Rick Perry announces plans to resign as energy secretary

Rick Perry announces plans to resign as energy secretary

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry announces plans to resign as energy secretary

  1. She mischaracterized the whole thing. He went to Ukraine to discuss that country's energy sufficiency, as all SoEs do. He was there for the inauguration of their new conservative president, which is normal. Giuliani was sought out by Ukraine who wanted to give our FBI information on possible crimes committed by officials of both countries to take down a president. BUT our FBI refused to accept it. So they gave it to Giuliani. He accepted it because he was defending Trump in the Mueller Russian hoax investigation. He got the information months before Biden entered he race. Trump didn't know Biden would be exposed or be a candidate. Trump wants the origins of the Russian hoax investigated. Why did Cavuto allow this on his show?

  2. Is there anybody NOT involved in the Ukraine scandal?!? Someone please tell me what is so captivating about Ukraine?

  3. As a stable genius, trump sure hires and fires a lot of people. Example of a stable administration and trumps excellent judgment of character.

  4. When Trump said he will drain the swamp, who would of thought he would drain his own swamp…..hahahaha if only he can drain the rest of the republicans

  5. What an utter CLOWN. The best people huh? No. Not even the best lies. Just pure incompetence from literally EVERYONE that other clown has appointed. DO YOUR JOBS CHUCKLEHEADS.

  6. Why are you calling these made up stories, fact that they are CLEARLY made up, scandals. Young lady didn't you go to college? More reasns to close ALL COLLEGES IMMEDIATELY!

  7. Everybody who is against this President will just remove himself or herself from office. This is The Lord's making. Glory be to God.

  8. Agree with Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He is our hope to unite Americans in 2020. 🇺🇸
    Mayor Pete is right.
    He is the intellectual, War veteran who has respect for Americans.
    He will be an amazing President to Make America Respectful Internationally Again
    Mayor Pete can unite all Americans (Republican, Democrats , Anti Trump)
    who respect each other.🇺🇸

  9. EVERYONE see’s the writing on the wall…. Trump is a moron and screws EVERYONE. EVERYONE. Longest serving HA. Worst president EVER.

  10. I have a hypothetical . I wonder if they are all on both sides so tied up in Ukraine corruption and Trump is ready to let John Durham bring down both Dems and republicans.
    I kinda feel like for Trump to defend himself that this is why republicans have stayed so laid back all these years.
    Maybe Dems know he has to do that to truly root out the truth or defense.
    Maybe why he used Guliani how he has.

  11. More people jumping ship than the Titanic.
    Captain: "Trump, your steering us right into that iceberg…"
    Trump: " I'm the best boat driver their is. I've never done it before but I done it better than anyone in history. I'm a very stable driver. "
    Captain: "Trump it's not called boat dri-"
    Trump: "We need to stop all the icebergs, because they are murderers and rapists. Hey are we headed to Russia? "

  12. Rick Perry I don't blame you jump ship before it sinks.
    You also don't want to be thrown under the bus eventually donnie will still do it.

  13. News of my departure has been circulating for what 6 months or so, "I can tell you I'm not leaving today, tomorrow or next month" …that was 3 days ago, now he's leaving real soon and going to beat the rush to testify to congress "I didn't have any part in the quid pro quo deal"…"but I know who did and I'll tell you if I get an immunity deal"…oops

  14. So does this make sleepy Carson last man standing? I guess the glasses finally helped activate some of Perry's brain cells.

  15. Trump supporters, not real republicans see all of these resignations and tell themselves… they’re part of the deep state! Even though they were appointed by trump looool

  16. I’m not sure what Swamp Rudy is currently hiding in, but he sure is quiet lately.
    He was paid $500k as a consultant to the two men arrested last week for campaign fraud.
    That’s the Art of the Deal right there!

  17. All the communists rats are jumping ship. Watergate all over again. This is the most corrupt administration in American history

  18. I SEE WHAT'S GOING ON…  After what Pres. Trump been going through, Vice Pres. Pence says No to running for President in 2024.  So, watch Gov. Rick Perry go home, get some rest, and come back swinging at Democrats in 2020 – as a  Vice-President running mate the for 2020-2024.

  19. Maybe the swamp is still draining. Come on guys you got 3 years with him as president. 1 year left. Can we please come together a run the country? For 3 years Dems have done nothing but attack and try to impeach Trump. Even if you did have something impeachable you wouldn't get him out of office in a year. So quit wasting our taxes and fix our country. Suck it up put on your big boy or girl pants and do what we pay you to do

  20. Well…
    Why Ricky… you doin a „amazing job“… why leave now..😜
    Let me guess… rats are living the sinking ship 🛳💪😂..?

    Useing Church as his SHIELD !





    He was thought to of stolen the idea of energy plan to begin with!

    Typical playbook of PERRY !
    Robs then uses Church to hide behind!

  22. is he in the ig report that is suppose to come out? i hope the ig report say that obama really isnt from hawaii!

  23. He’s not leaving because of that he said he’s leaving because of not enough time with his wife and dogs and he wants to get back to Texas

  24. Nobody dragged him into his resignation, he and Rudy got caught in a special interest sceam to represent american oil olagards over voter's.
    Reconize the twisted wealth power this country has become.

  25. I noticed how the Trump supporters dodge the hell out of some headlines and threads. Lol..where are you fools at now? REPUBLICANS just a bunch of rich white men playing games lying to the weak minded…

  26. The left will act like they think it's a bad thing that he goes even thought he's renown for his outspoken views on homosexuality. If they were honest with themselves, they'd say "good riddance". But it's too important to them to put down Trump.

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