16 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean- Crown and Anchor Society Loyalty Program

  1. They discriminate against children…we are diamond but my 16 year old gets excluded from almost all the benefits..they only give him the same things they gave him at gold…they eon't even give him the bottle of water in the cabin as a welcome gift..cheap..

  2. Thanks you very much for your promt answer , Iam going in another RC cruise coming this December and I will bring this sea passes with me and talk to the person in charge and see what happens. I hope they can accept them as proof and finish with this issue. I'll let you know what ever happens

  3. Iam suppose to be Diamond plus, but there are two cruisses not sown in my report and eventhough I have the sea passes with me as proof they say I need the confirmation number, but Iam unable to search for this information due to the fact that the travel agency no longer exist and I do not have this information . I have cruised with Royal before after this ones this ones and the points are there. What can I do so that Crown and anchor honor the points I earned in this cruisses?

  4. Can one receive C&A "points" on other lines owned by RCI, i.e. Celebrity and Azamara?  Thanks for video.

  5. I just sent a message about the crown and anchor on another thing of yours then i seen this lol.. okay.. ive been on 5 RCI cruises since 2012 and theyre only listing 4.. i did send a message to them..its the 2014 thats missing..any ideas on how they can find it..I could have gone up a ladder rung but maybe this stopped it..please help with any info so i can sort it.

  6. Did you say at any level you will get those benefit…We just join..So i'm or going to be gold…So do i get any benefits????

  7. My wife has cruised on Royal Caribbean before but my 1st cruise is coming up early 2018. She has signed me up for the Crown & Anchor program. If she goes to the Welcome Back party am I allowed to join her as her guest, evn though I have not cruised wirh RCL before?

  8. I am on the DIamond Challenge. I have done 6 Cruises of 14 to 15 nights each and will do my 6th in April and 7th hopefully after then be Diamond on my 8th cruise.

  9. I wouldn't think that the numbers would be over a few hundred since it takes almost 2 years of non-stop cruising to get it. Also, maybe the numbers have gone down a bit as some older Pinnacle members left for that big cruise in the sky. What do you think?

  10. Hello again. Out of curiosity, would you know how many Pinnacle members there are? I might join them but I still have about 690 days to go.

  11. Hi. I enjoy your videos. You can enroll/enter the program before you cruise but you only get credit towards your membership level after the cruise is over. On you're second cruise you can go to the welcome back party, etc.

  12. Hi, I just subscribed to your channel. Lots of great information, thank you. My family and I are booked for our first ever cruise in May 2017. I tried to join Crown and Anchor but it says I had to have sailed with them before in order to qualify to become a member.

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