43 thoughts on “Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

  1. I say the media, all non-profits should watch the movie rampage and not the one with The Rock. They should not have lied. They must now pay the price.

  2. Growing up overseas, I remember the Soviets using the same tactics employed the HRC and her staff of failures.
    They should have learned from history and understood that people aren't as dumb as they (HRC) think they are. Which is one of the reasons they lost.
    However if you ask HRC, its everyone else fault. LoL

  3. Mueller report comes out today, 4/16/19.
    Gotta get my popcorn it's on in 15 mins, can't wait too see Hillary & Obama go down!!♡♡♡♡

  4. so who's to say that these people haven't arranged for all those people in the Clinton's body bag to be murdered. if they can do all this stuff using "naturally psychotic" people what else would they do. i believed Pres. Trump when he said that's what was going on so once again here's proof he knows what he's talking about when he makes those kinds of claims. then the dems try to twist it to make it look like he's crazy. just like narcissists. they are the ones who are really crazy but keep trying to make u look like the crazy person. there has got to be some criminal charges brought from this admittance. that low life Scott Foval even said they can't talk to each other outwardly cause its "not legal". they know all this stuff is illegal. its to influence the outcome of elections. they actually go around teaching maniacs how to be professional maniacs!! not giving up my 2nd amendment rights with people like this around!!

  5. There is No usa president ,became president by election. USA government and economy's been captured by Zionist devils centuries ago. usa belongs to zionist tyrants. and Ur votes doesnt count usa citizens. U only vote for feeling free and righteous. 😊

  6. This is kinda funny because most Trump Supporters are family based and the type of people who wouldn't want to get arrested. It's the left who would do what that guy thought Trump Supporters would do and flip the fuck out.

  7. Part 2, 3 4, of this video document is enough for FBI to indict these Hillary campaign and DNC members…. just wow.

  8. MSM: Project Veritas has been proven to be wildly biased and their findings have been debunked.

    Rational human being: What exactly has been debunked about these videos?

    MSM: They're edited.

    Rational human being: But you can watch the entire video as well and that really doesn't change anything.


  9. https://youtu.be/g_a7dQXilCo
    Dems are the real kkk party…using racebaiting /propganda/division

    Dnc pays to stage events &cause violence at trump events& staged against trump supporters &make them look violent

  10. Foval should be in Gitmo! Why wasn't this marxist arrested? Until we get serious and start locking these people up…it's all talk, talk is cheap! This guy's American enemy number one! The DNC, and their media has got to be dealt with or there's no hope for America!

  11. So the mass shooting before the 2018 midterm elections I would not be surprised it was Dem paid. Also I know that the mail bombs sent to Dem people was done by Democrats.

  12. Considering the DNC has the MSM academia, Hollywood in their pockets, then add to it all the staged protests, fights, injuries inflicted by paid protesters, the ballot box stuffing, voter fraud and corruption the DNC has to utilize attempting to win elections. What happens? They lose anyway. Now consider how little the RNC has to do to never lose another election.

  13. Glad they are on camera.  Indictments galore. The crazy thing is the guy at the end is telling PV that the people in Iowa is racist and he wasn't raised that way.  He is acting as though he has morals now?  HAHAHA.  Sick people cant see right in front of them.  But thank God they are so arrogant that they love to talk about it.

  14. Death by firing squad or hanged by the neck until dead is what Scott Fogal and cohorts are truly begging for.

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