Rpt: Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Giuliani’s Ukraine Business Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rpt: Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Giuliani’s Ukraine Business Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

54 thoughts on “Rpt: Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Giuliani’s Ukraine Business Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. the journalist is correct this is a revenge of the nerds … a fifth column of patriots and professional s … not a deep state … a resistence of patriots within the government …

  2. The dam is cracking as the sheer weight of corruption becomes irresistible and watch the rats start to make their way to the bank unwilling to get swept away in the deluge! I comfort myself with the knowledge that Trump will be getting less and less sleep and the tension will provoke him to yet again shoot himself in the foot (DELICIOUS)

  3. Rudy: "Federal prosecutors have no right to charge me with foreign lobby violations, because I was working for my client Mr. Trump."

    Well……isn't that special.😄
    So what is Rudy going to do when Trump finds out that Rudy is under a federal investigation, and says: "Working for me? Are you talking to me? Rudy was definitely NOT working for me. I don't know who in the he// he was working for, but it was not me."

    When that day comes, we will all be able to hear Cohen and Manafort laughing from their cells.😂😁😄😂

  4. Didn’t see CAPTAIN HAIRPIN today…..
    Left to his White House minions to publicly announce the sanctions on Turkey…..
    Oh there he is hiding behind the bushes 🌳🌲🌳

  5. Chris Christie is looking like the genius here by not being sucked in to the orange turd's circling of the cesspool drain… of course he has the little mannequin doll to thank since he was the one to push Christie out for prosecuting his father decades ago. What an F'ing dumpster fire.

  6. Who's paying for Rudy"s Travail and Expenses
    I've been asking that question for weeks.
    Love to hear the answers.

  7. Trump is a shady businessman/reality TV star who thought he could go to Washington and act like a gangster and not be touched. He failed to realize that politics is a whole different world that requites a little intelligence to navigate around. It's entertaining to see this buffoon getting a taste of reality.

  8. The saying Joyce was looking for was of course: "The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client."
    Fortunately for Giuliani, he's ALREADY quite used to having a fool for a client.

  9. Anyone know where Rudy can find a good lawyer? I'm still waiting for Sekulow to abandon ship, seems like he's the sharp one.

  10. I love Lawrence reporting on this stuff. He’s got that fire behind his eyes knowing we’re winning, but even more so knowing they are losing. But he’s always had that kind of passion, so it’s just characteristic of him as a person and a member of the media.

  11. They are testifying bcs they don’t want to spend the next 10 years of their life in matching orange onesies with Trump and Giuliani😁

  12. Rudy's a minion of Trump and since The Donald has frequently proclaimed, "That in all honesty, I am totally a self-made man with a plan"…I am pretty sure that Satan must feel thoroughly disappointed and rejected… while Gawd Almighty is pleased to be completely exonerated from any responsibility

  13. Yeah the dam broke alright .. Tonight I here Shiff's tried to run away from his whistle &)) So y'all all haters over here right !?! &))

  14. Best criminals start from the inside and ozz their way out to the streets… Check out Guiliani's pinky ring. I wonder were he got that influence from? the Mob?

  15. Great. YOU fascists way too handle this is luring people too believe standing behind the president will get them in problems in the future if they don’t make up dirt on Trump and come forward as you call it. You know this is fascism?

  16. Just wait till they get the evidence of Trump's business dealings. He probably never conducted an honest deal in his life.

  17. This man, Giulliani, may finally spend his last days in an orange suit. How ironic ! Little consolation for those he had wrongfully prosecuted.

  18. Key to getting him out is convincing his supporters. You can make a difference. If each one of us flips 1 possible 2 supporters, then we will be successful.
    We have to teach them not preach. Pointing fingers will only cause them to be defensive. Show them how how we are all in the same boat. Hopefully this will help someone ❤️

  19. More truth tellers will come forward and more evidence will become public. It is inevitable.

    History will not be kind to Trump, his family and his supporters.

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