Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

you could fuck your mother in front of the governor and not go to jail I think no no no absolutely absolutely however other people can make things happen but you don't need to know about we talk about lots of things here we're gonna talk about you know what we've been busting people and 50 years and we're not gonna stop now this is part two of our undercover investigation into the dark backroom dealings of the Hillary Clinton campaign part one blew up on social media with many Americans wondering why the mainstream media wasn't covering the story in fact Project Veritas action had television exclusives lined up around the country those television stations spiked the story at the last minute our sources tell us the reason they did so was fear retaliation and retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration truth is dangerous especially when it challenges those in power in this video Democratic operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale oh yeah you want and they're blocking me so I'm basically deputy Rapid Response Director for the DNC for all things strong on the ground nobody's really supposed to know about me I gotta say we have mentally ill people and hey do shit make no mistake it's gonna need Cesar Vargas I got camera so Bob is really good friends with them and talked to him this afternoon and they're all then if we can get 25 grand they're all our investigators wanted to find out what it would take to get the highest favorable turnout Democratic Politico scotf Oval was our target and he was more than willing to lead us through the process of how to rig an election we we it's a very easy thing for a Republican to say well they're busting big Belen well you know what we've been busting people and fucking asshole 50 years and we're not gonna stop now when we met scotf Oval he worked for people for the American Way an organization funded in large part by George Soros he now works for Americans United for change it's a nonprofit that claims to quote move America in a new better direction unquote with guys like fo Ville working for them we wonder what direction that might be the plan that was discussed was how to bring people from one state into another state to vote one thing if all these pictures drive up in their personal car there's a bus involved well you know you can prove each Pharisee invisi-box ya get their car and there's enough money [Applause] right there Bo absolutely or run yeah and you know these are multiple employers these are not all one employee shell blue shell companies yeah companies come from another there's no bus involved you can't prove it and it's on ma there you go doesn't tip people there you go sink okay yeah so now I'm starting to see that yeah okay yeah when I do this I think you're investigator yeah work backwards yes yeah that's great okay so you're saying [Applause] these people and they would have to be looking for them in the first place our journalist helped brainstorm with fo Ville on how to come up with addresses for their phony voters now if we just have the canvas or blogging the Homestake they don't even have to know why and say this address you know we have moved but moves could mean someone else it sort of depends upon how you know how much the Canvassers don't have to know why they just need to be in this so so this is sort of maybe maybe not suffer the general but maybe bigger scale a massive change in state legislatures and starting on the grassroots Michigan in the least restrictive donation caps and cut campaign finance laws and the investigation and like they have weakened and so that in these three states you can fuck your mother in front of the governor and not go to jail if you had enough money to go like this phoE will then told our journalists that he knew the guy that makes stuff like this happen Bob Kramer found the democracy partners in 2011 he is the husband of jan Schakowsky a democratic congresswoman from chicago and in 2005 he pled guilty on tax violations and bank fraud he was convicted and sentenced to five months in prison and 11 months of house arrest one of the things that Steve was talking to Scott about passed on to me and what I think it's one of the reasons why get in touch with you and visioned you know what do you need to be able to vote in some of these new voter what do you really need okay what makes you a citizen and if you look at that checklist it's an ID card of any kind that shows you who you are and a pay stub that shows you're getting paid at a local address someplace yeah to get registered so you're going to register if you have those two things you're registered to vote so if you let's say I had a business inside of say Illinois or Michigan and I hired people and I had addresses for them I could write them tracks for those I could use them as day laborers or whatever and use them and find my way around the voter ID the voter registration laws for Hispanics that's one thing I'm I'm actually that idea when he gave it to me I was like that sounds like something we could register huge numbers of people that way but that kind of thing kind of stuck in my craw when he mentioned it time all right let me the people most involved in Hispanic voter registration okay and and see what and thoughts are I mean there are a couple of different organizations that are it's your big trip okay if you know folks that you can put me in touch with like what if I you know to do this I mean this is very important that stuff he calls me his firefighter because we had our donor set up a second meeting with Bob Kramer to see how he could help put this voter fraud plan into motion this is we enfranchising vote if I could through my company employ these people for a day okay we'll go a week or for a month okay and I could find work for them useful work for them through an issue corporate IDs there run this fire okay my periods that someone like the shy creamer hesitated to help our donor pull off the voter fraud scheme that fo Vil created I came back to me and asked me what is he talkin about and I told him what we were talkin but you and then and he said well I'm not gonna touch that with a ten-foot pole now I don't or should you good advice nor should you good I'm glad we're on the same page there I said however other people can make things happen that you don't need to know about so that's that's where that's where I think this goes but you now understand he's still gonna have to know about it mr. Kramer yes I mean is that okay as long as it's outside of okay now we talk about lots of things that we don't talk about foe Ville told us about a guy in New York that works with Kramer a lot we wondered if he was the guy who could pull off the voter fraud scheme it's good news Cesar Vargas Bob is really impressive and talked to him this afternoon Vargas is an interesting character he is the co-founder of the Dream Action Coalition a New York lawyer and a dreamer himself born in Mexico Vargas is an undocumented alien all of us so whatever they're taking around the country they are they're big people so they can vote at the same time they're also getting one per minutes other is printing yeah I would say that you know can we meet someone but especially in primary elections in 2018 so I think it's not about if they truly it even makes more and more opportunities the secretary for any loss are losing again we have people to immigration reform is not going to be as significant like white voters yeah America our series of videos from this investigation will continue up until the election people ask me James what can I do here's what you can do send this video to every single person you know demand the mainstream media play these tapes email the journals tweet at the journalists and remember the truth is dangerous especially when it challenges those in power

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  1. NADA DE NOVEDAD ESO YA SE SABIA aunque poco se podia hacer en Mexico 30 años de lucha le costo al Preidente Lopez Obrador y al Pueblo lucher contra la Masoneria Asesina que asesinaba a periodistas y dirigentes que descubrian sus fraudes pero el pueblo ssabia porque en las actas siempre perdia el PRIAN pero ganaba en el conteo cosa ILOGICA Y AHORA YA SESABE QUE ES UNA MAFIA DE JUECES LEGISLADORES Y JUECES ELECTORALES DE LA MISMA LOGIA comprometiods con el fraude total

  2. NATIONAL TERRORISTS = Main Stream Media Reporters (CNN, MSNBC, etc), Liberal Newspapers, Liberal Politicians, Many Cops, Many Government Workers, Many Lawyers, Many Business Owners, Many Teachers & Professors, etc. Nearly all those who have been Bashing Trump, Christians & Conservative's and continuously whining, screaming & complaining.

    I live in DEEP STATE MAFIA HEADQUARTERS & know the U.S. CRIME FAMILY'S "BIG SECRET"!!! I spent 6 years tracking them all over America & studying them, 24 years observing them and 3 years furnishing massive research & evidence to the FED's so they can be caught! This is a highly-sophisticated operation/plan that's been in place for decades and has spiraled out of control since the CRIME FAMILY has become massive!



    1)Everyone in the CRIME FAMILY keeps THE PLAN a secret within the CRIME FAMILY,
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  3. Do Blacks really believe a Party full of criminals are going to improve their lives?? LOLOL, played for fools for decades and many are still following like owned dogs!!!

  4. Lol I keep getting unsubscribed from this channel, "I wonder why". I pressed the bell just a few days ago, and now I'm unsubbed.

  5. It's obvious that what is objectively wrong, forcing an election, is not relevant to the way these people think. There can never be compromise with people like this. Not for a minute, not even a little bit.

  6. Well if law and order ever breaks down and it probably will since they won't stop the runaway spending in DC people like this passive aggressive bitch, Scotty Foval, are going to be at the top of the list.

  7. Have you considered, subtitles, slower pace, the sound is terrible, hard to understand what these rude people say in the noisy places, make it easier to understand?

  8. Why has this guy been found to have created fraudulent videos, tapes and claims so many times, and yet people still believe him?

  9. Why were so much of the conversation dialogues in the opening of the video indiscernible? Why did James O'Keefe have to use subtitles in place of the dialogue? Doesn't that make anyone suspicious of James O'Keefe and what he is trying to do?

  10. 2years later and still people defend the democrat party. They just dont realize how bad the dem party is. They elected the air headed cortez in ny, and also made it law in ny that 9month abortions are legal…..they are sick. How do these happen. When asking a dem supporter if they agree with either example they are almost always suprised and say they would not have voted for either of my examples…. and certainly not for late term/ labor abortions… its total fraud

  11. Get these video on tv, everyone spread this videos to everyone you know. We must continue to stop them. These people should all be in jail now after these videos have gone out? Who’s prosecuting these people?

  12. Right mass fraud. Despite the fact that no state election officials — even republican — claim any such thing. But I am sure we can all believe convicted scumbag O;Keefe. LOL

  13. I wonder if liberals that pretend to care about the environment realize how much fossil fuels they're wasting to commit voter fraud.

  14. Despite how it looks and sounds, Foval says the videos were edited so far out of context that they’re simply a lie. “It was all hypothetical,”

    "Despite that lame line of bullshit, you are a lying motherfucker", said the American public.

  15. All demorat leadership should be in prison. All filthy, cheating, liars. And,Who down votes this…? People who hate truth and facts…?

  16. This is why I am a Anarchocapitalist Government is just a bunch of assholes fighting over the gun in the room to ether fight off the rapists or they want to use it to rape.

  17. Well, now we know how the Dems cheat and why Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, etc are flipping from Red to Blue.

  18. Typed in the exact title into the youtube app, word for word, including punctuation, and this was buried. Didn’t show up until I added quotations. Youtube is one sneaky snek

  19. Democrats have Voter Fraud and election rigging down to a science. . So what is going on in Broward County and Arizona in 2018 elections?

  20. This is why we need voter photo ID and dump Soros rigged voting machines. Voter fraud is rife in this country, James O'keefe is an American hero.

  21. I have seen the buses unloading people at polling centers. Why doesn't the justice department audit these transportation companies that run all these buses? Follow the money and you can prove they are committing election fraud and you can prove who is paying for it. Sure, they are likely hiding the transactions behind some shell companies, but you can peel back the layers of that onion and all it takes is getting someone on the inside for another crime and squeezing them to rat out the rest for a more lenient sentence. INVESTIGATE!!!

  22. VARGAS: "…a New York lawyer & a dreamer himself…an undocumented alien." OH? HOW CAN HE BE a "N.Y. LAWYER"? MORE FRAUD.

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