Risky Business - The Slum (Episode 2)

Risky Business – The Slum (Episode 2)

22 thoughts on “Risky Business – The Slum (Episode 2)

  1. Notice that in the book at the end the wise person is white, and the "monkey" and "lazy" boy is brown
    . All by design.

  2. Get rid of that fake idol white baby jesus, and bible said jesus's skin was bronze not pale white. White Jesus is the biggest deception of humanity. Absolutely deplorable and the spreaders of this should be brought to justice.

  3. "Corruption" is the oldest tradition what politicians to die for during elections in my home country..sad to say!

  4. I live in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It's a hardcore College Town. And twice a year, Students with wealthy Parents leave for home, come back, repeat. Every single time they leave, they throw away brand new/just out of the box televisions, portable speakers, tablets, game consoles and more. They just toss it. Ridiculous.

  5. They are the true motivators for us. They are doers, not talkers. They give us examples of solutions, not theories.

  6. This is so depressing! Those poor little kids are eating garbage; and you've got dumb a**es around here throwing perfectly good eggs out the windows! I won't complain when I see puke on the elevators again; I'll still cringe though!

  7. This is a fantastic insight into what it's like living in poverty. The people seem to be generally happy.

  8. 1 in 3 even in the west .u know why ? because we are taking in far too many immigrants.they have kids and them kids don't give a fk about the country they live in among many other things. My city is the murder captial again and there isn't no gangs at all and it isn't whites doing it .I'm not saying White's are better but we are making a big mistake taking in everyone and their moms when hard times are coming .

  9. This is simply horrendous to see that there are people, children living like this. Horrible! One thing I am genuinely curious about…they have no money for food, yet I see so many of them smoking…how do they afford cigarettes? Just curious. God Bless them all! Beautifully done documentary! Much love, Shelbie =)💚

  10. The chatolic church gave that man some plastic and bambu????? This is chatolic church whit so much money and a Pope that have a place whit so much gold silver and more? Sell all that and help poor people whit homes food clothes!!!!..The day we die we will alll be judge and the pope well i hope he think before he die what Jesus and God will think about him and all the money and the big building they live in….There is only one way to Heaven and God and that is true Jesus Gods son and belive in Jesus and that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose again on the third day….Do chatolic people think they will go to heaven? Not by chatolic faith and pray to mary and dead statues ect the Bible tells us about this stil chatolic people pray to mary and statues ect….If the Pope woul sell all the gold they have that would be much money to build houses for poor people and much fodd but chatolic only think how nice they live in Rome do they care about poor people? NO….Plastic and bambu???? clean up the slum and give them work and a nice house food and clothes sell your gold and silver Pope…The Pope will not enter heaven for many reason…many will not enter heaven few will…i am a sinner not worthy nothing not worthy to see and meet our Lord Jesus…Thank you Jesus that you died for us and our sins….

  11. If they choose to live like that who are we to say they can't? There are billions of them, but they can't pick stuff up – build a decent shelter – built a proper toilet and at least dump the bodies all in one place. But they can build space rockets and they are very good at taking foreign aid, so it's not all bad.

  12. And here in America ppl complain bout how little social security gives or what car/ house they can’t get. These Filipinos give new meaning to working hard and supporting your loved ones till the day you die

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