‘Right now we’re living the dream:’ Behind the scenes in the Nationals locker room after their win

‘Right now we’re living the dream:’ Behind the scenes in the Nationals locker room after their win

[cheers and applause] -There was never a doubt
on this team. The whole roller coaster of
emotions throughout the whole year
makes this that much more special. We’re the last ones standing. We’re the champions
of the world. It feels good saying that,
I’ll tell you that. Hey, cutie. -Oh, man, we finally did it. A lot of people were up and down
on a roller coaster ride with us,
and for the ones that stuck it out and stayed with it,
we appreciate that. -What was going through
your mind this entire series? You managed to be so clutch
at every game. -Oh, man, just trying
to stay calm. Way bigger things going on
in this world than these baseball games. -That was a really
good team win. When we were at our best
this year, that’s what we were able to do
is take the lead back in those middle innings
and then extend it late, so I’m glad you guys
got to see that because that was us at our best. -Our guys, they work hard,
they sacrificed a lot. That’s what it takes to play
at this level. You owe that to the game. So just being able
to grind it out, go for everything
with these guys, I wouldn’t change a thing, I’ll tell you that much.
[cheers and applause] -Yeah! [whistle blowing] [cheering]
-Hey! -Can you believe it? [laughing] -We did it!
-Like I said, nothing to make it easy
on everyone else, but we seem to put ourselves in
situations, like the one today. Thankfully we pulled
ourselves out. [speaks indistinctly] -Need an adjustment
on the goggles before we keep going
or are you good? -No, I don’t know
what’s going on, so let’s go for it.
-Congratulations, Trea! -We won!
-We almost busted it. The managers we have
are always positive. We start to find a way
how we do it. And I think that’s all about. -You said your dad said
for your birthday, you’d be playing
the World Series one day. You achieved that and now
you’re a champion. Is this how you imagined
it would be? -Yeah. Well, right now
we’re living the dream. All my family,
we’re living the dream. [cheering]
-We just came together. This team came together,
clicked together, and fought together,
and wow, we did it. -What does it say
about this team that they kept being willing
to spend on phrases? -Good, good. All guys, the viejos. The old guys can do it. We have the experience.
We don’t fold under pressure. I’m just so proud
of that clubhouse, everybody in that clubhouse. Not one person,
it’s a clubhouse. -We are the champions
No time for losers -We came in here the biggest
underdog in 12 years. You ask anybody here, we thought
we were the favorites. That’s why you don’t play
the game of baseball for paper or month for month. You play to 162. You look up, we got a ring
on our fingers. -Oh, boy! -I’m so excited
to be back to DC. I hate that we didn’t win
any games when we were there, and they had nothing
to really cheer about there. So to be able to get back and
literally have about 15 beers with Virginia, Maryland, and DC,
I cannot wait.

81 thoughts on “‘Right now we’re living the dream:’ Behind the scenes in the Nationals locker room after their win

  1. "champs of the world" ? not.champs of the USA maybe.Who cares about stupid meaningless sports wgen militarys are all over the world killing poeple for profit

  2. Im from philly and an avid phillies fan .but i must say i am happy for the WASHINGTON NATIONALS .also for RYAN ZIMMERMAN .they definitely deserve this .CONGRATULATIONS !

  3. Hooray!! Baseball is over for like a month and then spring training starts. I hate baseball! It never ends! Boo baseball boo boo boo! 😡🤬👎👎

  4. Hummm. Let's see now. What did I hear their home boyz say when their President, Donald J. Trump, honored them with his presence by going to one of their their home games? Oh, yes, BOOOOOOO. I say, down with the National's fans and throw in the National's team too.

  5. DC and their fans are a bunch of uneducated , anti American fools.They should be ashamed to disrespect the President of the USA. Totally disgusting. Baseball is like watching golf. BORING

  6. As an Astros fan, I'm a little upset, but no excuses, the Nationals were the better team this year, congratulations to them, there's always next year.

  7. Baseball has been full of drug taking junkies for years now. Record breaking thru drugs has ruined the sport. NFL,NBA, and baseball are so full of women abusers, anti-American sissys and drug addicts. Heroes? No!

  8. I'm not sure if the players of the Nationals feel the same way about our President, but the display the fans showed the other night booing President Trump just goes to show what LOWLIFES the fans are in DC and its residents are the same .

  9. Now all the disrespectful, non classy fans,president bashing, can celebrate their win. Hope trump doesn't invite them to the white house


  11. It's amazing, the Nationals have fans now. Every time I've been to that stadium there's been 5,000 fans MAX. All opposing fans.

  12. You see we have these things called bats……and they played as a team and ride it out as a team to win one of the most pretigious sports title in sports history not just in our country but all over the world. I salute these battlefield like minded warriors where the "viejos" like me can do it he said we dont fall under pressure we have the experience, like a general rallying his troops to take charge one more time and win. Win they did not for them but for Washington one of the biggest underdog and most underrated team ever, they won for the people Washington to hold their heads up high and say they are our team we are the nationals too….

  13. Never heard of a Washington nationals fan in my life, never seen any human being wearing their hat. Wonder how many nationals fans will be plastered all over my fb feed. Chicks are a giving, same girls that say they're a patriot fans are giants fans or eagles fans when they win 😂

  14. Bryce Harper, that's got to suck. Really good baseball player but take too much money from a franchise you handicap it. Great job Nationals! Did what my Rangers couldn't do, win a game 7.

  15. As a Yankees fan, hats off to the Nationals and the organization. I think the Astros came into this series a little cocky, and underestimated the Nats. I don’t care who the Nats would have played, even my Yanks, they were going to beat anyone. I saw the writing on the wall when they went on that tear the last month of the season. They peaked at the right time, and by far the best team in baseball since mid-August. Congrats again, enjoy it fans.

  16. They are not the best team in BB. They are the best team in the playoffs. A difference. That's why playoffs must go. Do it with 2 leagues, each having 8 teams – like the old days. Simple, fair and democratic. None of this playoff BS.

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