31 thoughts on “Risky Business Dance Scene

  1. Excelente pelicula quien diría que este actor con esta película arrancaría su carrera como actor

  2. Welcome newcomer allow me to say what you're in for
    95% of the comments:MANDELA EFFECT
    5% of the comments:Something actually related to the scene

  3. So this is the scene what set Tom Cruise 's path to become one of the biggest movie actors in Hollywood?

  4. Even in a Simpsons episode Homer uses sunglasses doing this. Im pretty sure he was wearing glasses when i saw the movie for the first time as a child!

  5. He never had sunglasses on that part. He wore them in a different scene. People do this with many memories. It gets stamped in their memory as reality, anything you happen to may never have paid attention to but place your own memory on it gets replaced with a hard reality. There is an entire show on this.

  6. never question another Man's Religion… They were just waiting for 0.0 to show up for validation. FAITH any way we can get it

  7. This is apparently the youtube clip where commenter after commenter after commenter asks the same stupid question: "Duh, where did the sunglasses go?" What difference does it make? Is it really worth obsessing over?

  8. NOPE NOPE NOPE. He definitely had sunglasses on. Fuck this alternate dimension we're in. MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL!!!!!!

  9. Wait a minute….in the original scene he was wearing a crisp white shirt and sunglasses……. What is going on here?

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