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  1. For y'all wondering the type of dog: Belgian Malinois
    I looked everywhere, and he lists it in the comment section of: "Winter solo with cool tech gadgets and primitive skills"

  2. edge protection is non existent but your clear and precise and your energy is groovy! Keep up the good work just don't fall off, it can get messy.

  3. I like a bhk for my masterpoint vs two figure of eights.
    Pretty good vid but i would have more edge security if nothing else but to set a good example

  4. So I have watched a couple of different "how to set an anchor" videos, am I only one who mandates tying in at the top of a cliff. Chances are you not going to trip but if you do the consequences can be high. Just saying put a harness on and enter the system chances, you are not going to fall but….

  5. You're great, man. Good video and entertaining…not talking like you're the only person that knows anything about this. Kudos! Great vid!

  6. i agree, i'd like a breakdown of the knots you use and your gear…brand, cost, suggestions, specs.

    you are very charismatic but not over the top. a very good treacher as well. nice job to all those involved.

  7. Here is a link to a new video we did on the quick and easy way to tie a bowline knot.

  8. "single Fisherman's?" I went looking for that – it seems like the rest of the knotheads on the web don't agree with that description…a single Fisherman's knot is just THE most basic knot you can make. I think what you're making is one half of a "double fisherman's knot," but that's not the same as a "single Fisherman's".

    Knot to be too nerdy…I seriously wanted to figure out what you did there. And don't even get me started on the boom-bowline…no idea how.

  9. hey dude nice video! just came here to refresh my skills, but i noticed you don't use a tether when walking inches away from the cliff edge. Perhaps if you are giving an instructional video to beginners, maybe stress the importance of using a line with a prusik to go near the edge? what if you fainted or tripped?

  10. awesome video! i've heard setting the fishermans knot right up against the bowline is more secure….thoughts?

  11. Are trees at the edge of a cliff really rooted well enough for this? How can a tree that size grow out of a crack and be stable?

  12. Maybe I missed it, but how does a person have an anchor at the top if they are at the bottom before a climb?

  13. "I'm trying to keep this nice and clean in my and because I will be throwing this coil off the cliff."
    ~Climbing logic.

  14. Love the video! This seems like a safe and quick way to set up a top rope anchor.

    I just have one question: Do I need to be concerned about triaxial loading of the biners? Is the angle between the ropes leading to the trees small enough where it's not a concern?

    One solution I thought of was leaving a few feet of line between the two figure eights on a bight, and then using that excess line to tie a fisherman's knot on a bight just above the two figure eights and around the two ropes leading to the trees to bring them together. Now, the figure eights on a bight are completely vertical. What do you think?

  15. Can you do a video where you show the bowline you did around the tree? It's to fast to see in this video and I like how fast you are able to tie it. I would love to learn your trick!

  16. I need to get hold of some Oreos before going out tomorrow, they seem like a crucial part of the system.

  17. Really like this video and have shared it with others, very informative, not boring, and thankfully to the point! The one thing I would add for beginners is to make sure you harness up and tie off when you approach the edge… just for safety. Cheers!

    Love it, good video and great advice. Suggest using a towel or shirt in between the rope and tree if the route is popular because excessive anchor tying and pressure can damage the tree over time.

  19. Could I use a bowline on the second tree? That makes me feel better than the friction system you used.

  20. Great video bud, really informative and not boring at all like most instructions video…question tho, do you always anchor to two trees?  what if there's only one?  i reckon a tree that size in your video that is not dead would be more than sufficient to hold a climber's weight no?  Are there any documented report of a LIVE tree giving out and sending the climber down the cliff?

  21. Any chance you have a video on how to tie the first knot you did? i believe you said it was a bowline knot? thanks a lot from Mexico!.  Roger

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