Roku Channels – Roku Has New Premium Tv Choices

Roku Channels – Roku Has New Premium Tv Choices

for you core colors it looks like Roku
is going to be the theme in 2019 they are expanding their services and trying
to become a major player a bigger player in the marketplace and overcome the
Amazon fire stick what they are doing something new this year that might bring
some of you guys on board and we’re going to talk about it in this video what’s good you to get in the building
with the all-knowing all-loving I’m feeling I’m seeing all-powerful just
damn all everything does sex is hell host of this life change channel we’re
talking about what is roku doing special this year to try to get more subscribers
to try to get more than market share but first we always put on our plus seven
glasses up the sexy as hell because we’re working on skilling up our craft
bringing you a more informed experience something better to look at if you enjoy
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for one-on-ones with me we’re trying to give a whole lot of Hill in 2019 Roku
I’ve always told people is kind of like Roku is the Apple of streaming devices
you see a lot of people derecho a lot of people that live by Roku won’t even use
anything else and they have been stepping their game up I said one time
before that what has held them back from being in the Amazon stick is that Amazon
stick allows for developer options so that you can get out from unknown
sources whereas Roku keeps their thing closed niche Roku had their channel with
movies and TV shows that they was giving away absolutely free well sometime later
this year for those of you that love your Roku and have wanted more they’re
going to be having premium services one-click kind of like Hulu you’ll be
able to get Showtime epics and stars stream directly from your Roku device
coming up sometime around the last week of January and they are doing this
because they really haven’t had you know really good premium content that was
name-brand in this manner they had only in-house premium stuff but it
wasn’t really doing it and so now they’ve got these shows coming in and if
they can somehow get HBO before Game of Thrones they might make it and at least
tie the Amazon stick as the number one sold streaming device in all of America
I’d say it’s perfect timing because by the time they you’re gonna have stars in
the January what happens that’s a big show a big hit in the summertime that
star is delivered what power baby one of the top-five best shows that have been
around the last three years anywhere is power and you’ll be able to
see that now on your Roku devices at the end of January when they allow this
thing to go onto their app so I want you guys to leave me some comments how many
of you out there have a Roku and have been using Roku or you have Roku and
adjusted with your fire stick what haven’t you been using with the Roku to
keep your core cutting diversify and keep them providing you all the
entertainment needs that you want I will keep you guys abreast of how Roku is
doing I’m gonna start doing more Roku videos because they are trying to make
noise in 2019 and we’re gonna follow this trend because we ultimately are
trying to help you save more money so that you can invest
it and start getting to that quality of life we call life games that’s gonna do
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video I’ll see you you

21 thoughts on “Roku Channels – Roku Has New Premium Tv Choices

  1. Roku is trying to catch up with the FireStick. Will adding these premium cable channels help? Check the new channels in this video.

  2. You can do that NOW with a HULU LIVE subscription. Plus you can use your HULU CREDENTIALS as a provider for HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ.

  3. i have 2 roku's and tho i never subscribed to hbo or showtime i was always able to get it thru amazon if i wanted to .. i'mnot sure if sling offered it too or not but i thought they did .. and all the other ott channels some of them might have .. my only two subscriptions are prime and netflix .. and i'm good with that .. had cable and that tried to eat me a new ass every month so i dropped it like a hot rock about 5 years ago .. got my first roku and never looked back and never shed one tear .. roku is number one in my book .. and thanks for the video lamont ..

  4. Some years back I got myself & my daughter a Ruku when they came out. But when I discovered the Firestick I bought them those & now the Ruku is just under a pile of dust…lol

  5. I have both Roku and Amazon Fire stick and prefer the fire stick Over the Roku. But if Roku is going to start premium services then I think you're right if they can get HBO on poured before Game of Thrones comes out. On a side note I want to say thanks for all your great content I've only been a subscriber for a little bit so I forward to your tutorials!

  6. Roku is the best in my opinion. Have 2 Roku Ultra models and streaming sticks. Work so much better than a Fire Stick. Just my 2 cents. Running Directv Now and have enjoyed the low pricing since I have AT&T cell service. I read regular DTV satellite customers are being forced to the new streaming service. I imagine they well screw it up and will have to do something different. Any insight of cord cutting going south due to increasing prices? Enjoying the vids.

  7. The device I own is a fire stick and Nivida shield the best for cord cutters πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    The worst streaming device is rouko device you are very limited to what goes on Thur devices.
    You want control of you prouduct stick with product that android devices any thing else you might as well stay with cable.

  8. I have both roku came with my tv & I've 2 firestick the omly different is firestick has kodi & roku didnt who wants to use their phone to screen it to the tv

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