100 thoughts on “RIDICULOUS! James Harden CNN Controversy, Blippi, Ellen Kristen Bell SLAMMED & Turkey Syria Worsens

  1. Sorry we were late today. I hate throwing you off your bathroom schedule.
    Timecodes: Ellen Fallout 00:22 – Blippi Backlash 4:38 – TIA (WATCH MY DAMN SPONSOR NERD) 6:33 – NBA CNN China Controversy 7:58 – Syria Turkey 11:20

  2. It worries me when people resist the message of "kindness" so hard that they drum up anger about their opinions on a war from 10 years ago. Let's focus on eliminating the wars of 2020 and rather than waste our energy re-writing history.

  3. "They're gonna be escaping to Europe. That's where they're gonna go. They wanna go back to their homes."
    Mr President, with all due respect, Europe IS NOT their home. ISIS has terrorized Europe as much as it has terrorized the US, if not more. We have welcomed millions fleeing from ISIS, and now we will probably be forced to take in people fleeing from the assault launched by Turkey – despite how badly it has affected our economy. As for any immigrant who have come to Europe, and then left to join ISIS, they're not allowed back in. Just as you will not allow people who have left your country to join a terror organization to come back in.

    You have abandoned your allies and once again pushed the cleanup to Europe. It is not okay. Please listen to the experts in your government and take responsibility for your actions.

  4. I think subbing out actors doesn't work for kids content. Kids will be disappointed if it isn't the same guy. Adults (most of the time) understand the concept of a chatacter better.
    The new Steve is a different story because he was never meant to be Steve. And Mickey Mouse is also a different story, because it's a costume that always looks the same.
    Look at Disney princesses instead. Disney casts extremely strictly to make sure all the performers for a princess look and act as similar as possible

  5. I dont see anything wrong with Blippi using a stage performer especially if the kids don't mind because, at the end of the day it's about the kids, not the adults.

  6. Thanks for pointing out the so called controversy concerning Ellen & Bush since the majority of Americans know nothing of this fake controversy. I would like to see more people pointing out how people attempt to control our freedom. Disgusting people trying to control who and where Ellen goes and associates with, and while doing this completely ignoring the fact that Ellen is a positive and good person. Disgusting people then attempting to force others to not stand by Ellen for being a positive and good person.

  7. Thought on Ellen. You can sit next to someone and be kind to him without endorsing his views. Perhaps she shouldn’t have posted videos of him on her social media but otherwise can you imagine a world where you have to background check everyone you share a room with?

  8. I agree with Ellen's message period. We have forgotten how to be kind in spite of. Bush should still be held accountable but you don't need to be a nasty person because of someone else. Blipy I get, videos and live performances are two different things so I don't see an issue.

  9. Maybe Steve gets stage fright or is just a shitty live stage performer so what’s wrong with getting someone who’s actually good at it

  10. …the NBA loves MONEY. the players love MONEY. dont get it twisted….that market probably has BILLIONS of dollars waiting to be tapped into….period.

  11. https://youtu.be/28RNpm3CpVM

    Help this damsel in distress! She was hacked by someone and now they’re getting her ad sense payments and it’s been almost a month since this happened 🙁

  12. the Trump administration showing its brilliant leadership ability its already heard enough for this country to convince others to fight with us in that region….and now the orange fool does this….
    way to go clown (-_______-)… @16:52…jezzusf'kingkryst…..seriously? so Germany and Japan didnt 'help' us in ww2 either you g'ddamn idiot….and not that matters really but Kurdish fighters fought on both sides as sympathizers and guerilla fighters during WW2…why does this fool keep speaking and embarrassing America.

  13. I don’t watch a lot of sports but doesn’t NBA stand for national basketball association. Doesn’t the national part refer to America. Maybe I’m wrong.

  14. Do all these dumb celebrities who uphold Hillary Clinton as a saint forget what war crimes she has done, let alone how she was against gay marriage right up until 2013?..

  15. This whole Blippi thing is stupid, I’m a parent and my son loves Blippi, but he’s a character not a personality.
    No one would be mad if they went to an event featuring Barney and found out the character wasn’t being portrayed by the original actor.

  16. Glad we aren't protecting and training those Turkish seperatist terrorists anymore. We needed an ally in the region who wasn't in conflict with the Saudis.

    We didn't want to hurt our business arrangements with them, so we trained and supported terrorists instead of the legitimate government of Turkey, our actual ally in the region at the time. That's the simple fact of it.

  17. Just some constructive criticism.I really like these videos they at e really informative and well thought out I like how you show both perspectives and you seem to be very educated on the topics you cover, but I do feel that you talk very fast that sometimes I have to re watch a couple parts to really process the information

  18. So maybe I'm not understanding but we trained and helped Kurd take there land back and we got rid of some Isis in the process to help us and people are mad that we don't want to get more Americans killed in a war that does not involve us?????

  19. Here on Tuesday morning (Aus) wondering why there is no Monday show? Answers in the first 30 secs.
    Oh okay.
    Get well soon Phil! Hope you have a smooth recovery!

  20. What the hell no video today I was looking forward to it the whole day…that’s what I look forward too all day every day without a video my day is meaningless it’s the only thing that gives me pleasure and adds excitement to my boring life

  21. What's funny is that a lot of these people mad at Ellen and want to point out the "hypocrisy" probably still devour Chik-Fil-A.

  22. Ellen should have put some of the "yeah but he's anti LGBTQ" tweets up on her show and just said "What, so you want me to just get angry at him and reinforce the stereotypes he already holds?"

    People love to put down presidents for the decisions they make, when a lot of people have a hard time deciding what to eat and what to wear every day. Whatever Bush did when he was president, he is now a retired old man and he made all his presidential decisions using legally bestowed powers. The whole point of existence is change. NOTHING stays the same in nature; humans least of all. Slamming the door on someone's potential for change is a horrible thing to do.

    Anger gets no one anywhere except at the cost of others; it's just a coping mechanism for when things aren't going your way. People need to find real solutions to complicated and difficult problems by talking to each other, not just screeching at each other and hoping something changes.

    Class lines; racial lines; religious lines – these things don't really exist as physical properties of the world; they are just social constructs we have invented over hundreds and thousands of years. We are all just scared of what's different and that can manifests in horrible ways. One person may get yelled at and hide in the corner; another may start throwing punches, but the same thing happened to both of them; they were threatened.

    Understanding is not the same as forgiveness, so lets start understanding people instead of dismissing them outright. Stop being afraid of what's different and start seeing everyone else as the same vulnerable human you (and I) are and the world will start to be a better place.

    also…maybe I missed it, but your title mentions Kristen Bell, and I didn't see her mentioned at all in the actual video; just Jameela Jamil. Jus sayin…

  23. As a member of the LGBTQAI+ community my issue with Ellen’s response isn’t the “be kind to everyone” part. Because I try to live my life looking for the good in people and will always treat others with kindness. My issue is with the “just because we have a difference of opinion doesn’t mean we can’t be friends” part.

    Being friendly towards someone is completely different from being friends with someone.

    I would not want to call someone a friend if they fundamentally do not think I deserve the same rights as a human that they do because of their conservative religious views.

    I would want my friends to want my happiness and to understand my motivations and that I strive to make the world a better place where I can.

    I could never call someone a “friend” if they don’t think I should marry my fiancé just because she is a woman, despite us having the most beautiful and incredibly deep relationship I’ve ever experienced as a bisexual women.

    I could be friendly towards someone who holds those views- but I could never call them my friend.

  24. Thoughts
    Ellen: I don't understand why people think it's horrible for her to be friends with a conservative. Most people I know have a mix of friends across the political spectrum, so what makes Bush any different? Sure, he made mistakes, but he's done good things like the No Child Left behind act and the Texas Top 10% rule.

    Trump Syrian crisis: While I personally believe we should not intervene in wars that don't concern us, I do think Trump should have pulled out much later than he did. This has led to the Turkish government discriminatingly killing kurdish civilians, and has created conditions that could lead to a power vacuum. Power vacuums typically lead to territorist groups like ISIS to emerge. At least the SDF and the SAA seemed to make a deal where they will work together to repel the Turks, but Trump's action may have prolonged the Syrian civil war that could have been almost over. However, I do understand that in his mind he thought he was doing the right thing. He made a promise to kill ISIS and then leave, and he followed that promise

  25. If I'm not mistaken, couldn't Congress declare war on Turkey and rejoin the SDF? They have so much bipartisan support to go back to Syria, that they could easily overule Trump's potential veto

  26. Ellen is such a hypocrite. Imagine if it was Trump, she would've gotten up and moved and probably made fun of him. If Trump did half of what Bush did she would lose her shit. How soon we forget.

  27. 2019 has people who think they have all the tolerance but can turn around and show such hate. You may not like Bobby (fake name) two rows down and 3 chairs to the side of you but you shut up and watch the game. Just because their famous doesn’t mean they need to cause a scene based on their differences.

  28. Wtf why are we projecting so much on ED, for her statement, it’s being completely overblown JFC grow up, we have real problems and this isn’t one.

    Also as for GWB being a war criminal? Ridiculous, if he’s a war criminal then we’re all war criminal, every person who voted for him, every person who volunteered for the military, everyone who supported the military and/or the war; do we really as a country have such an insanely short memory that we forgot that the nations entire mood after 9/11 was calling for war!

    That we as a country following 9/11 collectively all demanded to go to war? That the whole world joined us because we as their ally were attacked on our own soil; yet somehow amidst all the chaos and anger and cries for war we invaded and occupied two foreign nations “Afghanistan/Iraq” that were not responsible for the attack, that we in our infinite collective wisdom attacked the wrong target because we were blind with righteous fury?

    Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization, Osama Bin Laden were the ones responsible and did so independent of any foreign government; we attacked the wrong people, we wanted war and we wanted blood because of 9/11 and Iraq and Afghanistan paid the price of our blind rage.

    As a result we destabilized the entire middle east, and created a new generation of individuals who grew up under American occupation and war and are now responsible for creating the very same kind of people that were responsible for 9/11.

    In our war to fight our enemies both domestic and abroad, we have created new enemies both domestic and abroad.

    If GWB is a war criminal, then the American public is too.

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  30. So surely it can't be 'Just Trump' making these decisions right? Surely for him to do a thing like that it has to pass through people? Surely? Or do I misunderstand the USA political system? What the heck

  31. It should be noted that not only were kurdish forces an ally in ww2 but they were instrumental in several major engagements in the middle east and aided in the invasion of fascist italy. Not only is he wrong but his reasoning just doesn't make sense, the kurdish forces and their alliance with western (UN and US) forces in the region have been a major stabilizing force for 20 years now.

  32. James smh…mate
    The Kurds didn't help USA fight ISIS.

    The USA helped the Kurds fight ISIS.

    The Kurds wanted ISIS destroyed!
    It was mutual interest.

  33. Mm yes. Blame them for not helping in WW2. How relevant a conflict from 80 years ago is today… What way to sell peoples lives for the future twin towers. Am I right?

  34. You know how we stop the world from viewing gay people as "different"? Stop forcing them into "communities".

    Seventy years ago, some people in Germany tried to assemble people into "communities". Has everybody forgotten how that went?

  35. I have realized that Philips only has an opinion on issues that he has a position. But, many controversial issues he does not issue any opinion, he only asks that we express our opinion …. is it that he is seeking the opinion of others to form his opinion or to seek support in some position that he is going to to have?

  36. It doesn’t matter who Ellen is friends with. Ellen is just another person, who she is friends with is no one else’s business.

  37. My 2 yr old LOVES Blippi! We bought tickets for her 3rd birthday. I bought them early during presale, and it was posted on the front page that he was not going to be the one on stage. For that reason I did not purchase meet and greet tickets. I doubt my daughter will notice from sitting in the audience but I think if she got up close to meet him she would know something was up.
    I do however think it sounds more like a cash grab situation, if he wanted Blippi be to be just a character in the 1st place, he should have hired someone to replace some instead of putting his face behind all of it as soon as it got big. We still Love Blippi and watch it daily. My daughter's actually going to be Blippi for Halloween this year.

  38. Ellen is an idiot thinking that people are only upset cause "he's a conservative republican president" and ignore that people are upset with a warmongering, torturing, human rights violating international criminal. It's amazing she thinks being a friend of that is something to be proud of.

  39. Have you watched Designated Survivor? Personal views don't matter when you are president, a lot of bills and laws you vote on are political moves to get support and to swap numbers of support on big financial issues.
    We have no idea how Bush feels about same sex marriage-
    Just that his vote to support it didn't suit his needs as president at that moment. I.e. he needed his party Peers to support another bill at the same time that they threatened not to if he backed same sex marriage.

  40. The Bush thing is interesting, Yes him and Cheney need to be held for war crimes… BUTTTT quite a few others that the Left seem to love would be right there with them, as in previous president and VP, and sec of state…. If you want to throw stones, they are going to go REAL wide.

    But no one really wants to.

  41. I think it's fine because it's right on the tickets page that it's a stage performer. The vast majority of kids likely won't notice or care (otherwise Disneyland/world wouldn't be a thing). If it was buried in the FAQs or terms of service, I'd then find it sketchy.

  42. Abandonment of allies, ignoring that Turkey is an ally, a NATO ally no less. More like abandonment of another Obama war that the left nor right can abide.

  43. "When I say be kind to one another, I don't mean be kind to the people who think the same way you do. I mean be kind to everyone" — Ellen


    Love thy gay/communist/libertarian/interventionist/racist/stupid/smart/poor/rich/pro-gun/anti-gun/x/y/z neighbor.


  44. "We love everything they're about."
    Yeah, the reeducation camps, the organ harvesting, the pollution of the Pacific ocean, assassination of political dissidents, the theft of intellectual property, the influence China has on politicians of other countries and famous athletes. Hell, what's not to love?

  45. Shouldn’t we focus more on ourselves and less on foreign nations? I understand that as we pull out, it allows isis and other terrorists to grow, but we seem to stretch ourselves way too thin as a nation.

  46. My daughter likes Blippi and I feel very very confident that she would not notice for one second if it was not Stevin John. It could be a terrible likeness but if the dude has the personality and same clothes, she'd be thrilled with it. I sure would not be buying tickets so I could review the show to my own standards, it is for my child's amusement. So whether it is the same guy in all the videos or not, I would not care. It is a totally legit for the creator to state this is a character that can be performed by many people.

  47. what I like about the PDS is that in one video, he covers youtube-kids news, pop culture, sports, and politics all in one video. 
    That's so versatile and genre breaking. 
    Mad respect

  48. You know I thought it was common knowledge that Ellen is a horrible entitled bitch when she doesn't have a camera in front of her

  49. The Ellen Bush thing sounds like Liberals just being the idiots they are, causing more dissension in America, and asking for a civil war that will get their asses kicked.

  50. Hey phill! Can you please talk about what’s happening it’s the political prisoners in Catalonia? I feel like it should be brought into the light in other countries! love you guys🙆🏻‍♀️

  51. ok ok ok ok I have so many things to say but for some reason I chose this:

    Your sponsor. Minimalist wallets have been my thing since I was 13, I was called crazy and weird for my first.

    It was an INSERT for a wallet I got for Christmas. I got the wallet. Switched all my stuff to it, but had nothing to put into this insert that came with it.

    BIG BRAIN, I'm fucking 13. All my shit fits into this insert. Why would I put a big bulky wallet into my back pocket, making it weird to sit down? FUCK THAT. I put everything into the insert and used that. Put that shit in my front pocket. It's better protected there and it takes up less space. I haven't looked back.

    Now about Ellen…. I respect where she's coming from. I respect her message. We cannot minimize the impact Bush's FAILED Presidency had on the world. He's a criminal and a homophobic cunt. Her message still makes a point. We cannot demonize everyone that disagrees with us. We need to change their minds and help them become better people. Compassion is the answer, but I'm not friends with Bush Jr.


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