Revolving Door: Conflicts, corruption in media

Revolving Door: Conflicts, corruption in media

for months now we hear on the news with Rick Sanchez have been noticing just got it blatant examples of conflicts of interest in media in particular just in media people go on as experts but nobody tells you that they have an obvious bias because they work they lobby or are paid by billion billion dollar weapons manufacturers or in some cases trillion taller weapons manufacturers pharmaceutical companies insurance companies the Monsanto's the big banks I could go on and on and the more we looked into this the more we looked into this the more we found just how insidious it has become and by the way how the average working American right like you it's getting screwed over by this revolving door and all these conflicts that now dominate our government our industries our universities our media here now is news with Rick Sanchez correspondent Michelle Greenstein who has been working on this series and brings us tonight the first of many reports on this revolving door this conflict of interest where are we starting well I think it's notable that we're starting with the media itself because the question is why don't we hear about this revolving door on these major news networks so let's start there we of course know that there are these people who go on the major news networks they call themselves experts they call themselves analysts but of course they're anything but objective so let me give you just a few examples the first person I want to show you is Jack keen he goes on Fox News as a quote-unquote military analyst he's known mainly now for praising Trump for being tough on Iran he does a lot of fear-mongering about Isis and he was actually called Hillary Clinton's biggest influence on foreign policy he of course used to be on the board of General Dynamics and for General Dynamics their primary customer I read their financial statements this morning one customer the United States Defense Department is their primary customer and literally consists of 65% of all of their revenue so of course it makes sense for them it's profitable for them when the US is at war he also works for a atomy which is a private military contractor that you may know as Blackwater well that's what it's formerly known as V Blackwater people wanted killed innocent people and took a really bad hit for it I guess that's right the name used to be Blackwater Academy yeah maybe you got to be a PR problem no it's not just the right-wing networks right it's also the so-called left-wing Network so on NBC you have for one as one example john brennan you may know him as the former CIA director but he was also the CEO of analysis corporation another company that makes money from war we also have on CNN someone named Michael Hayden again another CIA director but he is the current chairman of the chair top group which is a firm that essentially advises clients on obtaining government contracts so he's lobbying for companies that make these defense and security devices and of course it's helpful to go on the air and tell people that you know we should be feeling insecure because of all of these enemies and you know there's a threat to the US and let's be clear about something you and I because I think we have to be fair about this please there's nothing illegal and there's nothing wrong with these gentlemen working in those industries in America everyone has a right to take a job and everybody has a right to make enough money to feed their family and good on them if they get a million dollar contract the problem isn't the fact that they work there right the problem is that that creates a conflict of interest because it's not disclosed that's right none of these networks disclose these conflicts of interest and the reason I think we should cover this and I think you agree is precisely because it's legal because this is not abnormal this is how the system works now on CNN and MSNBC we have someone named Stephen Hadley who also goes on as a contributor he gives his take on foreign policy right but he's also on the board of Raytheon currently again huge war profiteer but I think Rick the bigger issue is not just these people we know there are these experts that go on that aren't objective but also we have to talk about who are the people making these types of decisions at the top so I want to take you through some of the board of directors and some of these news networks that's right thank you of course thank you so I want to start with Comcast which owns NBC MSNBC because they're kind of trusted by Democrats they're hailed as kind of a liberal beacon now the CFO of Comcast is actually a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations now this has been called the quote/unquote nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the US has a lot of Wall Street ties has a lot big oil ties and regularly influences US government officials and actually a lot of members are in the US government but also we have a current board member who's also a current board member of DuPont chemical now DuPont is known for maybe poisoning a water supply it's actually been sued hundreds of times for contamination of both the environment and human bodies in addition to that another board member who sits on the board at Comcast which owns NBC is a current board member at MetLife so are we gonna hear stories from MSNBC about you know the profit-driven health care system maybe not so these are things that affect people right and it's the obvious ones like war it's also these things like chemical companies and these things like health care companies which is why I'm bringing those two as examples even though it's not the extent to which conflicts of interest exist at these networks now let's take it to Time Warner Turner which owns CNN again the CEO is a current member of the Council on Foreign Ministry but you also have a board member who by the way is also a board member at MetLife but he's also current board member at the Occidental Petroleum another board member is who's also by the way CFR member is also the managing director of Finance and resource mobilization at the World Bank so maybe we won't hear as many stories on CNN about how the World Bank you know perhaps notorious for trapping third world countries and debts and backing is warm enough all right let's talk about Fox News which is owned by News Corporation we have members of the board who also sit on the board of genie oil and gas now this is very very relevant because Genie oil and gas holds extraction rights in regions in disputed areas in Syria so you could say that a war in Syria or regime change in Syria would be profitable for them that's why you see fox very against assad and also the israeli subsidiary of genie oil and gas actually discovered a bunch of oil in that disputed region now we also have a board member who's also sitting on the board of the Atlantic Council which is kind of NATO's unofficial think-tank it's funded by NATO directly it's funded by big oil to funded by weapons contractors so it's no surprise that you see entities like Fox News you know being hard on Iran or being pro Saudi Arabia because NATO also I mean because the Atlantic Council also takes money from the Saudi government great work thank you right porting and I think I can look at this camera now and say something to the viewers give me this camera I want to say the next time somebody comes up to you and says about Artie do you know who owns Artie do you know what I want you to say to them do you know who owns the network you're watching keep watching so you haven't heard that we're the ones covering the stories that you won't see covered anywhere else in Venezuela Kazakhstan let's go to Hong Kong and the media reaction to that has been crickets how about the way we cover those stories what the hell does that mean Bali wah wah wah that's the key word in this case uprising keep watching this is the right thing for members of the media to do to actually pick sides but if you like what you see subscribe

39 thoughts on “Revolving Door: Conflicts, corruption in media

  1. This is truly needed, every channel has its own "experts", but who they really are?, and who choose these "experts" on the shows?!!!
    Ms Greenstein is doing great. Thanks

  2. Brilliant reporting, people better learn how check the pedigree of the sources they get informed from… MSM is nothing but the propaganda wing of the corparate federal government….

  3. I watch you for international news and I'm from India. The same problems we as Indian started facing in recent years of our mainstream media ( Government Boot Lickers ). Hope In future we also have trustworthy news agencies like yours in India.

  4. Shut it Down, Shut it Down, Shut this Damn thing Down!!!! Let them blow among themselves. Since they dnt care other than keeping there damn job! Not Truth. Let them have each other.

  5. Ah, yes, the infamous revolving door between the Pentagon and high tech arms industry. Conflict of interest out the yazoo.

  6. When Bernie gets elected, need 2 push him 2 reinstate the Fairness Doctrine @ the FCC. SHould include disclosure of who's paying these so called "experts"

  7. so this is the reason why they all want to disarm legal gun owners. do they worry that we may be an armed yellow vest movement to stop all these Zionist, warmongering, lying so called leaders? I find it very unsettling that the Democrat parties main thing is open anti gun agenda. the Republican party says they are pro gun… nothing will happen to the 2nd Amendment, yet behind the scenes they have validated and caused more Anti gun laws, and fans of the republicans blame the Democrats. ALL THE SAME CRAP. So what is worse some one who tells you I am taking your rights or some one who does it behind your back while they smile at you and want you to wear a MAGA HAT AND THAT IS A LIE,TOO BECAUSE IT SHOULD SAY …MIGA. ALL IS SUCH A CON. thanks for being the only real news.

  8. RT is actually owned by the Putin btw, or at least funded by him, but besides that… it is the most unbiased news station out there.. BY FAR

  9. Working for the Agents of Death (from Arms to economics to politics). excellent work Michele.

  10. US is corrupted country and politicians elected by corrupt corporations become slave to corrupt corporation, Honest person/s in CIA, FBI and NSA should hold them accountable.

  11. CFR… CFR….
    Can you do some digging into their influence please ?
    It's an organization funded by the Rockefellers for crying out loud.

  12. What a fabulous job she is doing 👍👍👍really I loved it the way she is educating us heads off💕💕💕💖💖💖

  13. From Rick Sanchez…the gut who got his start at a South Florida TV station as the voice of the Miami Mafia, constantly bashing the Cuban Revolution, advocating keeping Elian captive, etc?? Hmm He's seen the light?

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