and we are live this is dark journalist it's great to have everyone here for our Friday night live show and you know it's kind of fascinating it's we're gonna be covering the RFK assassination 50 years later as new things are emerging and actually there's some incredible things rising to the surface about this case now we've been doing the X series on every Friday night but tonight's show is going to go right in with the RFK assassination details study and we're going to bring the X series back with part thirteen next Friday for everyone it's great to see everyone out here and of course I mean I want to say this in relation to RFK he is a big role in the X series but this particular episode is going to get more into the layers of the assassination and the ramifications behind it for the 50th anniversary which will be June 5th when he had just won the California primary and it's it's a stunning turn of events for a number of reasons but we're going to get deep into why that act was undertaken by the deep state in such desperation to remove him as the candidate really exposed their hand once again for you know in a short decade of the 60s where they had only five years ago assassinated President Kennedy so it's we already have a great full house and of course the lovely Olivia is here with us and you know with questions we're going to do we have Alexandra Bruce joining us from forbidden knowledge TV of course Alexandra deep on the deep politics side as you can get and she's gonna join us in about an hour and then we're gonna take questions after that so ask all your questions you can ask them now or any time during this whole conversation that we're going to have but do you ask them all in caps because that's going to help Olivia spot them out as we go and another thing I want to mention right up front is that if you are watching the show and watching this series definitely go to dark journalists com sign up for the newsletter keep in touch you know that way we can keep in touch with each other barring any kind of social media unplugging or social media blackout as I'm sure they're already underway one of the things I want to make clear in getting into tonight is that it's so timely because one of the things that has just happened is that Robert F Kennedy jr. is asking for a new investigation based on things that are evolving into his father's assassination in 1968 of course we had a complete rigmarole which was kind of like an Oswald replay with Sirhan Sirhan and we're going to get deep into him too and there's going to be some exercise to Sirhan Sirhan that I think are going to really fascinate everyone including the Rosicrucians and the Theosophists so we can see that as we go into these different subjects we keep coming around to this same kind of mystery school enigma and we need to figure out exactly why those lengths keeps showing up again and again we're going to be dealing with aerospace companies in this we're going to be dealing with military contractors well how do they get in there well this is the very interesting thing about the Kennedy assassination the RFK assassination has these different layers to it because when you're a senator there's certain things required by the deep State to remove you that is they're going to be able to hire assassins and have a cover story in place when you're a president as his brother was JFK he was a sitting president and there was a lot more involved you needed a lot more of that government apparatus involved and on your side to undertake such an operation with RFK and with MLK who were social leaders religious leaders political leaders these were these were decisions that were undertaken by the deep state in concert and a lot of it goes back to what happened to our F K's brother and we're going to get into that because of course Johnson was the president during both assassinations and he had suddenly withdrawn from the presidential race which was an unprecedented move of course Nixon would resign the presidency six years later well in a way LBJ is resigning the presidency by doing the unprecedented thing which is not running when you have the chance to run as a sitting president that just doesn't happen and now we're gonna find out why or get take a a real good look at why that went down in the first few months of 1968 and why that is crucial to right now with what RFK jr. is doing asking for a new investigation so let's take a quick look at this is a Washington Post article and this is kind of fascinating because as we can see they're touting this headline which is that Robert Kennedy jr. doesn't believe that Sirhan Sirhan was the killer of his father now what's interesting about this to me is it's the Washington Post which we know is completely CIA wrong and you'd think they'd be getting rid of this headline as fast as they could but they're learning something which is that in order to co-op stories they need to get on board with them and very much like they're doing with the UFO story and this is the new technique by a Central Intelligence Agency and its media arms which is they are trying to adopt and co-opt narratives from a field of study which is outside of their control and they have for many years but they've used the technique of shutting things down which was easier to do at a certain point but now with this kind of ubiquitous internet ubiquitous YouTube ubiquitous a blog snapchat whatever it is they've decided it's not gonna work it won't go away what we can do though is insert our own spin as we go so we'll adopt it we'll take it in and we'll spin it out our own way so one of the things that we saw on this was james Woolsey who was the former CIA chief coming forward and saying well maybe there was the second shooter in the Kennedy assassination but it was a KGB agent not a CIA agent so this is how they're going to try to adopt it in case this thing and these stories get out of control our case assassination is significant for a number of reasons one of which is that he was destined to be president right there in 1968 he had gotten to the race quite late actually because he was under the assumption that LBJ was going to run and he understood that in the game of politics he would have looked like a spoiler running against a sitting president but the anti war effort was moving in such a fashion against Johnson and his incredibly aggressive policies in Vietnam that they had elected Eugene McCarthy to take him on and Eugene McCarthy was a very smart senator not related to Joseph McCarthy from the 50s who try to firebrand everybody but Eugene McCarthy was the ultimate intellectual very removed kind of guy but he made a great hero for the peace movement and in fact he ran a very good campaign up until Bobby Kennedy got in the race and the reason Bobby Kennedy got in the race is because he saw when McCarthy ran against LBJ there's incredible weakness and LBJ support and LBJ is Vietnam policy was the pits and people just seemed to know that he was up to no good all the kind of maneuvering behind the scenes that LBJ had done to eliminate JFK and put himself in the presidency working with those intelligence elements had really come to naught he who's becoming a very unpopular president and he was giving the deep state everything they wanted with the Tet Offensive and with all these things around Vietnam that you know he really was increasing those that whole military thing he was the military's man he was the deep States man but it was now it was costing him and his his appearance even was degenerating heavily so the 1968 election is crucial for a number of reasons what happens is Bobby Kennedy announces he's getting into the race now there's going to be no stopping Bobby Kennedy because for a number of reasons he has incredibly high popularity ratings he's been the senator from New York for four years he has impeccable credentials he comes from the Camelot Kennedy family he was the Attorney General under John F Kennedy who was assassinated and who the country has great feeling for he's a shoo-in he's going to win Nixon and Hubert Humphrey stand no chance to him in style or intellect it's over and it's a ball game now LBJ however the reason he steps down you know people said well it was because he had such a strong hit when McCarthy got him and McCarthy gave him a run for his money in the New Hampshire primary early in that year Bobby Kennedy sees that he gets into the race with no setup no campaign apparatus no two years of deliberations done he just jumps in which is a very spontaneous act and he just had a feeling that this is what he needed to do to put himself on the line he was only 42 years old by the way so he's actually a year younger than JFK was when he got into office so what happens is there's a tussle and a tug of war in the Democratic Party because you have an unpopular vice president Hubert Humphrey who thinks that he's just entitled to it you have you gene McCarthy is the peace candidate rising in the polls and you have LBJ who just looks terrible and everyone realized this was a deep state chill so this is the the nature of the situation when Kennedy gets in and he says you know what McCarthy's not going to be able to take the entire prize that means Nixon will win I'll come in and I'll beat McCarthy and I'll beat Nixon and so and he figures this is before LBJ gets out now he figures that LBJ is marshmallow now after seeing McCarthy demolish him in the New Hampshire primary so RFK gets in and just a few weeks later we've got this incredible announcement on March 31st 1968 that LBJ is withdrawing from the race now when you're sitting president and you are the incumbent no one can talk you into that you know on on a logical basis there's a deep deep reason the minute Bobby Kennedy enters the race it opens up the possibility to the deep state that Bobby Kennedy will reinvestigate JFK's murder and they have lots of details that show that that's exactly what his plan is as well as retaking the government apparatus now Bobby's been very quiet on the Warren Commission he hasn't said anything disparage about it but he didn't cooperate with it he didn't participate so he's been the kind of loyal soldier in the background for LBJ but watching him closely because he's being loyal to the position of the president but he has incredible dislike for LBJ and LBJ really hates them with a passion so that Patriots mutual and always was even when LBJ was just a vice president that's just something and Bobby Kennedy was hard-nosed but he puts together this campaign it really gets HUF the ground running and Johnson realizes the minute he gets in that the deep state is going to remove Bobby Kennedy and he's thinking to himself I can't sit here as the president and preside over the assassination of John F Kennedy from which I get the role as president and then the assassination of Bobby Kennedy it's not possible I have to be seen as not having a dog in this race so I'm going to withdraw completely because what's going to happen now I can't be associated with overtly that is if Kennedy is killed on my watch and I become the president again people are going to really look into what I was up to and then that's not going to work because what we have to remember is when LBJ got into office in the first place he was under a looming indictment because he was close to the Bobby Baker scandals if we go back to Life magazine at the time these were the headlines saying that Bobby Baker scandal who was his close friend in the Senate was getting closer and closer to LBJ and supposedly Bobby Kennedy was helping that process along and they were looking at real evidence of bribes and everything else and Bobby Baker did go to jail as did Billy Celeste's who was LBJ's silent business partner in Texas so you know the net was closing in on LBJ and in fact the day of the assassination Richard Nixon was in town in Dallas and he gives a press conference and he said there's no way LBJ will be on that ticket in 64 so as an open secret everyone knew this was what was going to happen and JFK had said actually behind-the-scenes to his secretary Evelyn Lincoln and others that he was going to choose Terry Sanford from North Carolina and that that was going to be the ticket for 64 so LBJ was out so convincing him to go along with the assassination and and reap all the rewards and basically not be under indictment it was pretty easy when you think about it so this is the nature of the situation that we're looking at and when you look at traditional history they'll say you know LBJ was shocked by this whole thing he gets into office and does his best if you go deeper into the deep politics and you look at some of the the work of people that have looked deeply at the issue like Peter Dale Scott or you know there's a whole range of people I could recommend on this subject like Jim Marrs like Jim Garrison and they've informed us of the real picture of what was happening so this these are the conditions under which LBJ is looking at that 1968 election when Bobby Kennedy gets in he says to himself the deep state is going to get rid of him I can't be the guy who's the recipient of that and it makes a lot of sense when you think about it so he does the unprecedented thing which is he basically resigns the office by saying he's not going to run again but he also says something very telling in that speech he says I'm not going to run but I also will not accept a draft that is he won't be drafted into the presidency either so if these deep state people are like look we'll take up Bobby Kennedy and you're still going to be our guy because we know that you're dependable he's saying no not only am I not going to run but you can't draft me so that it still doesn't look like I wanted this so he sets himself up very well so the first thing that happens is there are these rumors that MLK is about to announce support for Robert Kennedy's candidacy and the Kennedy you know he's yes a bumpy ride getting up and running because he has no campaign staff he has nothing he's just jumping into this but he has that entire Kennedy mystique Kennedy name Kennedy clout with the media and it starts to go his way now Martin Luther King is assassinated on April 4th and this is a week after he had confided to his aides that he was going to back Robert Kennedy there was brief talk and we hear about this which is that MLK was going to be Robert Kennedy's running mate this is 1968 I actually don't think that that's true but I do think that where it stems from is that RFK talked about having MLK in his cabinet which would have been amazing if you think about it and why it hadn't already happened under JFK LBJ is shocking he could have made him a peace Tsar you could have made him and inner cities are there were so many different things that he could have done there but also MLK was speaking out against the Vietnam War very actively and he was convincing might the minority population to really not go along with this and so they the deep state says he's a threat so now we have MLK he's going to back Bobby Kennedy and then we'll have a worse situation than we had in 1963 because Bobby Kennedy knows where all the bodies are buried this will be Kennedy Redux 2.0 and we cannot allow it so the first thing they do is they shut the lights out in Memphis and they get rid of MLK now there's a number of things around his assassination and we will we have touched on it in other episodes but we'll go deeper on that the significance of it of course Martin Luther King had incredible roots incredible charisma had incredible confidence using his Gandhi style method of non-violence to basically take the government back and he was doing it that combination of MLK and RFK in 68 was going to be potent know Hubert Humphrey or Richard Nixon was going to touch that they had the power of the kind of regular everyday people and they had the power of that the minority community is the underprivileged and all the rest of it it was going to be it was going to be a battle but it was going to be a rolling battle and you could not stop Bobby Kennedy in 1968 now Kennedy gets to the California primary and it's a must-win because Eugene McCarthy still has all those early victories piled up etc plus they're going to let Hubert Humphrey out who hasn't participated in any of the primaries because when he goes out basically he doesn't get any voters you know he Haiti is the S word but I have to say as a candidate you know Hubert Humphrey kind of sucked he was not particularly good they called him the happy warrior and that was about as far as you got so I will say this though this period when Kennedy goes into California it's about three weeks of hard work and he goes to every neighborhood he goes and it is like nothing we've ever seen in campaign politics people are you know flocking to him it's like Woodstock in politics and there's just no stopping Bobby Kennedy I was just saying a quick look at Bobby here with some victories in 1968 really hurtling towards the president seemed we can only imagine that Bobby Kennedy presidency of 1968 that would have been those years from 69 to 73 complete with Vietnam withdrawal a much better relationship ending the cycle of disrespect between leadership and the population an entirely different scenario really so for the deep state it's bad news for a lot of reasons one they've kept a lot of Secrets their powers increasing they've got all the drug profits they've got all the military-industrial hardware all that money bill helicopters through the roof all these guys are doing great everybody's been paid off so this is the nature of war and this one's been ongoing now because really if you think about it starting in earnest in 64 with the Gulf of Tonkin and that whole staged kind of incident and it's not that we weren't involved in Vietnam before that we were but we had no ground troops and that was the big thing it's kind of like the serious situation when we look at it from a distance you know we might do these little things but to actually put troops in there on ground is a different type of commitment very much like the one we have in Afghanistan which resembles the Vietnam War in a number of ways so we've got quite a situation brewing here when we get to 1968 in June and actually what it is is it's me Eugene McCarthy with the peace vote against Bobby Kennedy who many in the peace movement saw johnny-come-lately because they were like you know we waited around we wanted you to enter but you didn't go for it so Eugene McCarthy was there we went for it yes he's a stiff intellectual university professor but at least he was there for us but that's starting to shift now that's starting to break and by the time June 5th 1968 rolls around Kennedy wins over 46% of the vote in California he's got the big momentum he's going on to Chicago he's going to win there and basically he's a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination the Republicans are going to get Nixon in there and as it was in 1968 Hubert Humphrey versus Nixon was about 400,000 votes difference so you can imagine if we remove Hubert Humphrey and all of his charm and we put Bobby Kennedy in there instead it would have been a blowout and Nixon would have been beaten by a Kennedy for the second time but instead they've hatched a plan now that and they knew it as soon as Bobby decided to run they must have had this thing kind of sitting on the decks but when you get to 1968 in 67 he's giving these signals that he's not going to run by the time he actually jumps in I'm sure it's a shock to their system too and they're thinking okay we're going to do something absolutely you know just off the charts because we have to after removing MLK which set off inner-city riots which nearly kind of just tore the entire country apart and they kill MLK at the age of 39 and they have a stooge Patsy and all the rest of it but that's a deep state action for a number of reasons they need to do that on their side because of the Vietnam War and because these other issues that MLK is such a charismatic leader that they really can't get around him when you get to Kennedy with they're going to take the government back so I always refer to this period as the war and this was a war just like World War two or the Civil War except that it's not thought of that way they just think of it as you know oh it was a stressful time but you know white liberals marching progress the society and everybody lived happily ever after no what happened was all these people got together to form a different kind of country and their leaders got assassinated and this other group the deep state was able to take over and but that you know the people coming out of that era were able to get those victories that were set up by the Kennedy administration like civil civil rights right to vote legislation there were a number of things that came out of this period you know because the deep States not stupid they don't want to out and out revolt they almost had one in their hands as it was but as it turned out what they just wanted to make sure was that Bobby Kennedy did not enter the office of the presidency now if you look at the book brothers which is an excellent book and it's got the setup of what RFK was doing in looking at his brother's assassination and it's very fascinating that the person that he mentions immediately after the assassination happens who he should have investigated is Howard Hughes now Howard Hughes who shows up in the x-series he's coming up Howard Hughes is Hughes electronics Hughes aerospace so the whole aerospace connection comes in again through Hughes but let's temporarily move directly into the assassination to get a handle on some of the details there how we do in there miss Olivia doing great excellent how are the people and how are the questions actually that's that's a start right it's great to have everyone here I'm very excited and I'm very happy to be talking about Robert Kennedy who is someone who I think is a heroic person if we look back there and had suffered a lot bye-bye being deep in this milieu of protecting his brothers legacy and who I think did a lot to bring us the Kennedy kind of world Kennedy history the Kennedy memory that we know today because he did so much behind the scenes for JFK and JFK had so many vulnerabilities and it was like RFK was in the background making sure that everybody stayed in line and it was absolutely crucial in order to let him shine and when they removed JFK he had to face a new kind of reality which is that they were playing by different rules and those were rules as somebody from an ethical background that he couldn't compete against so what he did was he resigned as Attorney General and he joined the Senate race in New York and he won and he had done that on his own without his brothers help and here he was winning the 1968 presidential campaign and he commented to an aide just after he'd won the 68 of June 5th primary in California that this was my victory that they were cheering for me they were voting for me not from the memory of Jack and that's I think an important turning point for Robert Kennedy who really his brother had overshadowed everything in his life and his brother had been an incredible inspiration of course but there comes that time you have to stand out of the shadow and that's what he was doing here so what happens is Kennedy wins and then we have some unusual things from campaign aides who come forward later and say you know he was not even supposed to go through this strange part of the hotel and he got pushed in that direction and it was such a big crowd and all the rest of it that he just went out this way which was the opposite from where the media was and there's a very fascinating a couple of campaign aides have come out and talked about that so in this side of it you have to go through the kitchen pantry which is the back of the Ambassador Hotel in 1968 and back there is the security guard for that kitchen pantry was a very interesting guy I'm gonna point him out there's a couple of really fascinating things about this guy but I want to bring it to the picture but he is the policeman there and his name is staying Jean Cesar and he well let's start with a couple of interesting things about him his background was working in a low-level capacity for Lockheed who was the military contractor who we called the United States of Lockheed and they've shown up so many times in my reports that I just get used to them it's kind of that presence there because ultimately it's Lockheed Martin we're dealing with over and over again I can't tell you how many times when I've talked to Kathryn Austin Fitz that we've had this conversation about her time in Washington and how everything that she went to get in terms of the data for HUD of the data for DoD whatever it happened to be was always blocked by Lockheed Martin and how interesting it was that all the contracting paperwork that came out of HUD was run by Lockheed Martin as were many other agencies of the federal government said this military contract are really controlling all of the data of the federal government it's a big problem but Lockheed shows up over and over again in these deep state actions so Caesar is standing beside Kennedy leading him by the arm through this kitchen pantry he's in charge of security just for this area and inevitably what happens is we have this character popping out of the blue with a gun and that's Sirhan Sirhan who Robert Kennedy jr. now says he thinks is innocent of the crime of shooting his father although he was there with a gun and he was firing at people but he just didn't shoot his father now the interesting thing about Sirhan Sirhan is that he for those who know so much about MKULTRA programs and all the rest of it his behavior the things that he did his general demeanor suggested somebody who was really under mind control and was deep deep in the program now I'll take a quick look at his this is the notebook they found at his house okay well positioned it just says RFK must die a number of times over and over again this is typical MKULTRA programming actually and it's it's a mantra style brainwashing and of course they wanted this to be found after the fact to make it an easy wrap up job so they do a very tight job of just presenting him as an unhappy Palestinian immigrant he's 24 years old he is unemployed he doesn't even have the Texas School Book Depository job but they lay him out there as the culprit and in fact he's there and shooting so he's easier in a sense to to set up than Oswald was but what happens as we get into the case is there's a number of inconsistencies as you can imagine setting him up the first thing is that a number of people point out the fact that this gentleman here Cesar the policeman security guard or the security guard in a policeman's uniform he's actually not a policeman who is a Lockheed Martin worker he's seen with his gun drawn behind Kennedy and beside him during the shooting Sirhan Sirhan never comes closer than three feet to Kennedy and it's in front of him so when Kennedy is shot during the autopsy by Thomas Noguchi no this is absolutely crucial the Gucci says it's fine critically impossible Noguchi was a really incredible coroner who'd been in the job for over a decade he'd done the incredible high-level cases like mal Munroe he was the LA County coroner and you know he said that whoever shot Senator Kennedy shot him within an inch of his ear though so the gun was within an inch of his ear so this guy who's a few feet in front of him doesn't have the ability to sort of all the stretches gone around and shoot him in the back of a head and also doesn't have the ability to get close enough because he is by everyone's description many feet away shooting and then people jump on him so he never gets near Kennedy actually so you know they make up all these bizarre excuses for why Noguchi was wrong and what they do is they lead an inquest against Gucci and they they say – about Noguchi oh he was just wrong you know he got this all wrong and how dare he take us on and all the rest of it so we've got scientific evidence there from Noguchi saying it was a scientific impossibility for Sirhan Sirhan to have fired the shot that killed Robert Kennedy this has always been a problem and the LAPD had other problems which is that people heard and saw many other shots and there were all these pictures of holes everywhere and from a normal estimate it looked like 14 shots and Sirhan Sirhan's gun only held eight shots so all kinds of problems right out of the door and what they do is they just shut them down over and over again there's so many cases where the LAPD interferes in this case that we can see that they're being driven but I wanted to really spotlight one of them because it's absolutely crucial and it is a photographer named Scott n yard now he shot three rolls of film and he shot pictures before during and after the shooting when he was in the ballroom men in suits noticed his camera this is after the assassination he was walking around outside waiting to hear the news and when they see his camera they start to chase him and then the police Mahlum and they take away his camera they kept the film and they suppress the film for 20 years and what happened in that legal case when they say Sirhan Sirhan is guilty they say all the materials are locked up for 20 years no one can touch them and part of those materials that's a camera with this film in it now remember he shot before during and after the shooting so when he's going for it they say no no you can't you know you can't have those back and he says what do you mean and they say oh didn't we tell you your your slides were all destroyed all the film was destroyed and he said I don't believe it and so he said you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna hire a legal agency and I'm gonna hire a lawyer to take you guys on he starts getting some results they gets they get afraid of this guy so 1988 he writes a letter for his pictures they said it was destroyed it couldn't be provided when he threatened legal action strangely enough they sent him a letter and said you know what we found it we found your pictures I don't want to show you some of these so they send them this roll by halves a lot of good pictures here before we get into that I just want to show you this picture of Noguchi who said it was scientifically impossible for sir Hahn to have fired the fatal shots that's on the record and when he testified in court he wanted to give that evidence but they just asked him these limited little questions and that was it but Noguchi after they got him fired eventually was reinstated because they realized it was such a political mauling and some weird characters were behind the fact that he was getting this railroading one of the weirder characters that shows up in that whole thing is Frank Sinatra who is anti Noguchi for some reason figure that one out everyone let's take a look at this roll of film that they send him okay so they're showing some of the pictures from the Ambassador Ballroom and he's recognizing some of those as his own but the first thing he knows this is strange is that the roll of film type is different so they have these contact sheets ready for him and they're like what's your problem there are your pictures you've got the stuff before and you have the stuff after and you know what you were never in the actual room during the shooting and he said well yes I was that's the whole point I was there before during and after the shooting in fact an ER it was a fifteen-year-old high school photographer who wanted to get these incredible pictures and had access and had set up this whole thing with the Kennedy campaign to get in there and take all these incredible pictures well they were helping him out so he said I want the real pictures and the real negatives give them to me and they said no basically you've got everything get laws so then he's like if you've got contact sheets that means you have negatives and so they're trying to stone long human meantime new footage from a case shows up new photographs and Scott in your it's turns out is right above standing on a table taking pictures during the RFK assassination so now they're in a fix because they realize hmm this guy's identified and he's there they still deny it's him but they realized there's public pressure that this kid was taking pictures what did they do with his pictures why were they giving him these other ones what was going on here and the whole thing got very dicey when I mentioned that he was at the ballroom in these men spotted him and started to chase him want to give you a shot that also they were looking at him through the ballroom and they they saw his camera decided to pounce so obviously the pictures that he was taken people were looking at that situation and they were saying you know it looked like there were bullets coming from every aspect of the room not just sirhan sirhan now we have this whole kind of mind control program going on with sirhan sirhan and when they hypnotize him in his cell years later trying to figure out and go back to what would happen they asked him what are you seeing when you're doing this and he said I I have the gun in my hand and I see a target range so he doesn't see Kennedy he never remembers actually shooting Kennedy he thinks he's shooting at a target range so he's hitting a program to do the act is the implication there and we get into a whole different kind of deep state program around this aspect where they've given him a certain type of programming and you hear very often about the girl in the polkadot dress who was with him during this whole period and at the end runs out and she says something to her friend that someone overhears which is we got it and we finally got him and this whole thing a number of people saw the girl and all the rest of it the LAPD shuts it down even the TV people who are there that might are like we saw you know the whole thing was unusual and there were a number of things I want to mention here too which is that during this incident there were people who came forward like this woman who owned a gun shop with her husband and she said you know sirhan sirhan came into our gun shop a month before the assassination and was looking for armor-piercing bullets but here's what's interesting is it not only was he looking for this kind of interesting ammunition that we didn't have he also was with two other people so this whole thing about the group set up for sir Han they just wanted on the LAPD side a quick case and the deep state gave them the stooge the setup and all the rest of it it was an easy slam-dunk basically but anyway getting back to inert and his photographs Scott in your was in an interesting position because when they gave him these films back it was a different type of film that he threatened further legal action and so magically he said while opening up this court case and they said as legal kind of research was going on out of the blue they said okay we'll fly in your negatives we're gonna bring them to you and you can see for yourself that you weren't there during the assassination you were there before and you were there after no problem they send this investigator he has to drive down with the negatives so investigator drives down and along the way he gets a flat tire it goes into a gas station gets up to use the phone comes back guess what his briefcase is missing the negatives disappear oh I've never seen again so that's the end of that so to recap the LAPD has this photographer who they mauled in the first place it was just a kid he was 15 but he had the photos of what was going on in that room later picture surfaces supporting his story of being in there we've seen the picture what he was taking pictures of was the real shooter who actually shot President Kennedy I'm senator Kennedy now what's interesting about this is we know that Caesar was the security guard from Lockheed Martin who is guarding this part of the kitchen pantry where by the way if he was a good guard sirhan sirhan wouldn't have been there in the first place and second of all Kennedy wasn't supposed to be there because they led him down in this strange direction and the campaign aide said where is he someone unknown people saying it's too crowded that way the way we were going to the press announcement go back behind this way they get him into this situation and then there's an ambush so but there's always things that can go wrong with any deep state plan and when we get into this situation what happens is RFK is assassinated and they had this kind of fanatic who's under mind control doing the job but in Europe they didn't count on and his photographs they didn't count on and so they had these issues and so finally in the grand expanse of things they just had to say they got stolen while they were being delivered to the courthouse and that's where that tells us that the LAPD was working closely with the deep state to make sure we didn't see who was really doing the shooting now do we know that Caesar was doing the shooting not necessarily but what they decided to do was a number of witnesses came forward and said we saw Caesar with his gun out so the natural thing would have been for the police have checked his gun they didn't which is absurd because he was right there with Kennedy and by the mere fact that he's a security guard hired by the hotel that wouldn't exclude him they would have tested him when they did the actual trial another weird thing happened which is the gun that was used in the assassination by Sirhan Sirhan was not allowed into evidence so they used a gun that was like it to do all the testing and all this stuff they wouldn't use his actual gun because it would have showed that there was more than one gun involved a couple of quick things we'll just take another look at Caesar here to get an idea because Caesar is a damn good candidate for having pulled the trigger I have to say but at least he should be investigated 50 years out dead or alive this is an interesting report by someone I want to point out his name is dawn Shulman and Dom Shulman is particularly interesting because he was a witness who was close to Kennedy and during this whole shooting and what he said to all the television people and all the rest of it and he's a reporter for K and XT TV news he's one of the guys and he says well Caesar had got his gun out and all the shooting was going on he doesn't say that Caesar shot Kennedy but he definitely says that Caesar got his gun out which Caesar denies later in 1971 two years after the trial questions continue to surface about Caesar and Cesar decides to give an interview where he says well you know look I've talked so much about this what can I tell you you know he said they said did you have a gun that was a 38 he said no my gun was a different type of gun and he goes into this and then he talks to another reporter and he changes his story and he says well I had a gun like that but it wasn't my gun that was used and he's just really shape-shifting all through the story and leading this incredible trail of contradictory statements so he's under pressure and he starts to say that he has a kind of a thing against the Kennedys it's like he's really breaking down and he says well you know they destroy this country and all the rest of it so he's letting a lot out and what they decide to do with him basically is they staged a mock lie-detector test where he's going to take it and the LAPD is going to be happy about that while he doesn't show up for it so questions would rage in documentaries over the years about Caesar and I guess the closer we get to Caesar the closer we get what happened because even if he didn't actually pull the trigger and kill senator Kennedy he was right there beside him and he knew that the shot came from behind which doesn't fit the deep state official narrative on this so one of the reasons RFK jr. is asking the case to be reopened just because all of this stuff was unknown to him so what does he do he goes to visit cirhonk cirhonk in prison a few months ago now we have to remember RFK jr. has said that his father didn't believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission and he felt the CIA was involved in his brother's assassination now the Kennedys have kept pretty mom silence they've supported the Warren Commission over the years this is the first break and it's massive because RFK jr. has been pretty brave on a number of issues like the link between autism and excessive mercury in vaccines he's not just a general vaccine you know anti-vaxxer I he's just against certain types of vaccines that have proven to be absolutely detrimental in health studies and you know he's he's really stood up for different issues here he is I think face to face with this and he's the first Kennedy coming forward and saying we know that a number of the other Kennedys knew what was going on they understood that they were under siege and they understood that their family members had been removed as leaders but what happened basically with this is there's a breakthrough going on because when he talks to Sirhan Sirhan he spends this time with him and he decides he is he's not the person and he calls now in the last week for a new investigation that's big let me tell you it's big because there's a lot of deep state secrets sitting in the middle of that just like in the JFK records so President Trump has an incredible opportunity to move in these areas and if he just hangs back and lets the deep state and CIA run the table on this then he's allowing them more power in the situation as a matter of fact this is one of those vulnerable moments where he might actually be able to get a real investigation going and that's what they should do that's that should be the kind of transparency that we get this file copy is interesting because what they say in it is that this is a police record now we were just talking about the reporter who said hey actually I saw this and he said that I saw Cesar beside Kennedy and his gun was drawn so in here what it says is that this is the police record now to shut it to shut it down they said he yes he works for Kenan Kim KNX TV news he was working as a file runner at Ambassador Hotel he arrived at the hotel from 5:00 to 6:00 worked the camera crews inside the embassy room just prior to Kennedy coming down to make a speech he stationed himself just inside a door at east end of stage so he could signal the camera crew with Kennedy and his entourage arrived he went to the area just inside the doorway to observe direction Kennedy was leaving and the doors just outside the serving kitchen as we know he went right through the kitchen in the pantry through the double doors he saw a woman bleeding and he saw Kennedy on the floor he did not see the actual shooting or the suspect due to the crowd he saw no woman in a polka dot dressed he did not take photos and so there's no he didn't see the the security guard it's a complete denial of and everything that he said which was he did see the woman in the polkadot dress he did see the security guard with guns on him all the rest of it so they just make the interviews fit the narrative and off they're often running with the story so this is the way that the assassination was handled but it left all these things there RFK jr. coming out and calling for a new investigation threatens to blow all of these statements and all that sky-high and what they're going to find is that Lockheed's Cesar here was in a lot deeper with this whole situation and that the LAPD somehow protected him and didn't even a column to trial or research his gun they didn't even test his gun so that's and on the 50th anniversary of the RFK assassination to have a call by a Kennedy family member to reopen the case I think it's absolutely gigantic and with that I see Alexander Bruce is here Alexander I can't hear you though it's one of those but I'm sure we're gonna get you but while we're doing that miss Olivia how is your how are you doing over there and how are the questions going well yes okay so JJ is asking is Caesar still alive we were discussing that earlier today and you think he is yeah well this is an interesting thing about Caesar which is as it stands supposedly Caesar left with his family and went to Indonesia now there was a report that he died and then there's another report where the family didn't confirm it said no he's still alive so there he is an obscure land in Indonesia he's a no he's an elderly person now because in 1968 which is 50 years ago he was already I think he was in his 30s so he's certainly in his 80s now and in terms of his actual status the person that I've reached out to about this as William pepper who has done extensive research around this but as it stands there's there's some confusion about whether he's still with us or not Alexandra okay well we're not hearing you fascinating shut down at miss Alexandra it could be you know the thing to do if you have a mic plugged in unplug the mic no yeah you did it why don't you both check do all the troubleshooting stuff or maybe hang in there for a second because sometimes the stream will just catch up with you the other thing I can recommend is log back in but that's interesting I do remember we haven't had this sound problem in a long time but the last time we had it it was Alexandra Sarah cool do you remember that one but it's great to have everyone here I think what we'll do well Alexandre sorting that out is yes okay David don't weigh a stood Jean Dixon's talked to John and Bobby Kennedy did she see any of this she did and she made a prediction publicly there she is Alexandra any I can hear you it's amazing how are you fantastic your your volumes jacked up maybe a little bit if you can tell it's like flip it through the ceiling turn it how's this it's still loud it's still kind of but only because I'm gonna hear you just right that's good that's good so I'll just wrap that up which is that Jean Dixon did in effect she recommended that RFK not run in 1968 she had predicted the Kennedy assassination and that was on record and here she was again saying that he if he runs for president that he will die in Los Angeles so it was an incredibly eerily prescient prediction on her part and gene Dixon who I've gone over again and again that I think she was the most powerful person in America most powerful woman in America for quite some time giving this kind of advice that would change policy at a presidential level I can't imagine anyone else doing that but she was the secrets age for presidents from Roosevelt all the way through to Reagan and of course her relationship with Nixon was was crucial and documented interestingly enough what happened was people who were researching for the 9/11 Commission stuff we're looking back at terrorism policy and they ran across these records of Jean Dix and talking or visiting with President Nixon on security national security matters over 80 times which I find absolutely fascinating but with Alexandra we've been talking about the RFK 50th anniversary of the assassination and RFK jr. has come forward and said that he's spoken now with Sirhan Sirhan and he doesn't believe that he was responsible for killing senator Kennedy and that he wants a new investigation which is kind of mind-blowing I mean I think it's it's theater I mean I think he's probably had misgivings about the conviction his whole life but I mean I think it says more about the era that we're in and I've been told that basically the last main person who's alive who was involved with the JFK assassination is going to be dead within three months and that's a George Bush Senior and that with his death we will get the remainder of those those files they we were waiting for back in November right right and that is really fascinating too because it's tricky though because I'll tell you why I don't buy that because W is his son so the whole rationale about well it has to do with everything else that's going on which is the currency reset that's going to happen in our lifetime sitting right right right but basically what I've been told you know there's been a lot of really great work done showing how the crown the British crown is still very much in control of large institutions you know major institutions of the United States things like you know airports prisons some you know railways and just not not only the United States but many northern European countries some Asian countries some some South Asian countries and that in the US the way that these these are sort of no-bid contracts it goes through surco which it's the biggest corporation that nobody's ever heard of they're like a huge they're like a big they're like Google before Google was Google and I guess that they're they're being sued and they might go out of business soon Wow massive you know big data company and this is they you know have con traps all over the world to manage as I was saying you know airports ports railways prisons parking meters you know this sort of thing incredible and and that all of that goes back is it's controlled by the British crown and what we find is that the Bush and Clinton people are associated with that axis of power with the crown right that basically apparently they wanted to usurp the the right to issue by the Federal Reserve you know the New York Federal Reserve Bank or the I guess the US Federal Reserve System they wanted to take that for themselves and they I guess we're gonna try to cement that with with Hillary's presidency and that's part of the behind-the-scenes of what's going on that is fascinating right we're witnessing right now is is that it's this well let's let's look at the picture of how they can roll this stuff out I had a conversation with Katherine Austin Fitz where she said you know if you look at people like David Rockefeller and if you look at the bushes and that whole wing that was in control for so long that one of the things that they had going for them in all of their shenanigans is that they cared about their image but she felt that the crew that was replacing them was actually a step down because they didn't care about their image and they were ready to use very predatory technology without any kind of worry about how they were going to appear doing it because they were that confident what do you think that well I think that there's something to that I think you know it might be generational in part you know be so you know the Clintons are boomers and sort of let it all hang out type of thing and I don't know that could be part of it but you know you see her what's interesting is that in Clinton's book tour most of these stops I think 90% of them are offshore they're not in me she's not right thanks Anita she's not very popular here yeah I'm not sure what that signifies but it's an interesting thing to notice that's interesting yeah well we started the year with all the weird New York Times UFO stuff then there seemed to be some kind of give-and-take around certain issues and I showed this earlier which is the article which is the Bobby Kennedy article where RFK is asking for a new investigation is run in the Washington Post which we know is the CIA front for the most part and has been since Ben Bradley was the editor and Katherine Graham owned it so what's going on there do they realize that these topics in these subjects are now so ubiquitous and that there's so much connecting on them that they can't deny them anymore but they can co-opt them I think once again this goes back to the petrodollar in the currency reset because petrol dollars based on petroleum right and what the whole UFO thing represents is alternative energy ok so give me give me a little more of that well I think that it's all sort of coalescing and they think it's kind of gonna all come out at the same time and it's part part of why the u.s. is the country that is the most you know vicious about suppressing the UFO phenomenon or else doing it in the most limited hanging out way like the Washington Post is doing is because of the threat to the dollar by a viable alternative energy system right Frank right totally as our whole currencies pegged to the petroleum and we run that we've been running the climate this way and that's not gonna it's not gonna last too much longer I mean we're looking at Saudi Arabia going green you know they've said it we're gonna go green they're building this green city and you know they're saying they're not saying we want to diversify they're saying we're gonna go green so that's say wow that's incredible what I'm saying is to the dollar well since we're talking about currency and such they've had all this incredible roller coaster stuff about Bitcoin some of the key people like cliff I was really behind it has taken a position lately that he's not going to deal with that anymore and you know cliff has his own reasons for doing things that a number of people have started to kind of go in this opposite direction for Bitcoin what's happening well a paper came out I don't I haven't looked too much into it but a paper came out that had was published in 1996 that was describing everything about the blockchain and making a cryptocurrency and it was post it was it was created by actually two women were on the staff who wrote the the white paper on how to do this and it was the NSA so it appears that cryptocurrencies are weren't the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto after all and who was behind them well you know the NSA was one of them I mean it you can't say that only one person ever came up with this idea and pursued but um I'll go back to Fitz again on this it's interesting to me you and I have talked a lot about bitcoin actually ups and downs pros and cons and all the rest of it one of the things that she said is that they've been looking for a digital currency for a long time on this kind of deep state side and that their best chance at that was Bitcoin and so they ran it up to kind of test it out and see how it would perform now the question is how did that go and are they gonna adopt blockchain as the new digital currency well you know the way it went is that the SEC classified it as a security and so it started behaving like security and not eat the currency right that's also because of the limited nature of it right it has all the qualities of a collectible you know you know not even I have in a security but sort of like rare art or something like that you know so I'm not sure there's there's a hash graph there are other systems that create the currency faster they're you know they're gonna Duke it out you know I'm not I can't say that I'm the hugest expert on all of this I sort of stopped following it after I didn't sell in December and I just oh you'll get another chance no I was going to say I did tell you the song it's great though because you know you're you're going through those kind of undulations and rollercoaster like every you know – you started with almost nothing with it it was incredible yeah I think it's fascinating I always think that you have a good pulse on what's what they're doing with those things the other thing you have a great pulse on is that you keep a very close watch on these reports that come out and one of them which you're telling me about it's absolutely fascinating which is the deagle report yeah tell me about that well you know I've been watching that for three plus years now and what is it okay so it's a site that purports to be it monitors the armaments purchases of different countries it also keeps tabs it's like a merge of and it's constantly changing so it's almost like a ticker tape like it'll change every every quarter maybe right and it it says it says that it basically it's publicly available information published by the CIA and the IMF and the World Bank and other you know US government data and that you know they're they're not there's nothing woowoo about it and that it's just basically publicly available data and now the thing what what they're saying is that you're looking at but the crazy part is has to do with their forecasts for 2025 okay – is saying that the United States population is going to plummet from 367 of what it is today officially to 99 million in 2025 that's a 70 percent decline in population how do they represent it like what would be the cause of something like well they're saying it's gonna be the collapse of the Western banking system and that it will it'll be for migration mostly migration and there will obviously be death they say that the young people are going to be forced to migrate because it'll be the economy will be completely devastated they'll migrate mainly to South America and China and when you do see like they have brazil's population going up by now by 3 million the Zyliss population has been shrinking so there's nothing in the brazilian you know paperwork that's saying that their population is growing it's not it's going down they're not they don't have their replacement birthrate required to grow right now so so they'll they would gain 3 million in seven years well the other country that is like even more devastated is interestingly and significantly the UK will lose 75% of its population from down from from 65 to like 15 something crazy like that I mean that almost sounds nuclear or something it does sound nuclear but then if you really look at the pattern of the other countries that are cuz flat mile and if you look at you know Russia there was a little bit of a possibility of a gray back there they're always looking for a gray in your window I get these half I think I saw a gray back there so yeah well if it's definitely going to be you know we have mutually assured destruction when I asked my former you know intelligence friend what he thought when he looked at it he said well the only way that that would be possible would be with some kind of incredible like pandemic you know kind of a virus cuz it doesn't look nuclear because of you know the only countries that are very hard hit or France which you know is borders UK you know Spain does not do well but that's also because so much of the investment in Spain all the retirees from England pretty much goes thing right right I think because Spain is very tied to the English well you said 99 mmm and we have 320 million in America now so you're talking about losing 220 million people I mean it yeah asteroid in the United States you know and then it sort of spills out on the economies that are tied in it used to look like Australia it used to look really bad but it doesn't anymore right I think probably a lot of Americans will try to go there if this is right now what he said is that he thinks that this is disinformation he out so your friend who's the insider he thinks deagle is disinformation you know he's gonna look at it some more but he thinks that it's you know he thinks more along the lines this is what he thinks about the GCR yeah reset he thinks that yes it's gonna happen it will be a global digital currency but that the US will not be taken out by it he says it actually he thinks that don't Donald Trump is gonna be it has negotiated for this and that we will not be screwed and because he's argued that you know cuz basically what's but what we've been looking at our whole you know since the nineties is basically for China to replace us right in many ways you know they have I mean as far as consumption of petroleum they know yeah I mean and also well they basically adopted our ability to manufacture yeah well it's because all of our manufacturing was was sent there right it was almost like like a suicidal thing you know for the country but not for the individual businesses you know well I'd like to feel good about some of the changes with Trump there's and there's a lot of weird things going on some of the things you know there are all these great financial numbers that came out today which always feels a little bit uneasy doesn't and it was like you know 3.8 unemployment the lowest since 2000 right incredible and like their the manufacturing jobs are growing and Trump is doing tariffs on steel from other countries and all the rest of it which is something that everyone has been talking about since the 90s was the smart thing to do but what's interesting about this is that in the middle of all this they iced the Iran deal one they got John Bolton this National Security Adviser yeah Bush hold over and then Gina Haspel at CIA who ran black sites for the CIA during the whole torture thing that doesn't add up you know on one track he's going along strong in this other track there's an eighties like a 2000's neocon trip weren't you knows condi rice going to show up trunk crowd what they say is that he basically you know you know how he he hires people and fires people basically he he hires these globalists he's neo-cons he sucks their brains and then he fires them and so maybe hopefully that's what I love I love your version of that because if that's a problem but it seemed to me that they're positioning themselves to go back to that rhetoric around Iran like we won't let these thugs you know they started bringing up let's remember that they grabbed fifty Americans you know 1979 I seen a lot of crazy right-wing rhetoric around supporting the the Shah of Iran's son who's I guess it is like 60s now trying to reinstall you know to reinstate him like Oh put him in and he would say I like I don't want to be the King I just I'm the only person who can do this right now I want us to be a democracy that's a allegedly what's crazy you know well Trump survived the deep state assault you know getting in time mccabe was uh he's under a criminal investigation now as of like an hour ago oh did they say it yes unbelievable Wow see this is why forbidden knowledge TV isn't lost everyone yes anyway I was doing a big thing by the way on sites that we should trust and like the sites that are really bringing it and what was fascinating is there's some kind of uh oh you sent me something on it too but I had seen this which was a listing of some conference that was going on it was like an online conference and Ray McGovern was a part of it it was all about deep state type issues and in there when they were listing who has been censured the most right in there was forbidden knowledge TV net oh I didn't see that I'll say I'll submit to you but I thought you'd like that because you know they had it they listed a number of sites obviously but yours was right in there okay and I have no doubt that that's what they do which is a censor forbidden knowledge TV dotnet we've gone through that for years yeah it's like a total nerd like me and a computer for decades now like you can like feel it you can feel what's going on on the Internet yes like they're out algorithmically like screwing with me totally absolutely yeah yeah yeah no doubt about it but you have a very dedicated base this is important I think because it's hard you can't fool those people you know so that kind of engineering all they can try to do is mess up when you send the newsletter or whatever it happens to be but you totally crazy story which Las Vegas yeah I was gonna get to because we're covering now on forbidden knowledge TV you're gonna bring this up yeah well I haven't run because I well I actually posted it ran yesterday okay basically this is nuts the AP what is it the American whatever they are it's The Associated Press right the AP sued the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to release their call records and they were released on May 23rd we haven't heard anyone talk about that have we Wow and be fun okay so only one mainstream news agency broadcast a story about it and that was the ABC TV affiliate in Las Vegas no no mainstream press about it no main street no no alt media videos or or stories about it huh your job you mentioned it I hadn't heard of it right exactly I hadn't heard about it friend who noticed it was because G Edward Griffin site need to know what need to dot no I think is at KN o W dot ko W is a site and shocking shocking is okay what it said is if thousands of people called the Las Vegas police department to report active shooter situations in over 12 casino hotels just like all those witnesses whose videos I posted back in October they were completely vindicated my people who are claiming that this happened and everyone was you know and I got all kinds of I got a very particular kind of brand of email from from older let's say guys over seventy years old from Las Vegas were probably former spooks or whatever right well tell me oh no they were so it was only in Mandalay Bay and that was it was Patek and that's the end of the story you have all these witnesses saying something else that's weird that's common you know like I'm not gonna mention names but some pretty classic people know I yeah I think I know one of them yeah it's pretty interesting because here's the deal with that right then a number of weird things happened we did the special on JFK the records are supposed to come out October 26th we had the weird announcement of the TT s a Academy to the stars BS from the CIA it's phoned along groove then so you had the block on the records that was the first weird thing the le de las vegas shooting with seemed to really kick off this whole era then you got weird things like you know the queue thing which turned into a total fantasy thing and even julian assange put out a warning about all that stuff saying it was completely co-opted and so this whole period those it that showed up right then in that period and then then you had all the weird school shootings after that but las vegas seemed to be the kickoff right yeah then you had remember the seizure of the Arab Prince isn't right yes exactly haven't got an answer my deep throat person won't go there as far as the Las Vegas thing is serious as cancer if I start telling you what I think it is which I don't even know because nobody will tell me literally somebody will come to my door and kill me so but since you've got the deep gray security guards around you you're not gonna get very far there were multiple shooters there were in multiple hotels that was released by the Las Vegas police department so I can say that and not only that they were three women in paddocks room he doesn't notice that tell me about that part what's the deal there I don't know but what we want to find out we want to have the people who are actually good at this stuff right to get try to find the public case number for these any police reports for these things that have been released I was busy I was literally on the phone for four hours today getting a lot of the stuff for you so I didn't I didn't wasn't able to actually drill down and get into the document no that's great this is fantastic I think just the fact that you're maybe looking to Laurel Umar's work I think she reported on it yeah he wasn't the only people in the alt media and then I picked it up and then I think I mean that's it the three of us are in talking about it like you know Jake more fujio's who covered it to death at the time he's talking about something else right now which is odd because well there's a weird thing about it some people seem to go for like what's hot in headline worthy and when they get information after the fact they kind of dropped the ball that's the kind of consistency I think we've seen him and others like lose their channel to oh yeah yeah I'm not actually very familiar with his stuff but I it's not him in particular I'm talking about but it's I find that an interesting trend because I stay on things to the last draw because I you know that's the way that situations work look at the JFK assassination it takes 55 years to unwind a plan like that the UFO thing the cover-up starts in earnest in 47 you've got 70 years of that kind of unwinding I mean you know this that's the way it works so you have to be there when I look at the whole RFK situation that we started the show off with and we think about 50 years later RFK jr. one of the Kennedy families finally coming forward to say something about it these are the things you know like you it these things take time but the the facts are there on the ground as long as the facts are there you can animate anything well usually the time limit is 50 years for those kind of right secrets yes us to be released after 50 years and so it's 50 years now yeah I will say though that whenever they promised that it seems like in key areas around assassinations around the UFO file around these different types of things that doesn't seem to come to pass right it doesn't seem like they they start to let those things out on any particular schedule they say well you know it seems like after 50 years and it goes off after 75 years and and they just keep pushing it out and pushing it out one of the things that we've found in the next series is that there's a next letter at the LBJ library which is to be released fifty years after his death and we have Eisenhower's time capsule which is 1953 that's supposed to be opened in a hundred years it's 20 53 and that's Project X these things are set up you know to be released at a certain period of time I think that they're guessing in advance well within that period of time this will come out therefore I want my role in it revealed yeah it is it is yeah absolutely fascinating when you're looking at some of the trends that are going on for 2018 I've been talking a lot about space economy trends and all these things that are pushing up about space and Trump talking about a space for us things happen in there well I saw something very hilarious I have a few things to say about that you know like the Xinhua news agency for China China's they're getting ready and it showed their astronauts and in one of those Chinese deserts training and it really looked as even faker the NASA stuff and that's the joke we didn't go to the moon they're getting ready to fake their own moon landing all this is certain truth to that I bet it's true let's uh Olivia Harvard Olivia you can say hi to Alexander I'm good so would you like to take a question sure okay um so what is the point of the Las Vegas cover-up good one well I mean from the reports that I got I mean all I can say is what I heard because I I don't know it's nobody's even the people who kind of know aren't telling me okay it's deadly it's some deadly information what it sounds like is that there was a full blown terrorist attack in Las Vegas and they I don't know for whatever reason they don't want us to know that look for for everyone that this occurred on US soil that a terrorist attack of that magnitude I guess I guess that's my guess um there's a theory out there about it being an assassination attempt on Mohammed bin Salman do you know anything about that yeah I've heard that I don't think it's true I mean yes it's it's true that the top three or four floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel building our own to jointly by Bill Gates and it's prince bin Talal who was one of the people who was held prisoner I've been stung by Osama so no he wasn't there's been a lot of gossip about assassination attempts even this week there was apparently they shot down a drone over the palace and they were saying that it was assassination attempt no they shot down a drone according to you know the Saudi palace whatever apparently he's fine you know but he's he's the heir apparent to the Saudi he's going to be the king of Saudi Arabia and he's pretty about I guess into facto running it now and he's very young he's in his early 30s and he was not in Las Vegas when that happened but the hotel like I'm saying the Four Seasons Hotel is the top five floors of that building of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and that is owned as I said by what's his name doesn't bin tell Abdul Aziz bin Talal who is the super he's like a super liberal friend of Obama and the Clintons and he was in a Twitter war with Trump saying that he was an atrocity before the election and then afterwards now he's sort of tweeting more nice after kidding believable what else you got should we go straight yes so honey bears yes is asking are the mass shooters mind-controlled like start answer my question yeah there's no doubt about it know that like for example this parkland shooting I really find it hard to believe that this kid did that all by himself and there are reports of people in full body armor to shooting at the hallways you know teachers on mainstream TV saying I saw this guy with full body you know saying oh the cops are here already the teacher said so something weird going on with that story there's no question about it I think there's a controlled rollout around these things not all the time but you can always spot certain types of symptoms whenever they go to change a policy that's a classic kind of deep event and that's where you see these deeper elements routine it's it's all about this assault weapon and yes you know when most mass shooters use like 70% of them use handguns so just it's just an emotional plea you know boy or whatever like we shouldn't have weapons for the school and all this stuff but you know I this place is freaking nuts man it's got it's very disturbing they've tried this whole thing with the you know the student walkout around this this is like the March for your lives you're right right right was coming to march against our rights yeah yeah right exactly it's like please take our rights away now you okay Sandra were opinion on the this is America music video I don't know what that is I don't keep rolling okay your opinion on soul snatching soul snatching is that in the video yeah I think you better keep rolling what else you got alright Rawdon returns what do you do you think that a chaste or false alien revelation slash invasion will be forthcoming in the coming years and that this will lead to a one-world government I think that that's been a contingency for a while and it was sort of apparently released during a one of those leaks that happened during the campaign remember this is the Benson hermanson group right project fireside you reported on this we did a whole thing on it before the election and then when I spoke to my deep throat guy about it he said that his admiral friend was furious that that information came out about fire sign about this this laser device that can create 3d images in the sky yes and that he was furious he said that basically any employee at the Benenson group that saw that information would have to go to jail because that's that is like the most high security information and CEQA breach II total breach of national security it was very strange one thing that seemed legitimate about it is the actual document itself seemed totally legitimate which i think is hard to do so whoever put it together certainly knew how those campaign documents looked well thanks because it was using on the letterhead it was using their old stationery because they had already moved offices so that was a little like what's that all about you know maybe it was someone who was inside the campaign and left that was the kind of impression I got had just patched it together but there is something strange about that because we know the whole phony UFO push through Podesta through too long came out of the Clinton connection absolutely anyone's gonna use that as an excuse it's the crown that's what it boils down to because now we've heard we figured out that Clinton Bush cabal is in is in cahoots with the crown they were trying to take over the Federal Reserve Bank and Timothy Geithner was the guy who outed that and he was he had to step down from his job as Secretary the Treasury under Obama as a result and but he had previously been president of a president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank under under Clinton mm-hmm right yeah all right I think it is fascinating okay your question here from plays live do you think the constant cognitive dissonance around these events is part of a longer-term approach to fully fracture the psyche both mass and individual yes absolutely yeah I absolutely agree you know it's interesting though because that's the very heart of the work that you're doing with forbidden knowledge TV and we do with dark journalists and well I want to remind people to go to forbidden knowledge TV net sign up for your newsletter because they get the videos daily and they get your own essays about what they are but you get those every day and that's a fascinating service so you want to do that you want to go too dark journalist comm and sign up for the newsletter because it's a good way for us to stay in chart and touch one of the things that I think is interesting about this is we've seen so many YouTube channels go down and you know you and I have kept an eye on that and YouTube's censorship policies but it seems like they've been rolling out they they haven't gone full-fledged they haven't done a real purge but they've been rolling out tests ha well ha Roseanne I mean well talk about sending a chill yeah number one rated show on ABC gets axed because of one tweet and I'm sorry but you know Valerie Jarrett is about as black as I am I mean how is how is how is Roseanne supposed to know right right right blacks are just like he's not even an octoroon well that what's fascinating is they had a thing right afterwards about Samantha bee who does that stupid comedy stuff and she was using all the foul language about Ivanka Trump it's like they want people to focus on the stupidest things they want to get us locked into that little game what does Samantha bee say what did Roseanne say oh that you know and it's it's this weird thing or they get you away from the bigger issues that even though this war that's going on with within our government is actually being it's being played out against us in the media right where we're being subjected to this fracturing craziness I mean like you make a dumb tweet I mean if you actually look at the portrayal in the Planet of the Apes by what's-her-name Helena Bonham Carter it it's the 2001 version it's actually she's a beautiful she's gorgeous and white skinned by the way and with sort of little nasal slits that are actually very much like parrots nose that's it I mean it's she was actually if anything it was a compliment to call you to know that the slice they're like but I mean really it was that character played by Helena Bonham Carter was actually beautiful okay so it was a compliment to call Valerie Jarrett that character was prettier than Valley a leader I prefer the original 1969 Planet of the Apes the assumptions that are made also since exactly I mean you know so many assumptions are being made that since what black equals looking like an ape I'm sorry like it's just it was just like they were trying they were trying to fire her other people are saying it was staged yeah it's offensive mine there's there's a weird you know the fracturing Luna you just don't know what anything just chirp in here and say that there's such a double standard because The Cosby Show is still on TV I checked it in reruns and he is a convicted felon serial rapist exactly and ABC has some a show also that is that stars convicted paedophiles and it's on it's on TV now and I'm forgetting the name you know I read too much stuff we're brain all right right but you think in a Smallville with the whole cults small the Smallville actress got caught up in that scandal with next handcuffs absolutely yeah and that is let me tell you if there's a lot of those because we know there's a lot of multi-level marketing things that go on and we've seen those cults they operate in these small ways and we've seen them even in the new-age front and a lot of them get outed as well so we see that really isn't it it's the kind of thing that people really need to be aware of I think the selective censorship is terrifying it sends a chill set it so to me it's really what I thought was great was a diamond and silk got on Fox and says she's not a racist he's a comedian and she's popping the same stuff that other comedians do which is not nice and they shouldn't do it and you should check out the comment section on our web sites and on our and I know YouTube well this is the thing it's a controlling the paradigm that's in the culture because that's Stephen Colbert right everything is anti I was talking about propaganda comedy back in 2016 remember the comedy that's that that's the term right there yeah and they have to set it up that way okay Libya Europe Victrola 13 says how is the phony skunkworks disclosure roll out having an impact on the true disclosure movement is it a giant fail well this you're talking about T TSA there and I'll tell you where they're failing is they rolled out too long who was a terrible spokesman now they were withdrawn him and they've kind of run around with Elizondo but it seems to me that one of the kind of realizations that's been happening and grant Cameron caught on to this which is that they've mm-hmm they've actually bypassed the UFO community on this and they're trying to go to Congress because they want funding for this and their way of doing that is by going through the media with their assets the problem with the whole TTS a skunkworks CIA op around UFOs is that it came out of the Clinton administration idea that there was going to be a Clinton administration that didn't happen sniff is kind of freaky leftover and they're still trying to roll it out anyway it's kind of like the Bay of Pigs and you know so you have the Trump situation just kind of looking at that they're not doing anything to aid it and you have this kind of weird leftover op of these CIA groups thinking they can do things because the CIA with its own Air Force and with all their assets planted in the media think that they can run the entire country and this is the the nature of the problem that we're talking about when we get around these issues I mean when we're talking about what we started with tonight was just the RFK assassination who do we think is behind that you know obviously that's a deep state CIA operation so you get into major kind of issues when you're dealing with whenever the CIA gets around the UFO file it has to be rejected outright and you can't have people who are kind of in that world in the New Age or UFO world chumming up to the CIA especially after they spent so many years telling everybody how bad the CIA was for blocking all that stuff so yeah wants to know how do we take over the Federal Reserve you know you don't it's literally it's it's such a force so powerful is behind that it is the choke point for everybody on the planet and I'm not saying that it will be there forever but it it's gonna take a lot to dislodge that it's been around for this sort of group that I've heard it's a you know that they're basically centered in Basel Switzerland it's it's a committee they're called the committee there are at the very top there are 30 guys and then maybe ten at the very very top it's very hierarchical you've heard of that the John Coleman book actually described it very well it's called the committee of 300 and it's it's he wrote that back in the 90s he's he's no longer with us but he has so much of what he read this I need to find it in my pals books but yeah so much of what he said is really barring out right now in the relationship of the crown to all of this stuff as well yeah you are you're very hot on the crown yeah you're really getting the hot hinges mind control of the UK is really present for me right now I just I see it so much I see that they're even more controlled and manipulated than we are if that's even possible I've had people really reach out to me from the UK and tell me you have a sweet deal in America we're really under control here that's kind of fascinating to think about okay Olivia did you know Lockheed Martin is a UK company with a queen holding the golden share well it's interesting you know it's fascinating about Lockheed because they have various interests so you know you can take shares in it but as far as Lockheed goes Mach he'd tracking back even through the RFK assassination that we started with Caesar who's the most likely candidate for shooting Kennedy was a Lockheed employee we've gone through the fact that Lockheed was deeply involved in the X series of X planes and now they have the virtual lock on air space along with Boeing so Lockheed there's a reason why Fitz calls Lockheed the United States of Lockheed goes right back to the crowd like John is say I let John ask any question he wants he's he's all over this topic that we're this thing about the crown I've been talking about yes okay keep rolling so John Casey says didn't a house assassinations committee investigating the RK murder also what did it conclude they didn't they investigated the MLK and JFK assassination cases they felt that the LAPD had done their job the LAPD completely whitewashed the RFK assassination and they got away with it because he was a senator and there's a different kind of effort that's required on the part of the deep state as I pointed out earlier which is when you're eliminating a president you have to take there's a lot of legal things that are involved it's a much bigger operation you have to replace him you have to do all these things with the senator you can assign it to local control you can say the deep state can handle it on the assassin side and then you can cover it up through the police department it's an easier thing to do because this isn't someone who's actually sitting in the highest office in the land that demand for an investigation you know which is there doesn't have the same power as you have when it's a president because you have all these different offices that are affected by it so it's pretty fascinating because the way I look at it is you know the RFK assassination was completely whitewashed and even the committees that have gone into it when they've looked at the deep state operations and the CIA operations around assassination they never have touched the RFK assassination and really the information that's come out through people like William pepper and Lisa peas you know I mean those are the researchers that have done the kind of yeoman's work on this I watched a documentary from 1976 that had more information around it that's never been refuted so you know this is this is the nature of the thing the information is there but the public will forcing the pressure you know just like the JFK movie forced the assassination record Review Board this is the nature of the thing that's where the power lies that flicks how did that pop into your eye that's I know Jews control the entertainment industry yeah literally like selling yourself I mean it's the Obamas you know like only that it's propaganda yeah he's like a third-generation CIA guy he's not it's all very Obama was a real creation yeah it's really fascinating it's not one of my subscribers that he was helicoptered independently well what's fascinating we should say this about Obama just to give someone perspective that you know it's not an anti Democrat thing because as we know you voted most your life as a Democrat but Obama was rolled in afternoon yeah there we go well that was the Nate the mood of the country and I understand all that but the thing is he had actually only won his Senate seat and started to serve in 2006 yeah so and you know if you think about it he started running for president in 2007 so he had a year in that's ridiculous you're like in a place where he and Valerie Jarrett were they were slumlords like in like the toughest hardest you know like down on his teeth district in Chicago right and like I don't know I saw a video this is just horrifying housing development that maybe it was Michelle and Jarrett all together I think Obama had the best chance of any president in modern times to reshape things because of the mandate he came in with and he completely keeled over and became a clerk for the bankers right no he was different I'll be changing it was just it was just a very kind of cynical racial thing like first black president but it's kind of like you know that's like the new thing is you I think that the the deep stain is sort of relocated to the Democrat Party you know that's from oh the demographics are I mean the United States is becoming a brown country so they can't have old white guys telling you what to do anymore it has to be people that look like your demographic so so that you know that's why you see it's just weird but you have the sprite of people on TV and like half the Democrat candidates are all CIA agents that is the point and we're gonna get into that before we go into that give us that this is brilliant okay plays live says is the Obama thing some narrative symmetry a president becoming a reality star to soothe the gaping mind wound to the reality star he's become we can't add to that can't follow that one so getting to that because you just reminded me about this the Democrats decided to field all these new candidates it was something very interesting they all had in common what was going on there well it's instead of people like hiding the fact that they were CIA agents they're just absolutely incredible and it's just like you know I'm former CIA agent and I'm gonna be your congressional star Democrat so you know they've just given over to the CIA which is fascinating because you know the Democrats have a very interesting background on both the parties are just so corrupt that the need for a new party is is overwhelming but I will say this and it's something I got into with Fitz which is that the Bernie Sanders Democrats have the same kind of dedication of the people who got Trump into office and I think that those groups could work together Oh Hillary and Bernie are going to run together like run in their wheelchairs and hits Wow that is ridiculous I didn't have heard rumblings that Sanders was going to run which is incredible I mean he's already 76 he's gonna be what 78 that's ridiculous we've never had a president that all the oldest president was well as was Reagan and when he got his second term he was 73 so he was in there till he was 77 so we got Trump at 70 that's up there enough as it is and one of the things you know the presidency right right now she's she's definitely up there and I don't think anyone first of all she can't handle it legally if anyone takes another look her whole scene is gonna completely crumble because when you look at the Clintons you know it's you know the corruption runs so deep that just a little more examination and their bust no question and that whole thing with the phony Mueller probe you know we're still seeing them waste money on that and hope against hope they can get something going it's ridiculous I mean it's a total waste of money from the start Euler was the CIA during 9/11 the FBI I'm sorry and he actually he stayed longer than you're allowed to stay he like Obama signed something right there he was in there for like 12 or 13 years he he was uh he actually said it was okay if the NSA to keeps the spying program going so I mean he's just been there covering up 9/11 and allowing the NSA to spy the way they are he's just a bad guy yeah terrible yeah well I think um basically the idea was the deep state the intelligence agencies wanted to remove Trump that's what was going on there they just wanted him out any way shape or form because they couldn't predict him he was an animal that they couldn't get a handle on and whether you like or not you know we don't want somebody to come in from CIA and tell you take out a duly elected president so that's the that's the point I think when we look at it we're seeing the intelligence agencies run wild trying to do these things now that they've failed in the first year and a half to do this I wonder where they're going with the Mueller probe I really you basically we're talking about it's a fight of sovereignty against globalism yes and what we have in the Intelligence Agency in the robert Mueller's of the world is infected with globalists the we're not are anti-american well the Abo's crowd right they look at the North American zone we were just a corporate business zone for them you know and so they they've got their Asian zone all set up they're working on the European Union and somewhere in the middle of all that they ran into some problems basically and they ran into trumpet they radish nationalism but really their main problem is that they want to run things as this corporate Overlord deal and run these different zones and forget about constitutions and all the rest of it so we see all these moves towards constitutional conventions and all the rest of its a world you know the one party thing that's starting to fall apart in Europe with pension whatever the various funds there are melting down like like crazy yeah Spain and other countries are not far behind fascinating Olivia you're Erin moon wants to know if you have any thoughts on how Breitbart died after having dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who are also good friends with the Obamas Wow incredible you know he had what a heart attack right he was 26 I think he's young and he had I think one drink too maybe in his system it's easy to get rid of people if they have the will on the side of a deep stay the thing about bright I do think that they saw and you can see the threat came to full fruition by the time the 2016 election came about because the force and the power of moving that whole thing into the voting system and really getting real news out there and all the rest of it and Breitbart might skew one way or another but the thing is they were outside of the mainstream control of the news and I think they saw him as a pretty major threat yeah I mean he was the one who made a claim about he called John Podesta a cover-up or of pedophilia rings Wow he he started he started down that road and we got so much on the Podesta thing ancient aliens featured Podesta and it was such they have such at in here you know it's fascinating the recent assets it's really yeah how it's become such a kind of a freak show from what it was it's just it's amazing but it was so amazing the ambush of comments against Podesta when they put that out it was people are just they just don't know their audience I think that's fascinating okay what else you get Nijat mantra says please ask alexander the symbolism of the royal wedding was that the marriage of the u.s. to the UK possibly i didn't watch it you know surprise somehow says can you ask alexander what it would take for people to realize the truth about the windsor quote royal family and its corruption well it's it's it's kind of in the works i mean it's definitely it's out there i think i think Harry's uh what would I have heard about Harry's thing is that the super blood liners you know the real Nazis cuz you know a lot of the Windsors are Nazis really you know Prince Philip is Rob are totally upset that he's married you know a biracial and no woman how that's interesting yeah well I think on the other hand it's very much his his choice of Markel for her life it's very much what what Britain is rolling out there trying to reinvent itself as a the brown country like they I don't know if you saw the thing with cheddar man they claimed that he was black and then they had to kind of roll it back and say no he was olive skinned but they had some some people like make a you know like one of those wax things you know off of the fossil yes and but they made with blue eyes and like you know like Ethiopian skin and actually there is a theme and not all Africans have it only certain groups have it have that really really dark skin is a particular gene and that fossil did not have that gene so they're trying to like brainwash it's very strange I think it's fine that there are people of all races living everywhere I think I don't have a problem with that but I have a problem with is just trying to like erase Hawaii people like they've never happened well it's fascinating you know one of the things I was going to ask you and with all of the stuff that you do riding these waves and following these stories and keeping up in so many different areas and like if somebody goes to forbid knowledge TV dotnet you're gonna find information on politics you'll find information on chemtrails when organic farming on psychic material I mean you know you cover that range and you know we cover a lot of things with dark journalists it's it's more than just that narrow corridor but one of the fascinating things I've been seeing is the rise and fall of certain issues and the way that they get pushed and then they're they withdraw them and push them back out and one of them is Antarctica and I find this really fascinating is that a natural organic Evan flow around information or do you think that's kind of a controlled rollout of stuff it's a good question I think that the way things work or that it's kind of like what you were saying about Las Vegas and when nobody's covering it yeah in the alt media okay in the and the mainstream media it could just be that the CIA has either threatened or made them not to cover it right but in the uncontrolled media okay that's just not hot anymore and I need clicks or something and nobody okay Las Vegas in a world you know post I don't know how many mass shootings since yeah okay so you do kind of see it as an organic but the government which yeah I think that not that this natural organic process might not be exploitable okay yeah there's no question we've seen that I just think that when certain groups pour on the heat and the money like Gaia TV for example suddenly you know they pushed everything about alien mummies or Antarctica and then when that money withdraws all the coverage withdraws and it's like oh it was a an illusion to start with you know but I I find those trends fascinating because flat earth being one of the big disinformation ones that I think that in fact told me that that actually was a real psychological operation that was tested not on the internet it was tested decades before the internet existed like in the 1960s or 70s and he forgetting the details but well they got some you know well-educated professional people so convinced with these arguments that the earth was flat that it caused exactly the same kind of fractures and weirdness that we're seeing on the Internet Wow and so they just rolled it out again who did it you know did it online this time they know how to control the thing what's the biggest risk you think going forward for the rest of 2018 do you think it's false flag activity well I think that the biggest risk has to do with whatever to be a Bush Clinton axis doing something absolutely crazy to cover their tracks in their asses their criminal criminal timeline you know whatever it takes and that that's kind of what what's going on with 9/11 yes and so something you know if apparently they don't have control of the military they have control of the media clearly yeah there's no I think that they represent the biggest danger to the world to America certainly right now that group of people and what how they're manipulating us against each other they're very dangerous and if they get back into full power that is if they get the Oval Office back but there's no indication that they're kind of when the this the elections these Democrats are not doing well in these elections you know I don't really say this with Glee it's a little weird you know I I hope you know voting against the Democrats right yeah you know because to me the Democrats represented basically they're anti corporate ah cracy anti corporate it's about workers rights that's what it has been in America but what you see Silicon Valley being about it which is totally aligned with the Democrats is that that's total corporatism and censorship and and really like war mongering with Russia yes Democrats morph into that like who are they they're not no question no question they became the very thing they purported to hate which is yeah Olivia Europe David tor Mena is asking how can the listeners up their game in a face of this madness by watching forbidden knowledge TV in dark journalism it's a lot of work it's it's back-breaking it's soul-crushing it's can be depressing as hell it takes a lot of time good point alienate yourself from normal people normal people think you're bonkers so it's actually good I think you're great okay the one of the things I want to do right here since that was a great question actually why don't we each list a couple of websites that people can get good information on now I mentioned forbid knowledge TV net which is your site actually highly recommend people sign up there for the newsletter you want to go there and get that in your inbox so that's part of your routine of getting that information going because Alexandra really does a great job with that and sign up for the dark journalists newsletter because you'll know when the shows are on and what's coming up and stay informed and that's a way for us to get around a lot of those social media platforms too if we need to that direct communication that's the way to do it I always read a lot Solari calm that's Katherine Austen fit site incredible information there Geza Deathstar calm Joseph Ferrell is coming on the show later this month I crypt agon is another one that I highly recommend always interesting stories on that but do you want to reel off a couple right now I really want to tell everyone to go to aim for the number four aim for truth org Patriots for truth dot org or column not sure and truth bits calm these are their it's all sort of loosely affiliated it's it's like 20-plus people researching with stuff that is actually very well vetted and like with with as they call it impeachable evidence yeah those are good do you have other sites you wanna mention really these are some new things what she does to escape from all of this great Alexander how do you get away from golf Calgon I haven't had a day off in years now and it's it needs something's gotta give because you know before I mean I actually made a decent living at this because I made a lot of money tossing money from Adsense which is Google's ad platform but now I literally don't even make 200 dollars from Google Ads a month literally like honored not even 100 sometimes it's really insane because it used to be a lot more than that you uh well you know Netflix should take some of that 50 million and invested you'd make some very fascinating documentaries what else you got no who is at the very top of the food chain in the breakaway civilization oh wait let me go back on this name for a minute is it bend over or bent over sorry say is that today bend over okay now we know so give me the question again know if you knew that yeah that made elimination no I would say what you can definitely say is that the aerospace companies are the biggest clue when we go through the people who've gone up against it we can take clues from the work that they've done Jim Garrison we did a show on him in the x-series last week was so well received because so many people didn't know about him and his effort you know people who've gone out there and and tangled with it you get a sense for it that's why I think Fitz is so important because she's been there she's taken the heat and you get a feel for how they try to knock those people out the Kennedys certainly so who do we see over and over again show up in those circles and it really it involves what Professor Scott calls the deep state you know and but really if you look at these different areas we're talking about military contractors and now in particular with the space fence getting hoisted into full capacity now we're really talking about the aerospace companies so I think that's where you want to look to get signals for that where would you look Bank for International Settlements people that thing is yeah well not not the public ones the ones you don't hear about the mitii who are actually pulling the purse strings of follows endeavors I think it's yeah breakaway civilization in particular means something that term of oats not used so much anymore of the idea of the breakaway civilization is pretty clear which is that there's a group that has advanced technology that's either recovered from advanced craft or was a long-term program for example so the breakaway civilization is that corner having to do with the tech in my opinion based on on the way it's been brought out so I think if you want the answers there you're going to have to find who has the industry available and who has the money available so you saying the banks and me seeing the Earth's base country companies you bring those two together it's a pretty powerful force especially since it looks like everything's going into space well there's also this you know okay there's a nightmare scenario I don't know true it is but it doesn't really look so good the whole five gene rollout yes well that's absolutely yeah well basically what I'm hearing is that it's involved with everything that we've been talking about it is necessary to have that kind of from that level of granularity in the net for the Internet of Things for the for cryptocurrencies to be everywhere and well and maybe to for some eugenics play well which which would work you know this is what the apparent allegedly the breakaway civilization would like to see is to sort of get rid of the riffraff well what are they moving toward they're moving toward a transhumanist future they're moving towards automation they're moving towards an androgyne really they're trying to remove the genders so you know I understand it from from looking at it my way where where they're headed but how do you see that like they're removing all these different types of labels that people have traditions backgrounds they're trying to make them non persons well I think part of that it's part of the the very classic Marxist thing – it's about it's about hope and change you know so you have to change things so that changed things you have to destroy what is and so you know right now they're they're destroying the basic assumptions we have about gender and things like that and sexuality or whatever well just outside the box for a second and I know that you really know how to get into these things when you see them when you see people hooked on the 4G technology and some people it's hard to break them out of the trance when they're looking at it when they get to 5g that's a level where the brains start to merge kind of with the technology that's kind of where they're going yeah there's this actually on many fronts in modern society it's the dopamine reward cycle in the brain you see this in the obesity epidemic you know the number one killer of Western people is the Western diet which causes heart disease and early death for eating ourselves to death and and and you see you know this incredible opioid epidemic that's happening right now and then the addiction to the cellphone it's like we're there I think that we need to take a step back and understand that the Opia opiate the opiates dopamine reward system and understand it because it's our receptors are getting shattered by this situation and we have basically addiction crises on all kinds of fronts and basically it's a it's a horrible vicious cycle that the more you do it the less happy you become because it's basically the way dopamine works versus serotonin they're like oppositional chemicals and serotonin is that whole cycle is the one that's really about sort of long-term happiness and and delaying gratification and and having you know just not overloading your your opium receptors and your dopamine receptors which is the same thing fascinating because it's just it's everywhere it's you know it's in the food it's that everywhere you go it's like something is trying to addictive that's businesses are preying on this this basic neurological sort of fact that exists with us Olivia I told you they're putting that in the ice cream that's why you're so look now we know I know I absolutely agree and it's it's interesting because it's making the whole culture into you know they've been able to control it and we've seen that whole explosion in the pharmaceuticals since the 1990s people just weren't like that before they didn't need all those things suddenly need all these coping devices you know when we were kids people were skinny now they're everyone's fat now and well and then you know that the the English addicted all of China in order to take over I mean that's what's happening here if we're being taken over I do find it fascinating that areas like Maine for example which has been largely a rural largely untouched by this suddenly within the last three years has an incredible heroin epidemic and we've seen all these deaths in that part of New England which just weren't there before and that's the black budget moving in and saying you know what we need to get our revenues up and just targeting these areas that they never used to go after before West Virginia I mean it's everywhere but the the incredible you know the severity of the epidemic in those states is completely off the charts it's very disturbing Columbia so mayor Robinson asks where does Alexander think Trump stands just another front man stands on what yeah that's a good question let's say generally do you think that a Trump represents just another front man like we've had as other person no I think before he's a nationalist not a globalist yeah that's a big switch that's a big switch and I would say no matter what someone thinks of Trump in his politics it's a breakthrough to break through that corporate do I like him do I like his hair no of course not he's giving the state a run for their money I love that that's great that's it you met Donald Trump I didn't exactly meet him years ago at Moomba which was a very trendy nightclub in Greenwich Village okay back you know decades ago I was out with my brother and a bunch of friends who were all at Calvin Klein including that it was with Carolyn Bessette was with me right and when asking a question about her to ceremony and so it was like 3 o'clock in the morning this was like the after after after you know party thing and he was there with with Bruce Willis and they were definitely on the prowl they were out hoeing his like they were leering at us and we were just like these cheesy bastards like look at like the same way that you people talking about his orange Ness and then you know he looks like a giant cheeto or whatever like this is the kind of thing we were saying back then and you know it was just kind of hilarious to see Donald Trump at 3 o'clock here's one thing I will say an answer that that is a fascinating experience let's face it one thing I'll say on the Trump thing is Trump made it so that Hillary Clinton could not occupy the White House so the theory of applause for that okay investigated as he suggested in 2016 he came out with a lot of things during the campaign that were absolutely fascinating he's not going to touch it because I think that this financial thing is more important that's what I asked that question today for my source and he said he's he's not going to touch it that's interesting he campaigned on it you can't paint on it you did we have to think once you get in office this is the thing how much transparency do you want but what I find fascinating is we already have with the JFK records and Trump a problem so the idea of thinking he would unravel 9/11 doesn't seem quite likely it seems like even if he has inclinations to go in that direction and he's indicated that he has and even in my you know we've had Roger stone in the program and if you follow things that Roger stone says Trump certainly knows a lot about a great deal of these issues he's very much more on this side of the page with the alternative media for sure but at the same time they have introduced this idea of Trump as a savior in certain circles and that even when he bombs Syria it's all for DHS and that's all nonsense we don't have to take Trump on at that to see him as for what he is you know to see the benefit of the Trump administration versus what would have been the Clinton you know it is it's not I'm hoping so I like your vibe on that but here's what I'm saying my prediction is if and I mean if and I certainly hope not but if Trump goes after Iran it's all over change legacy all the rest of it it'll be history so if you listen to those neo cons and your President Trump they're going to get you into the same trap that they got other presidents into don't go for it right my take on that okay what else you got so Ronnie returns asks would RFK have opened up an investigation on JFK if you'd been elected to office I'm glad you mentioned that three weeks before he was assassinated he was asked that question and remember he kept although in the background he was working quite a bit on the investigation he kept publicly silent as the Kennedys have on rfk jr. but three weeks before he was at a university answering questions and they said will you reopen the investigation and go beyond the Warren Commission into JFK's murder and he said that he would so that was another reason where they were thinking this is it if he gets in it's all over for us but they knew that anyway he saw RFK and the reason we're looking back at him 50 years later the potential of the presidency he was going to have would have brought us that transparency back then so you know Watergate iran-contra 9/11 that whole kind of setup that we had afterwards it would have been such a blow to the deep state to have pulled out of Vietnam in 1968 instead of waiting till 1973 that's five years of drug profits military profits and all the rest of it so they got fat on that I do feel that RFK understood and there's an interesting thing that came up there because you know he had done a number of things to expose the garrison investigation and block it and everyone always found that very unusual because of course Jim garrison was trying to bring the CIA in but he was afraid that if all these things came out that they would the CIA would try to use it against the Kennedy's legacy basically and say well actually it was kennedy who ordered those assassinations of Castro and all the rest of them so what he was doing at the end however was exchanging letters with garrison where they had come to some kind of thing where they he understood that he tried to block the garrison investigation and he's he had these letters with garrison and garrison said you know you have got to come forward about the JFK issue because it's only by exposing it that you can keep those bullets off of yourself in RFK wrote him back and said I understand that there's a number of guns between me and the White House so RFK understood the deep state's position and he went forward bravely in any case so that's something to keep in mind but yeah I think that gives you a pretty good answer which is that three weeks before he was assassinated he said it himself we don't even have to speculate he said I'm going to reopen the investigation into JFK's sassa nation david Dollaway is also asking are there still hidden files on this case that have yet to be opened oh yeah on the on the RFK and the JFK side up so that way there's so much information about the players around first of all they locked up all of the information as we started off the program with with the photography of this any art photographer who took all these pictures of the assassination as it happened and on the JFK side they locked up the garrison files what does that tell you who was garrison looking into he was looking into the aerospace companies why am i doing an X series well you have your answer so it is fascinating and it's a good question though because a lot of people just say well you know their files they're not going to leave anything in there that's important oddly enough although there won't be smoking guns and the files that they hold back there are things in there which can help researchers connect those dots and that's what they've been the most afraid of especially if they let out the garrison files because his full-blown investigation into the aerospace companies which is where he thought the assassination resided runs the risk of blowing the whole thing open before they get the space fence operational so you know I mean we're looking at some heavy-duty stuff I would say that it looks bad on the JFK side when Trump in April on the 26th of April didn't keep his promise from October 26 which was that the CIA has six months to release these records and he gave them until 2021 which is a year after the election you know that that's that's not a good sign in terms of getting access to all will see if it's true is that they will come out when bush senior dies which is will be very soon yeah I gotta tell you I'm gonna go on the record thinking that's that's a no that's a no-go because Bush Senior the only reason they even keep those records is they didn't want to humiliate a precedent but if w is alive and he's a son they're not going to let them out so that's a tricky one but hey listen I might open I would love those records to come out and I think that there might be some momentum going on here that we're looking at seeing as Bobby Kennedy's son is asking for an investigation I think you're right he knew all along that this is what was going on but the fact that he would come out and say it kennedy has never said that since the assassinations took place but you knew Carolyn Bessette and she told you yeah I knew I I knew max and I knew I was neighbors with Rory who were both are F K's children and I was I knew John from college I knew him over the years he dated black people I grew up with like Daryl Hannah and and I knew and then I knew Carolyn from for various it was you know world is small with my say and he never know Kennedy that I knew ever discussed the assassination of their fathers what but Carolyn did say that she did intimate intimate to me um that he absolutely thought there was a conspiracy to kill his father within the government but it was kind of she didn't really spell it out because I think she was trying to be you know faithful to him I've heard that he was absolutely obsessed with bringing it out and that the magazine was an avenue for them right that's what she she said he was obsessed with it I think it's interesting that you were friends with John Jr in college it's like an interesting path when I was 12 so right yeah so I mean it's interesting with you do you have your Rumsfeld letter and do you want to show it sure I would love for you to show this and if you know in watching these interviews that we do and we we get together and talk we've always mentioned this thing about there's been this Rumsfeld connection because Alexandra's stepdad worked in a company Rumsfeld and he was around in those circles and he made a bet with her when she was 14 about whether or not what was the bet about it was about yes territories of the United States the United States and you had him beat but he tricked you right exactly hold on well actually he kind of turned it around it was very manipulative yes here we go I'm gonna have to email it from one computer the other and oh no that's okay that's all right while you're doing that Olivia Europe between RFK and Thor somebody's asking you about yeah yeah yeah it's very yeah and interesting it's very interesting well first of all there's a couple of things that come into play with RFK which is he gave the briefings to JFK on the UFO file and he was very on top of it because this was his gig being on top of these things for JFK and their developments and one of the things that we have from Philip Corso is that he was briefing RFK directly to give the information on the UFO file to JFK so we know that on the record from course so that's one but there's a guy named Frank Strange's who is a minister who wrote the book about valiant Thor and meeting him at the Pentagon and how he was you know was the Nixon as VP and Eisenhower who were hosting this extraterrestrial there who had shown up and said you know I want to help you so it is a fantastic story no question however a really interesting detail came up later which is that his house was basically raided at one point and that Bobby Kennedy came in with a number of his investigators and says something along the lines of okay tell me all about your spacemen and so I'll tell you what's interesting about strangers in his tale of valiant Thor which is that there are supportive anecdotes over time if really look at that story maybe the fact that he's a minister also is is another reason now I think people associated with it can often think that he was mind controlled and that he saw things or they told him things just to test him out and it's possible because certainly you know Valley and Thor is one of those urban legends in a way and yet it was Alexandra's book on the Philadelphia Experiment where she was talking about Phil Schneider and Schneider said that he met Thor and we know that Schneider worked on those underground bases so that his father there's a photograph of his father Otto Schneider sitting next to the valiant Thor yeah below decks on the Eldridge on the USS right well I saw a lecture with Schneider after that because I got curious and he talks about having met Thor himself and that he never aged right pretty interesting let's face it know there's something there's something odd there's an odd echo in that story but certainly RFK showing up and getting the details that sounds pretty legit to me I don't know if this is true or not but and gummy bear says valiant Thor is my he is a great name what else you got okay so Christopher newsy says do you think that JFK Jr's plane crash was a deep state off oh my god you still have me on kitty as you roll into that one I want to announce here that olivia is one of the biggest fans of Kitty's on the planet well the deal was some you know there's a lot of what was going on when JFK jr. was eliminated they were talking about him running for that Senate seat that Hillary Clinton eventually got in New York it made sense he had the connections he had the charisma I think that when we look at it there's too many unusual things with the Kennedys starting with John's older brother being exploding in midair before he could be President Kennedy being taken out JFK RFK here we are on the 50th anniversary of him being before he can be President what is it that's going on here so John Jr very likely candidate let's face it and after his mother had passed away you know it seemed a lot more viable that you know he wouldn't to break her heart by getting into it after she had to live through all this but after Jackie had passed away it seemed pretty viable that this was going to happen and I happen to think that John Jr's plane crash was no accident I have that feeling as well I happened to be working outside maybe I don't know less than 20 miles as the crow flies I was bartending at a tiki bar in Montauk that's very Alexandre yeah I was writing my first book and so I thought I'll go be a bartender and a writer and you know it'll be really easy bartending gig and I found out that nothing could be more cutthroat and impossible I think in the Hamptons but so there I was at the tiki bar at this place and so I saw all the helicopters freaking out like late at night we didn't know what was happening but I can tell you is that it was clear was a very clear night so that this talk about haze I don't buy it I don't buy that at all no I totally agree with him another interesting thing and I don't know what to make of it our mutual friend John Kennedy in my mutual friend John Barlow who passed away just a couple of months ago he was a he was a rated pilot himself and he promoted the official story which I found strange well that is strange John was he had some involvement with the CIA yeah but he was very close he liked John was a very important person for him he they loved each other they were very close men well John was very young John Jr when they took him and it seems to me the story around it never really held up for me and you know when you see those things happen plane crashes are really one of the best things they like to use let's face it okay we'll take a couple more questions and then we'll wrap it up oh and if you found your letter it's not printed out so I can't okay okay no we'll do it next time we'll do it next time definitely okay DJ and Alice don't you agree the karmic debt for JFK RFK is right to be paid well it's the transparency that's important there the karma around the situation forget it I mean you have a small group of individuals really controlling the lives of so many people and not playing by any ethical rule you know so it's incredible to me that these people when they take them on that they can't beat them at the ballot box so they resort to the kind of assassinations that we've seen but there's no question the fundamental character of the nation was at risk with those assassinations and removing those leaders in any kind of transparency that we get regarding the things that they brought forward and the reason that they were eliminated that kind of transparency can help change the whole tone and nature of the government that we have that's why we need it as a matter of fact any government that doesn't deal it's just like a person if you don't deal with your past then you're not going anywhere because a government that can't deal with its past own up to it and move forward you know the reason that in this case we haven't seen it is because too many of those people and too many of their families into many of the groups around them benefited and it was basically an overthrow of the duly elected government so you know I hope the Karma has rolled around what do you thought something to add to that you know when when John died I felt something I was just learning about the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics about branching universes and stuff yes boy did I see the universe branch Wow juncture it was like wow a world where maybe John Jr could have been the president is no longer possible Wow gonna be a very different world as a result well let's end where we started which is that's Kennedy winning and he was about to win the Democratic nomination and then the presidency against Nixon pretty different world a pretty different world we would have had Olivier let's take a couple more questions sure well about her potential assassination oh my god what would he got scruples four four four poker what is DJs take a Barrett Monroe getting killed having too much knowledge on both the Kennedys and possibly her UFO connection well let's start with that one it's pretty interesting actually because she was friends with Dorothy Kilgallen Kilgallen eventually would have a mysterious death herself under similar types of circumstances of some kind of overdose nonsense but there's no question that what had happened according to two FBI documents is that JFK during his time with Marilyn not as a bragging thing but maybe it's kind of like subject matter told her about witnessing a hangar where he had seen these crashed aliens and they were worried about her as a loose cannon anyway but the fact that she might reveal that could have very well played a major role in her death yeah Alexandra it is fascinating aerelon was an incredible person and those people you know they kind of gravitated to each other JFK and Marilyn and they are larger than life right that is incredible but we have to remember also that Marilyn was tracked hardcore by the FBI she was tracked by the CIA the CIA and the FBI when someone becomes a celebrity they go right on the radar because they're like if they go against our causes if they go against us and especially in that period where the FBI the FBI was ultimately paranoid you know they targeted people like Marilyn and they they would use dirt against them to keep them quiet if they ever became political adversaries so you know on the surface to us there are celebrities and you know whatever it happens to be and of course she was a great celebrity but on the other hand each of these people once they get into that position they have a kind of political identity and so they get into these situations where groups monitor them for how they can profit from them or how they can keep them in a box and we see a lot of that we see a lot of that now as a matter of fact we've seen a lot of and this is something that may Brussels used to point out there's a lot of interesting deaths like John Lennon's death where it's we have to look at it a much bigger picture in terms of the political ramifications and where these people stood and the kind of power they had as heroes of the people in the sense so yeah fascinating question okay what else do you got Daniel natal says please ask Daniel and Alexandra about politicians keeping security clearances after retiring and doing insider trading for companies that hire them afterward five eyes Ashkelon etc is genuine the tall the one who writes the music yes yes Wow yeah we've heard that and it's very sometimes very witty and it's interesting stuff so thank you you know Jared still has her security clearance and she's the only one living at the bunker in DC the house that the US taxpayer is paying five million dollars a year to house Obama you know the Obama family there they haven't set foot in the place and she's living there instead with more security than any you know anything she gets the briefing every day from CIA and she saw three clearance what is she doing there why are we paying for this Oh excellent point we have a question up there Jane Jones any catcher in the rye with sirhan sirhan absolutely fascinating question of course they use the Catcher in the Rye with John Lennon's assassin and they also used the whole Jodie Foster thing when it came to the person who tried to assassinate Reagan which is John Hinckley jr. who was a friend of the Bush family and they always had these little you know kind of devices it's sort of like a signature of intelligence work with Sirhan Sirhan I'll tell you what's fascinating is that the material that they found that they linked him with in the groups that he was linked with were Rosicrucian x' and Theosophists now you know in the x-series we've gone a deep very deep to show that the a deep state is a symptom of the war of these mystery schools when you get boil it right down to it and we've shown the role that theosophy has in the Rosicrucian certainly I found that fascinating because I felt like there was a lot of symbolism in using sir Han that way and it may have been a warning to those groups that they could scandalize them so that would be my take on the Catcher in the Rye in that setup was theosophy and the Rosicrucians and i'll tell you he certainly was involved with both okay what else you got David romina again TJ have you or will you ever speak with RK junior and outlast the backlash says does Bobby jr. think sir Hahn was mind-controlled well it's interesting he didn't say that he did come forward with his statement and say that after three hours with him that he was convinced based on other information he had developed that Sirhan may have been kind of railroaded and framed he has intimated that there was a role in mind-control he didn't come out and say it but there's indications in this book that's coming out and it's not up yet it's supposed to hit sometime around Labor Day and I definitely want to get my hands on it in terms of contact with him you know I've actually made those connections behind the scenes but I haven't talked to him personally okay so how many years do we have to wait for the vials on our case assassination well they're buried what's interesting is they're buried under a different type of system whereas if they were a government document that'd be easy to get at but the LAPD locked them down in a legal case so technically we never get them there are records that were involved with that case where they said we'll hold them for twenty years and like I said earlier we have Scott enure who you know he came forward and I want to show his picture again because this this showed up later which is the shot of him taking pictures of the RFK assassination at 15 as a high school reporter and his account was verified and what they did after trying to trick him what the records would say your stuff was stolen sorry you know so I think that the other thing is that they took the bullet samples from all the different the ceiling and the wall and the door and all the rest of it and then they eliminated them in 1974 saying they were taking up space so they wanted to bury this case so it's not on a good track the way that the JFK stuff is supposedly on a good track because you have rolling releases of material in this case in the Bobby Kennedy case what RFK jr. is calling for is a new investigation and that would have the ability to open up a lot of those records as it stands they're not scheduled to ever be shown it's a breakthrough thing I can tell you from studying this for so long RFK jr. coming out and saying that is it is a big Kerrang in the middle of that establishment whitewash because they've always kept the Kennedys on this John Kay is asking is there any occult symbolism to the date which our kid was shot and Murray Oliver just asked is there esoteric symbolism to the location in LA well you know it's interesting because there's something about 23 that yeah I would say what's interesting about that for me I couldn't say right off the bat the esoteric connections on it except that they with sir Han they have the Rosicrucian Theosophical thing which is that he's part of a Rosicrucian group and he has all the Blavatsky materials and all this so they're trying to tie him into that for me that's particularly significant I think what they saw here as opposed to Dallas which was really organized I think they saw an opportunity here with the Ambassador Hotel I do think it's interesting that gene Dixon made the prediction and got it to the Kennedys about Bobby being killed in Los Angeles so there are trails of esoteric there's there's definitely trails of esoteric and very unusual there's a story one of the most fascinating stories that comes out of this is that there was a name that was repeated over and over again in sir Hans Diaries and it related to the Boston Strangler and he it was in there just as much as this whole RFK must die thing which let's take a look at that and that's real MKULTRA programming there and so this name that was associated with the Boston Strangler was in his diaries later in 1979 there was a psychologist who analyzed the Boston Strangler and got him to come out DeSalvo and he was he had these prostitutes that he frequented and he bragged to the prostitutes that he had programmed cirhonk they it's funny because the prostitutes shared this amongst themselves these ladies of the evening and they had assumed they meant that he meant Oh after the assassination I programmed him but there was one who figured it out in the middle of all of them who was maybe is smarter than the rest and said no don't you get it what he's telling us in these sessions is that what he's bragging about is that he gave him the programming in order to do the shooting and it's interesting when you go into this guy's history he actually tracked back through the 60s with the CIA programs under very difficult circumstances to pin down because they destroyed so many of the MKULTRA records but there are things along this line that hover right over the RFK case there's very good reason for assuming that sir Hahn is a mind-control Manchurian Candidate because when he shows up he doesn't remember and there was another he doesn't remember shooting Kennedy I mean that's was that's pretty bizarre there's another interesting piece of that and I meant I alluded to it earlier where when they actually took him under hypnosis they said what do you see when you go back there and he said I see myself shooting at a target range so that was obviously what they implanted in his mind so he was kind of the decoy to just shoot like crazy as this range and then have the other person do the real shooting that's the kind of setup when you get into this this is a very deep operation and you have to understand what what's at stake for them assassinating MLK and RFK within a two-month period I mean they're really showing their jugular if you think about it but they have to do it and just previous to MLK being killed as we started the program off with LBJ says I'm not running for re-election basically resigns the presidency so that whole chain of events is all connected in my opinion but it is it's fascinating story and I do think when we look into the roots of MKULTRA we look into what they were trying to do with it that sir Han looks like the perfect candidate for it the other thing about sir Han I want to mention is when we look at the programming vetti got there was a incredible Columbia psychiatrist who was an expert at hypnosis and he said that he never met a more pliable subject than sirhan sirhan who he studied in prison and he said he could give him simple hypnotic suggestions and he would climb the bars he would give him suggestions that he was a monkey or whatever and he would climb the bars and do these things with like you know two or three minutes of induction he was incredibly pliable suggestible mind so that's on the record okay so we'll take one more question okay Alexandre in your circle close to the Kennedys do you feel a truth meme emerging is there a truth meme emerging well we've seen RFK jr. yes I think I think you're right on Alexandre it's fantastic to have you back with us wow it's been a while when what have you got coming up with forbidden knowledge TV I want to tell everyone to go there forbidden knowledge TV net sign up for newsletter oh my god it's free if you can't imagine what an incredible service that is you're going to get directly in your inbox the newsletter with the video and Alexander's analysis absolutely priceless the best stuff out there go to forbidden knowledge TV done that and sign up for that and next week we're coming back with the X series part 13 and you don't want to miss that it'll be Friday at 7 p.m. I wanted to mention this to everyone who's following the X series we've just crossed half a million views with the X series so I appreciate the support the understanding that people have and following because the details rich in the x-series but I think you know we've let out maybe about 10% of what we have on that so there's a lot more common for sure Olivia outrageously great as usual thank you so much and we will see everyone go to dark journalists comm sign up for the newsletter that's how we stay in touch back and forth with each other and I think that's the best way to go support the site and get behind it subscribe it's four dollars a month for you know the information that you're going to get and you're going to want to be a subscriber over the summer for sure so thank you so much Anne Alexandra we'll have you back real soon questions and just every time you look at the TV those are the people who are pushing like 19 box cutter you know bearing hijackers didn't oh yeah just don't believe horrible don't watch that stuff Osama bin Laden's coming to get you baby principals he was such a seafaring man did cheetah like he wanted to be buried at sea oh come on man Jamie miss you Wow great to see and fascinating stuff Aleksandr you really I mean the stuff you're working on absolutely amazing and you look great you look great it's great to see you yes they're freshwater pearl's they're pink and this is a one of the business my mother was in there they're called baroque pearls because they're irregular let me see if I can get them close to the camera oh those are great those are fantastic you see they're like irregular and they're pink beautiful she used to go to China I went once with her it was fabulous oh yeah yeah yeah absolutely amazing well we hope you have a fantastic summer of course but I'll talk to you later this week and let's look for a great weekend for everybody and we'll see you next week say thank you it's great to see Olivia everybody hey what's what's for dinner tequila first then ice cream I think you're addicted it's five G tequila addiction thank you everyone and a shout out to let's see who I can grab Rica the hopeful voluntarist it's great to see you out there and Margaret Margaret Weston hopefully you're joining us was she in the chat or not I didn't see her but she subscribe today yes ice angel' it's great to see ya ah David Ward thank you for coming aboard and while we have great crew tonight Aaron moon Katja earlier scruples 4:44 fantastic I feel like it's going too fast my eyes are doing I think a cult fan it's great to see you out there bad wolf Erica and mcLaughlin the jaw it's great to see you out there jabber monkey I was just reading about Jabberwocky we were just talking about that and that was amazing we used it we pinned your your quote and that was that was great thank you so much and what Stein your book is the most hardcore outline of occult science all right horse lover yeah it's great to see you out there horse lover was a fan of the show I'm trying to think back now at least all the way back to 2014 so it's great to have you out there of course Daniel natal we touched on him Tessa dick thank you it's always great to have you out there and ferry bill ferry terrific our KC connection I like that excellent and thank you for your emails and staying in touch we will see you all next week thank you everyone oh wow


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  5. Frank Stranges, who wrote Stranger in the Pentagon, and claimed to have met an extraterrestrial, Valient Thor, there who landed in the Potomac River around 1957, and remained at the Pentagon for about 3 yrs. Thor then left but remained in contact with Frank. RFK insisted on meeting with Stranges during the 1968 primary, to ask if the story was true. He wanted to know what Valiant Thor considered to be his chances. Stranges made RFK write down his question (which he did not want to do) and Kennedy then left as quickly as he came. Apparently the ET either met with Kennedy or gave his answer through Stranges, "Don't run, you will be killed; wait until 1972." RFK continued to run and Stranges claimed to have witnessed the murder on a sort of tv, while visiting with the ETs on a space craft. The ETs were sad about it and wondered at the way humans thought. Stranges had found Bobby to be brusk and sort of rude, but the Senator was under a lot of pressure and wanted advice from an extraterrestrial, something he had to keep under the radar, so that should be taken into account. You can find the interview where Stranges talks about this but I don't think it's in his book.

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  12. People. Don’t true “Insiders” even if they have legit credentials. You’re probably getting played: disinformation. Unless they provide you with actual, verifiable information; avoid them. You’ll be made to look a fool.

  13. JKF Jr.s death is no mystery. Not IFR rated. Departed under stressful circumstances. Night flights over water are inherently risky and spatial disorientation is very real.

  14. Jarrett's 'profile' indicates, to me, that she is more than likely one of the Queen's girls, in the extremely secret club of women that actually rule the world. Look into Michael Tsarion's work on the Female Illuminati and the Dragon Mother. Jarrett is born in Iran, lived in London one year and moved to Chicago at aged 5. So, she is NOT American born, her father was a geneticist working in a Childrens hospital, connected to agriculture… Many of her causes involve children / girls, her husband was director of obstetrics and gynecology at Jackson Park and died at 40 years old… She sits on some BIG corporate boards, and some odd one's – on and on BUT it was she that hired Michelle, met Obama and brought him into the 'right' circles. She was, more than likely, Obama's handler. Deep state is hidden and more than likely run by women. Why? Because women are in charge and the only real threat to an evil agenda run by a small group of 'off radar' women – (pretending to back women,) would be women who find out what the real agenda is and who is running things…

  15. Alexandra was way over the top this time. Thumbs down. Stick w/Fitts and Farrell. Nobody censored Roseanne, evidenced by the fact everyone knows what she said. The decision to cancel her was a corporate one, not a government one. I'm sure you understand that DJ, but you didn't push back at all which was disappointed.

  16. I appreciate Alex and You, researching how topics are related. I started U tube last year and removed all cables from my house. I have become disappointed that topics burn out. It only lasts as topic are trendable. Goes back to, MSM.

  17. so a friend of mine has this really cool pin , its hard to describe but theres a pic of rfk on one side and mlk on the other….

  18. Frank Sinatra was Mafia connected. The Deep State today has a working relationship with the Mafia, IMHO. The night before JFK was to parade in Dallas, the meeting of many men, to include George H. W. Bush, included members of the Mafia bc the Mafia was in on that hit. Now ask yourself, would a government that had no working relationship with the Mafia suddenly approach the Mafia and ask them to participate in a presidential hit? (I don't think so.) I believe the Mafia figures into much more of what has gone on over the last, what?, 50 to 75 years than we can even imagine. This government is completely corrupt and has been for some time. Joe Kennedy was into bootlegging back in the Prohibition Era; so it would follow that he had a working relationship with the Mafia or they wouldn't have allowed him to cut in on their profit-taking. But the dream of most Mafia is that their children will eventually get into legitimate businesses and not be a part of the rackets any longer; I can see Joe Kennedy wanting this for his sons, too.

  19. I thought, that you and Dr. Farrel had already cracked the JFK assasination with the Helicopters Contract going towards the Vietmam war , why do you back up? DJ?

  20. I've looked at that Deagle report and read it differently. If you look at it it is saying that there is a projected % of decrease , but others are interpreting the numbers as the population not percentage. I wish someone would do a good video on this, and show the actual charts they provide. Also someone needs to research the company who put out this report.

  21. DJ please do an RFK documentary. I loved the one u did of Oswald and I think with your investigative knowledge and style u could definately shed some new light on it.
    Great show BTW ♥

  22. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2018/06/05/did-l-a-police-and-prosecutors-bungle-the-bobby-kennedy-assassination/?utm_term=.1a18172a3eb1 😉

  23. Laura Loomer mentioned the Las Vegas issues many times. And as for Q, he is back and although you are entitled to believe anything you like there are still many who think Q is anything but a psyop or LARP.

  24. I tried to post a comment here hours ago, and it never posted. I was a teenager then, when Humphrey was running. My mother was a very involved Democrat, and she achieved a lot of things there, in Memphis. She had a great deal of respect for Humphrey. And that is my point. To aware Democrats, Humphrey was not the buffoon or joke that you make him out to be. Did he have what it took to win? I guess not. Clearly you are not old enough to remember this. Surely, you weren't even alive then. But I can assure you, if my mother thought a lot of Humphrey, then you are mistaken; you are falling prey to the media, as so often happens. Of course she would have supported RFK, but that was not to be. I think she saw that coming.She prayed that no Kenned would ever run again. SHe got it. And that day, when RFK was gunned down, I know I will never get over that — or that entire decade. As I have already said, my memory is picture perfect. The door, the slate, the newspaper with RFK lying dead, under that bright light.

    My mother had already gone into deep, deep mourning over JFK. Today, I wonder what happened to all the "memorabilia" she had bought. But the mourning in our house was very real and very deep. And when the decade ended and RFK was gone, and MLK, right there in Memphis, I cannot in any way describe to you the agony that we felt, the utter despair. Then it was time to put on a happy face and pretend that none of it had ever happened….

    Because of things to do with my father, my family moved to a small town in Arkansas, and my mother left public or political life altogether. But when she was in Memphis, she was really a doer and shaker. SHe never sought the limelight. Never. She was always in the shadows. But if anyone wanted something to happen, they came to her. Mary Catherine Tolleson. And some others have taken credit for her achievements, or for some of her actions. Which is too bad. I really must try to set the record straight someday, before I die.

    I add this to say, once again, that I am completely overwhelmed by tears — running nose, the whole thing. This always rips my heart out. I will never get over it, and I don't think anyone else who was a Democrat and lived through that decade as a conscious human being has ever recovered. We were all wrecked by that. Politics was over, for decades. And then, for Ted Kennedy…. How could so many things happen to one family? And now we learn that he wasn't guilty. And then JFK Jr. Mysterious plane crash. For one criminal family to go after one great family to such an extreme, and to get away with it — decade after decade after decade. What can one say? They murder all the good ones, period. If you are a good one, they will kill you. Understand it. Get it. Don't run. You will die. Unless you are one of the Bush crooks.

    And obviously Sirhan Sirhan was mind controlled. See his writings, while in jail or prison. "Kill Robert Kennedy. Must kill Robert Kennedy." Let us thank the Nazis among us, the Bushes. Let us thank Jim Marrs, and others like him. Did our timeline split? Is there another timeline for our planet Earth on which JFK did not die? What a different planet this would be, had he lived. Can you imagine? And now to be as if hog-tied, since they have taken over the MS media altogether, so that there is no way to speak to the people and tell them the truth. No one in my family will listen to me. No one. Without a free media, without an informed populace, there can be no successful or effective democracy. Someone said something like that, But I do not remember who it was. If only you could convince those around me, who all think I am looney tunes and a basket case.

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