Ronald Reagan .. "Government is the problem"

Ronald Reagan .. "Government is the problem"

36 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan .. "Government is the problem"

  1. This President represented a lot of truth so much so I was inspired to name my beloved son President L Davis due to him on September 10th 1985

  2. Economy did well in his government, but I really hate how some politicians use a liberal/libertarian speech just to be statist and interventionist as fuck when they get to power. In then end Reagen spent a lot of public money on the war on drugs and supporting dictatorships. I'd like to see someone who sticks to their liberalist ideology becoming president, someone who is in favor of weed liberalization and against international interventionism in name of corporativism. It's rather ironic that this guy read Friedman and still spent a shit ton of money on drug combat.

  3. "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule. That government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people." Ronald Reagan

  4. One of his finest speeches and most memorable statements.  Oh, if only we could have another Ronald Reagan as president.   But IMHO, Donald Trump is a good alternative.

  5. the greatest irony in the world has to be a government that thinks its the most perfect thing on the planet elects a man who points out its the worst thing on the planet.

  6. We should end welfare, the epa, and obamacare, the 3 largest disasters to our country, the 3 hugest fuck ups that our country ever fell into

  7. "TOO MUCH MONEY GOING TO OUR GOVERNMENT" and this immediately leads to "BIG STUPID IDEAS FROM AIRHEADS WHO THINK THEY ARE GOD's GIFT TO SOCIETY"!  Our nation is teetering on 20 trillion dollars in the hole – ALL OF WHICH THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS IN WASHINGTON are 100% responsible for. They come in every 4 years like a NEW SWARM OF LOCUSTS and go out with a GOLDEN PARACHUTE as "We The Sheeple" are left with the BAR-TAB on their "drunken sailor binge" (no offense intended to our most honorable Navy&Marines..) of ONE GIANT FAILED PROGRAM AFTER ANOTHER! Ronald Reagan was CORRECT.. and so, WE put DJT in there to FIRE the LOSERS! We need to LET the shark man feed as the swamp drains!

  8. Here is one major question to ask. What MOTIVATION caused this to happen? Did ANY motivation cause this to happen? If no motivation caused this to happen, then this entire thing is absolutely pointless. Or not any GOOD motivation, not not any motivation. Money, power, those are the motivation right? Therefore, this entire thing is happening from no GOOD motivation. That is why we need to make change.

  9. No, government is the MAIN problem. They are not the ONLY problem. We, the people, are letting all of this happen. This entire thing could probably be over in one second. Well, not in one second, but in one simple solution.

  10. All the hate comments coming from Leftist who want to be ruled and yet this video has way more likes than dislikes. Maybe it's because your ideology is not as popular as you think it is.

  11. Yes, and we can just go back to the wild wild west, why not? who needs government? we will all respect each other, and take care of the public needs, implement the law, build and maintain all the public facilities that make our lives so comfortable. we will do it all ourselves. because we are not creatures that will only look for our own self interest and try our best to survive. we are not like that at all, and our brains does not work that way. we are all for the public good. we don't need any government. right? oh, and by the way, yet he was the one who actually expanded the government to new levels.

  12. Says the guy who created most of the country's problems.

    – huge tax cuts on the rich that didn't do shit for the economy other than destroying the middle-class
    – deregulated banks that lead to huge investment crashes in 1989
    – tripled the national debt
    – created today's Republican party

  13. Government is only the problem when it's run by incompetent Republicans blocking everything that the Democrats do that is nice to people struggling to make ends meet. It's funny how Republicans like small government but increase it when they use our military too much! Hypocrisy much? Also I agree that it is a problem if incarcerating millions of non-violent offenders becomes the norm. However, they ignore the simple fact that the government is run by the rich! Therefore, the rich are the REAL problem!

  14. why do most of these reagan worshippers claim to be opponents of "big government", often in the name of libertarianism. Its bullshit. The neoliberals had no problem in removing social welfare in the name of "liberty", "freedom", "small government", but yet when it came to drugs, abortion, gay rights, attacking foreign nations etc. the civil liberties they believe was so important just got thrown out of the window in favour of….government control. It's very interesting how Milton Friedman is such a respected figure on the right as an economist during this time yet they all choose to ignore his political views (he was a hardcore libertarian and atheist who supported civil rights, drug decriminalisation etc.). Liberalism has been twisted a lot since the classical era of Adam Smith (whose ideas have been twisted alot itself),, Thomas Paine, John Locke etc.

  15. how ironic… he, more than any other President in the history of the US, expanded the government and increased government spending

  16. Government is only the problem if it tells us we can't have sex with certain people or certain animals, for instance! If it tells us to have sex with a woman only, if you are a man, then this is prejudiced beyond anything ever imaginable!

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