Rory Stewart exits leadership race with Brexit warning for rivals

Rory Stewart exits leadership race with Brexit warning for rivals

from ten to seven to five and now for the Conservative candidate countdown continues the following candidates are now eligible to continue on to the next ballot on Thursday 20th of June at 10:00 a.m. Michael Gove Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson commiserations for the insurgent war which doeth to left-field in the end as he leaves this contest he thinks reality is leaving to the one Canada in this race who said you're not going to get another deal out of the European Union by the end of October by the end of December has been removed for this race my judgment my professional considered judgment is that what I said was true we will now see between now and the end of October whether people can deliver what they promised and my instinct is they can't scraping in by whisker the Home Secretary Sajid Javid vowing tonight to fight on in the knowledge his race is probably now run you are now probably going to get knocked out in short order tomorrow lunchtime is that any benefit for you into folding into Boris Johnson's camp now in return for being I don't know his Chancellor I'm in this to win it and so you know what you've just said that's what everyone was saying laughs Simon look where I am now so just to be clear you are not going to pull out of this race I'm not pulling out I'm gonna carry on going as long as I have the support of my colleagues he's hanging in but Boris Johnson is pulling away every day brings him closer to number 10 he is streets ahead but his rivals and even some of his supporters are adamant this shouldn't be a coronation because the next PM has a momentous task ahead they desperately need a mandate not just from MPs but from the wider party too tomorrow MPs will follow up these stats once again to finally decide who out of Jeremy Hunt Michael Gove and Sajid Javid should take on Boris Johnson in the battle for number 10 team hunt will be hoping that those who supported Rory Stewart will break for them but in reality this race has been so fluid and unpredictable it's still all on in the final rounds and whoever does win out then faces the very daunting task of trying to beat Boris Johnson with the party membership Boris Johnson's birthday today a happy one but the scrutiny and the taunts will only intensify from now on tough questions and giant chickens will follow mr. Johnson until he answers them his rivals won't be giving him an easy ride bath Rigby Sky News Westminster

20 thoughts on “Rory Stewart exits leadership race with Brexit warning for rivals

  1. No surprise Rory is gone as he came to our border in Strabane made a film about it but never chatted to local conservitive members about the true facts.

  2. So the next pm BJ a serial liar and schemer and possibly the man who splits the Tory party. Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames has known Boris for decades and despises the man, that should tell any conservative supporter everything about this clown of a would be PM, should not have even come close to holding cabinet office never mind foreign secretary and next the thrown.

  3. Rory Stewart………the Liberal Democrat ( or more precisely Liberal Un-democratic) masquerading as a Tory.

  4. The cretin is all mouth . Who would want someone who threatens to bring down his own party from the inside on the firm ? Snidey left wing plant .

  5. 🙂 May 2.0. We've just got rid of one unwanted PM, why would we want another. Let's hope Boris does what he needs to. Meanwhile, Theresa May has said she will continue to work with the EU in the EU. What a horror she is, and we all saw this coming.

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