100 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani defies congressional subpoena

  1. So sleazy lawyer and con man Giuliani refuses to uphold the constitution of United States of America!. And the laws written Within, and the system of checks and balances laid within the Constitution of the United States of America!. Wow yeah he's got nothing to hide?

  2. 🤣👍 subpoenas don't work on criminals. That's why police have arrest warrants. Unless Pelosi wants to start taking this more seriously then this administration has made her OBSOLETE.

  3. Ok, wait a minute. Is CNN really this incompetent? It's like the Democrats and media are purposely helping Trump win. Am I the only one thinking it's a little too obvious?


  5. What. The. FUCK. Is. GOING. ON. NOW???? CNN. Sabotaging. Its. Own. Audio. Just. To. Blame. TRUMP. And. The. Russians. 🇷🇺 and. Ukrainians????

  6. CNN is FAKE News. I always knew it, but Project Veritas "Truth" proved it. CNN is Fake News. If you watch this garbage, then you are a Zucker Sucker! …a Sucker for the lies that Zucker puts out. What a piece of shit!

  7. Subpoena is not worth the paper it wrote on CNN. With out a vote it is not a impeachment hearing it a witch hunt CNN. CNN it a one sided witch hunt, Trump cant cross witness he cant call witness. CNN should he be forced to take part in shiffs made up lie. CNN what I ask you and every american is this what you would want for you or your family at a mock trial. If you hate Trump or love Trump I ask CNN and the american people is this fair, should someone stop this.

  8. Well at least the Covfefe fallowers will have a truefull reason to complain about cnn now with that shiettie audio on this video

  9. If I receive a subpoena does that mean I have to go to court or can I just not show up? Or maybe I just have to claim I'm part of Trump's Administration? That doesn't seem fair.

  10. Maybe you Democrats should comply for a change…big ol ' nothing burger with a side of fake news fries and a corrupt-shake to wash down all that BS 😂😂

  11. Remember when Don Lemon had a sign that read "NIGGER"? Remember when Don Lemon said all White men were terrorists? I do. #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  12. Trump has finally resorted to electronic warfare to try to make us not watch the truth about his corruption AHHHH
    It won't work the truth will get out!!!!!

  13. Remember when Don Lemon had a sign that read "NIGGER"? Remember when Don Lemon said all White men were terrorists? I do. #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  14. Oh I hope the next damn time I am in trouble I can just say fuck you… I dont have to listen to you because I can. What a crock of bullshit!

  15. Dont look over here, look over there…no wait….look that way….no, look this way….wait, that way…no over this way.

  16. The favor he asked for according to transcript of call I saw was about crowdstrike. Which was 2016 election. Zelensky brought up Biden investigation.

  17. If the Dems aren't going to play by any rules why should we
    All bunch of idiots Democratic party is so intent on it impeaching the best president we've ever had you people could not be more stupid I think it's right at the bottom of the dam Barrel now there's not even any monkeys left

  18. Just like Eric Holder. Except the Holder Subpoena was over “Operation Fast and Furious” which killed at least 300 Mexicans and Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry.
    So CNN why do you defend ANTIFA ?

  19. I like how the thumbs down button serves a duel purpose here. It lets people show their disgust over the fact that trump and his two bit lackey are lawless individuals, AND you are also downvoting CNN's horrible stupidity of uploading and not even fixing this trash audio.

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