Rob Scallon - Anchor EP (Vinyl Album Stream)

Rob Scallon – Anchor EP (Vinyl Album Stream)

41 thoughts on “Rob Scallon – Anchor EP (Vinyl Album Stream)

  1. Would buy this in a heart beat just for Rain if I had the money and if I didnt live in the UK where postage costs are expensive af from US.

  2. Replying very late I guess, but nevermind, just wanted to say that this album is really nice. Also a metalhead like me that listens only to black metal, DSBM, death metal etc. can appreciate music like this. I am looking forward to your next album :).

  3. I don’t know why I love the title track so much, I’ve been listening to it on the walk to the shop and all I can think is how it makes me feel this wave of emotion. It’s like a journey, like yeah we have dark periods in our life but don’t worry we all end on a high note. It’s elegantly beautiful

  4. Sounds like a lot of compression, which is of course totally required with this style of playing. Rob, do you use a compressor pedal that helps you playing? Or was it all added afterwards in the studio? I really need to wrap my head around this compressing guitar sounds.

  5. You posted this 3 days before my birthday so I decided it was a gift to me, definitely the best gift I got. (also I know this is really late but I didn't feel like posting it back then lol)

  6. I don't know if you'll read this, Rob, but I want to tell you that we just had an amazing sex with my wife with this album playing on the back… It was perfect for both: the moment and this almost speechless meditation after. So thank you for creating such a good soundtrack of love an feelings!))

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