Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC

Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC

43 thoughts on “Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Beyond hilarious America’s about to go to war again and they don’t even have a functioning healthcare system go America strongest country in the world.

  2. If there is a war, all the Trump supporters should be drafted and go to bat for their draft dodging orange goblin leader.

  3. t'rump has already said that he will respond with disproportionate aggression if Iran attacks a US asset or personnel.
    Well, Iran just did, so he's already backed into a corner with limited options.
    I pray he just loses interest or his laziness wins out.
    Because he isn't up for a war. Not when he's got 5 hours of cable news to watch every day. 🤔🙂🙃

  4. If u r a Trump supporter, a patriot and defender of the 2nd amendment it time to take your ammunition to Iraq and fight the Iranians.

  5. I remember before I knew who Matthew's was, I kinda liked him. Now I know just how bad he is and what he is willing to do for corporate news, every time I see him, I vomit. Just a little bit I seriously have a strong physical reaction to his face and start to literally vomit.
    Or did you forget literally half of his entire shows in 2016 were uncut Trump speeches for ratings? "Vomit"

  6. American CVN Aircraft carriers in the region and Ohio class submarines submerged deep underwater awaiting orders!

  7. In 2016 MSNBC told Melissa Tyler Perry that she had to make her entire show about Trump for ratings. She was the ONLY NEWS HOST IN AMERICA TO REFUSE and therefore is the only TV news host that should still have a job. MSNBC fired her 2 hours later! TV news is as evil and greedy as politics and has been for at least a few decades.
    Chris Matthew's and Rachel Maddow were exposed in 2016 as frauds and corporate ghouls along with the rest.
    Let me guess, you like them so you dont hold them to account? So just like a Trump supporter.

    That's what amazes me…how both sides have been hypocrites forever but as soon as Trump comes along and does it so all can identify hypocrisy easily, they all are aghast.
    You are all frauds and you know it even if your viewers do not really care.
    We will eventually all be held to account. Nobody really gets away with anything. This will be evident very shortly to the entire world.

  8. good thing those rockets can't hit a broadside of a barn. If you se the Army and Marines moving in tanks and MLRS, then the pucker factor just went up some more.

    Watch the America seize control of the Iraqi government and declare martial law.

  9. Go through the 2016 voting registry and have every single person from the age of 18 to 40 who voted tRump to be drafted to the frontlines once the war starts, and if you were too young at the time and your parents voted for Trump as well, they should go to. Now THAT’S democracy.

  10. the only person who is wing for all these actions is
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    of Israel
    and or daughters and son's
    will be died in battle
    please don't start a war

  11. It's been way too long since we have hesitated to use Thermo Nuclear Weapons against a clearly dangerous enemy such as Iran!

  12. Let's make something very clear! The USA started this! You elected the orange moron, in the WH, who was the architect of the Iran provocation.

  13. Cyber attacks to get Trump out of office ( without American bloodshed) would be beneficial to all right minded Americans 🇺🇸

  14. Oh oh we got the latest war equipment in the world oh we are the best!!! wait what we can’t have a proper health care f—-k!!

  15. Bye bye liberal western country. It gonna be chaos in the coming years, you already have yellow yest protests, UK is set to leave the EU by the end of January, usa society is already divided with trump 😂😂😂


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