45 thoughts on “Roland To Bernie: Stop Trashing 'Identity Politics' Or You Won't Be Facing Trump In 2020

  1. Bernie is a trump ant because the bernie cult will not participate in the voting process if Bernie is not elected for democratic party. I remember Nina Turner(worked for Bernie campaign)told dems to vote for jill Stein when he lost to hillary.

  2. This is so disingenuous. You start it off acting like Bernie was opposing civil rights in the 1960s. This dude was really out there getting arrested protesting segregation and lack of rights for blacks, lol. All these blue check mark black journalists are being paid to shill for the establishment. It’s amazing. And he’s right, the fuck I care if Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are black when they don’t stick up for anything that would help black folks, especially Kamala. All she does is pander over and over. Black folks under 35 aint falling for yalls nonsense anymore though. Bernie 2020!

  3. Hey Roland look at the comments. You do not speak for black people. Everyone knows you're nothing but a fat gate keeper. BTW; how are you promoting a cleanser yet you're shaped like a bowling ball. The crap must not work.

  4. Sad sack, black puppet gate keeper is so far out of touch it's ridiculous. Bernie has the black ears far more than Rollie pollie. Rollie can't counsel Bernie because he (Rollie) is simply detached from reality.

  5. Phuck you Roland Martin your a House Negro . We all know it know . Thank You for showing us who you really are .

  6. Roland you are wrong. Bernie is going against identity politics because he is about policy. I will vote for Bernie because of policy not because someone is a woman or black Asian or Hispanic. I don’t care about race or sex. Kamala Harris is a corporate democrat. Cory booker is a corporate democrat. Gilabrant is a corporate democrat. What do those three have in common they all use identity politics. Kamala Harris is the reason why Steve manuchin is not in jail.

  7. Roland your a corporate lackey let's face it just because you have black people in office doesn't mean they're working for Black people. The thing I like about Sanders is his policy has not change Medicaid for all free college tuition raising minimum wage to keep up with inflation and most of all taxing the wealthy. Now that won't stop the racist problem we in this world but it would elevate our people more than any of the corporate democrats. So let's start there with a little more fairness in politics because his polices gives Black people more opportunities then any of the corporate democrats or republicans. So stop being a mouth piece from corporate America because you don't speak for Black America.

  8. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and from the comments posted most of the people who have responded are also.

    We all know class is an issue, but I will be moving forward with policy that helps all working class Americans: Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, free tuition at public colleges and universities, overturning Citizens United, protecting our land, lakes, rivers and streams, reforming the criminal justice system, and stopping our government from spending money on endless wars.

    One of the few people who is pushing the agenda I want is Senator Bernie Sanders. I will be voting for Senator Sanders and so will millions of black, white, yellow, brown, and red people. He is the most popular politician in this nation and people will support him and the agenda he wants for America. He will even be supported when people work with the establishment and try to smear him.

  9. If we fix AMERICAN economic issues, it will automatically fix our economic issues. Healthcare , education, infrastructure, renewable energy jobs, all these things will help EVERYONE

  10. I agree 100% Roland, I peeped this identity nonsense, although I didn't know it went back to the '60s, during the Munk debates in which my man Dr. Michael Dyson talked about it, and his expressed knowledge of it assisted him in winning the debate against Jordan Peterson. Sanders wouldn't get my vote.

  11. Roland, you are out here getting ratio'd…..694 to 300….you better quit with your buckdancing….

  12. Roland will never get off the dem-plantation; Roland still mad Bernie challenged the 'Master' in 2016.

    The democrats will shutdown the government hundreds of times over Latinos, but they will never shutdown the government over us black folks.

  13. I don’t like Identity Politics, it separates people into groups fighting over scarce resources….and blacks usually come up short. LGBT took all the resources with Obama, in 2020 women are pushing equality pay and illegal immigration. The problem with that is, anytime you boost white women pay, the wealth gap widens because that white woman will combine her money with the white man (marriage) BW may get residual raises, but the big picture the BW losses because the white family grew richer, while inflation will eventually take whatever gains the BW won. Illegal immigration is a identity politics policy that no blacks should support.

  14. Roland is deflecting the real issue, which is not to try and attack Senator Sanders, but show us why you support Senator Harris. What specifically is she going to earmark to help restore and rebuild the black community. Also will you address her record as the DA. Keep the tear down tactics and show the agenda.

  15. Nah. You are out of touch. Bernie is right. Times are changing and identity politics is toxic. And politicians look sleazy when they go pandering to different groups.

  16. I'm voting for Sanders. It's not about race it is about class. I refuse to let someone coddle the race card like Donald Trump….we need substance. Policies are important to black people and Sanders will get my vote. Granted I'm voting Democrat anyways but if it comes to him running as an independent I'm voting for him over the democratic nominee.

  17. Roland is 100% correct about Bernie. Unfortunately most black folks don't understand it.
    If it's soley about class, WE are of course at the bottom of the barrel. Yes we need a coalition based on progressive policies that benefit all Americans. But WE black folks also need politics that address our unique bag of 400+ years of issues. A coalition of progressive politicians that doesn't address that, doesn't help US!

  18. One of the reasons why trump was elected was because Bernie didn't rally his supporters around Hillary. That was petty. His supporters either didn't vote or voted for trump out of spite. That's why I don't care for Bernie. I'm not stupid enough like Bernie supporters to not vote him for just because they are mad. Voting for Bernie would be common sense if the dems elect him to represent the party. But I don't care for him.

  19. Fuck you Roland why don't you go buck dance with Hillary again. As a strong Alpha black male I will pick Bernie Sanders over Kamala Harris or Cory Booker any day because of what he stands for

  20. Roland is right on this, Bernie is in his 70’s what has he done for blacks over the last 40 years? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  21. I understand where Roland coming from overall but also get Bernie view. I still would vote for him in primary cuz I don't trust the other candidates

  22. Roland, you need to get your head out of your ass. THIS Black man agrees with Bernie Sanders 100 percent and I will support him in the primary. The Democratic establishment is obsessed with identity politics, IN PLACE OF substantive policies that will help Black folks. If you still don't understand what Bernie is trying to do, you just don't want to understand. No one is denying that old-school "politics' is about identity, but THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Smarter voters expect more than dumbed down, manipulative bullshit. I want leaders who have enough courage and respect for the intelligence of Black voters to communicate a bigger, more compete narrative about how their policies can alleviate the pain of ALL working class people, including people of color. Of course, some issues are unique to different racial, ethnic, gender groups, and Bernie Sanders understands and addresses that, but you ignore his commentary on those topics, so you can make this ridiculous argument, based on ancient thinking…anything to elevate that sellout Kamala Harris. Times have changed! Voters are smarter and are no longer fooled by the same old empty rhetorical platitudes. If a candidate can't tell me EXACTLY what policies they are fighting for and why, there is no way in hell they're getting my vote. Bernie puts it all out there and stands on principle because he isn't bought by corporate interests like Kamala Harris and most of the other hopefuls. IF Bernie is running I will fight hard for his nomination, period.

  23. Roland is overstating his case. To this African American, it sounds like just another slap at Sanders who has his own "Big Picture" argument that The Establishment doesn't like. (That's why it rigged 2016 for Clinton.) He never claimed to be perfect, just focused on policies that address his outlook and vision for America. Black voters are smart enough to recognize that, and we will vote for him if we believe he is sincere and will fight for us all. All this specious parsing of political lingo to trash the biggest, baddest Democrat out there WILL lose you your Black audience though, Roland Martin, so YOU better watch YOUR rhetoric! Bernie Sanders was the true front runner in 2016, and nothing has happened to change that so Sanders is the leader of the Left pack again for 2020. Time to get used to this fact now before election season so you don't help reelect The Buffoon!

  24. I love how Roro only talked about black folks in the upper middle class making 100k or more. Thats because he don't give damn working working class people of any race like the majority of us in this country.

  25. Bernie Sanders was right about this, as a Black Conservative, I will say, Americans black or white will never agree on politics of identity. However as Bernie mentioned rightfully, Americans would agree on politics of class. This is why President Trump won, and I guarantee you, without Bernie Sanders as the front runner for the Democrat Party, Trump will win again, I personally think Trump beats Bernie also, but it's obvious that Americans are tried Black and white of the identity politics card, people just want solutions

  26. I agree wirh Bernie regarding the importance of classism. People will support diveristy, but twirl on their heels when it comes to precieved class. I experience it everyday at work. Also, taking consideration the rapid blending of the races, this will become more prevalent in the future.

  27. Sanders does talk about the specific problems of the black working class and poor class and how a classist society impacts black society even worse. He doesn't think safe spaces for privileged college children are the priority, no, because they're not. Black society benefits from a critical approach to wealth inequality (including generational wealth ) more than anyone.
    You're making this about semantics and ignoring the substance.

  28. Great video and point about identity politics. As mentioned about "soccer moms" and "NASCAR Dads" point. Notice how Blacks and/or African-Americans are called? Just that or 'minorities', identity politics is the unfortunate by-product of elections. No matter who the candidate or their accomplishment. Their value is partly based on what community they can serve better.

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