Rigging the Election Part IV: A Double Doozie! (O'keefe, Project Veritas)

Rigging the Election Part IV: A Double Doozie! (O'keefe, Project Veritas)

42 thoughts on “Rigging the Election Part IV: A Double Doozie! (O'keefe, Project Veritas)

  1. If nothing good comes out of this Election at least we found Styx and increased his subscribers number.

  2. I hope Americans wake up(those under the spell of the mainstream media).Hillary is a horrible "human being".

  3. Anyone heard Julian Assange just predicted Hillary Clinton to win and said Trump really has no chance because of the corrupt media bias toward him?

  4. Notice there's been no denial of these emails/WikiLeaks only allegations that they were/are stolen material?

  5. Styx,Β  sorry to hear about your grandpa.Β  For those on this channel, check out Zerohedge article linking TX voting machine company with ties to Clinton foundation. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-27/new-evidence-links-voting-machines-and-clinton-foundation

  6. Styx I am leaving this comment here because you have disabled comments on the Blennon video. You may delete this comment if you wish, I just want you to read what I have to say. I have acted as you requested because I benefit from listening to your videos and studying how you structure arguments and have enjoyed your decision to keep ads free from your channel. But this is the only time I do as you ask without reason first. I expect a full explanation soon. Beware, you may be fortunate enough to have an "army" at your disposal. But you will lose those of us who come to you for more than a re-affirmation of our opinions. Rogue trolling is all fun and good, but when you have a sizable force behind you things can get out of hand.

  7. Hey styx and everyone else check this out! https://m.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/59kf2t/psa_kim_dotcoms_you_got_mail_tweet_to_wikileaks/?utm_source=mweb_redirect&compact=false

  8. It didn't work. I think project veritas is blowing smoke up everyone's ass. This racist video should have been out since yesterday.

  9. When are they going to release it? This has all the complication of GoT without the sexiness, going to lose the mainstream. πŸ™

  10. she is a goofe and wont win.. i need too speak too you about the thing i asked you once in another video of yours how do i do that [email protected] about religion so i need not say more right.

  11. Two sets of laws! One for WE, the people and another for the crooks in Washington!
    It would be nice if both CFR members (the candidates) would lose!

  12. Guys, when you go watch the newest ERB video, do yourself a favor and DO NOT look through the comment section, cus it's cancer-filled with almost nothing but Hillary shills.

  13. Do you really think Trump's campaign doesn't do anything like this? Given what's been leaked in conjunction with Trump's unearthly motivation to "win" I don't see how either campaign is legit at this point. Or am I just being naive?

  14. Mama Merkel wants to shut Styxhexenhammer down. People like him are "narrowing our breadth of information." He's being "inflammatory."

    These fuckers are absolutely gonna swing from their necks. The only question is, how long before it happens?


  15. I assume project veritas still have operatives who are still undercover and will expose how they actually do commit voter fraud on November 8th

  16. It's getting harder and harder to find non bias media.. I use to like watching secular talk but he has gone the road of TYT with propaganda and reporting on bullshit/ignoring veritas videos. LONG LIVE Styxhexenhammer666 πŸ˜€

  17. To be honest wouldn't this be a pretty damn fun job to like induce chaos at political rallies
    I'd do it

  18. Also Creamer admitted he was behind Gloria Allred and some grope accusers. Creamer is a sleaze. His wife is not a lucky woman I'm sorry to say. Today was a good day. But….. who will hold them accountable? Is there anybody who has that power? Please say YES!

  19. Dismayed. Completely dismayed: https://geopolitics.co/2016/10/27/rigged-election-hillary-trump-caught-partying-w-kissinger-jesuit-gala/

  20. All the celebrity endorsements must be from bribery or threat. No one in the right mind would honestly vote for her

  21. I saw a comment on FB today by some random cunt saying "I don't care what Hillary said or did, I will never vote for Trump because he's a misogynist and a rapist". Now here is a problem – dumb cunts like that are the majority of the votes. They decide who will be a president, not the smart people.

  22. I think there is a hint that Hillary will appear on video. They were talking about arranging a meeting with her in this video.

  23. its great that Shitlery is doing so well she's no longer campaigning for herself but having Obozo do it for her on the tax payer dime

  24. I got pretty sick to my stomach watching that bitter old shit Bob Creamer perk up like a puppy at treat time when there was donation money held under his nose. A lot of these characters are a cautionary tale about where dark paths in life can take you: right into the barnacle-covered arms of the Democrats.

  25. Unfortunately my fellow "Anti-Hillary-ers" I'm sorry to say, this is all in vein! Be prepared to use the phrase "Mrs President"! There is NOT one agency in the USA that is willing to take her to the wall…sorry to say it, but it's true!

  26. styx..all these leaks and stuff really show the corruption and lack of a moral compass by the clinton camp,,obama admin and the msm…the blackout of this by the msm lessens the results expected..you underestimate the power of the msm..a video or audio of clinton caught in a double doozie is the only thing that will do the trick..this is not to diminish your hard work and other true patriots do ,,mostly on the webb,,,example;;many nfl players were charged with abuse of women and got into trouble///ray rice punched his fiance on camera and was done…keep up the good fight guy …love it

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