right now without solar PV systems or ground source heat pumps….what an opportunity to move forward with reducing our emissions, totally flagrantly thrown away……

  24. Honestly, in my opinion as far as disrupting people, the only reason they are getting upset is because they can't make it mainly to their jobs/ it affects business, I get if people need to get to a hospital but as far as work and making money go. Both of those things are the biggest pyramid scheme, in my opinion, and are not good enough reasons to get upset. I get not making your barely able to survive pay check but that is another issue and I suggest putting your yellow vests on. Keep disrupting them. I believe in you guys and hopefully when it stops "personally" affecting someone they will see your message.

  25. Besides Rupert, none of the panel understood, Capitalism, is not compatible with what physics requires of humanity for it to have a future. I wish one of you guys would put it that bluntly to them.

  26. Asking everyone to be vegan is unrealistic. A sensible step is to show people the health benefits of just one portion of meat in meat eaters’ weekly diets.

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