boo Iselle Gunda istanbul dan muhabba with the busiest and biggest in the world who'd smiles at our cool 787 Orville today and he said no I mean it's a bit tight I and I feel like pretty protected from the rest of the cabin dedication just for you guys I don't want to see that fuel of Turkish Airlines so I hope in a near future we can do something about it it's pretty much like a coffin seat on the bed on the triple seven is so much more spacious hey guys boo Iselle gunda Istanbul Dan muhabba hello and welcome here from Easton vaults brand new airport and today as I already said in Turkish is a very special day because it's going to be the very first commercial flight of Turkish airline 787 Dreamliner why is it so exciting because Turkish hasn't received a new airplane or introduced a product in years so today is today and I'm also gonna show you the brand new Istanbul Airport which just opened recently and I've heard 400 construction workers died during the construction so if that is really true then I don't really know what to say about this shocking however today it's all about the new airplane the Dreamliner flying to Antalya and then I'm gonna go back in economy class where we first fight in business and back in economy class so if you want to see the economy class review please subscribe now because this video is going to be posted tomorrow but for now I am super excited I can't wait to just introduce this beautiful product to you because they be using it very soon internationally to Bali it's gonna be an exciting day I can promise that so the new Istanbul Airport is the successor of the Ataturk Airport which ran out completely of capacity and this airport as such is designed to be the busiest and biggest in the world being able to handle a hundred and fifty million passengers annually so however they're still extending this airport it is going to be D hub for Turkish Airlines which serves more countries than any other airline in the world so this is their new home this is 10 new hub and this is where all their operation is going to happening for years to come so let me tell you how annoying the whole built up was doted at the normal place oh don't meant to leave yesterday on the 8th of July but then they changed it from Istanbul to chomps on and it kind of made it over an event flight so my friend said is a propaganda flight so it was invitation only so it changed it many many times so it was supposed to leave on the 8th but they've changes to the ninth so even called my friend at Turkish Airlines and even he didn't know when XD exact date was so um it was really hard to find out so a lot of people were actually initially booked on the a it so they had to change it even when I went to the check-in gate um I was shown up huge smiles at oh cool seven eight seven a novel today and he said no it's not a seven eight but I think that was mainly due to his poor English but eventually it all worked out so it's definitely going to be the Dreamliner today it's gonna be a remote gate but I think it's going to be quite an interesting day today so this is it welcome aboard Turkish Airlines the 787 dreamliner this is to Brent and you see it looks very fancy it looks at the very neat so on a very impress it comes to a one-to-one configuration so every seat has diatonic says this is new for Turkish Airlines and my first impression is like wow I mean this is just as classy I mean look at the fittings here of the quality of deceit it is exactly it's very similar to the seat on Singapore Airlines use this for example on their 50s and 380s and yeah it's a short flight but I'm gonna enjoy this product so much as I can so let me give you a quick little seat tour and I told you that finishing here is just so impressive and this is also where your reading lights are located and yeah that's how it works the screen right in front of you and this is where the table is found isn't how it works you pull it out you followed the only issue here would be dead during the meal service you wouldn't probably be able to leave your seat you have some storage space here this is where all the reading materials are cabs armrest you can switch off your seat Do Not Disturb button flats a flat back function so everything is located here as well as the audio jack and do remote control lots of storage space here here this is where you can rest your headphones universal power outlet as well as you use be and a bit more star spice as well as a mirror that is pretty nice when you think about the old triple southern 232 configuration which is completely outdated then then this is going to be an absolute upgrade in terms of the hard products all like this is literally the very first white yeah it's wonderful better thank you : cheers through great flight thank you Twitter's roasted hazelnuts so right now I'm with John aka Hinesburg slaughter gonna link to his Instagram just below what's your first impression what colors are pretty nice time yeah and it was pretty good and definitely an improvement to the triple 7 but it seems a bit tight that's right that is true that is so I also just seat belts aren't kept in gold quite a statement here of Turkish Airlines yeah so let me tell you something that I absolutely dislike about to near airport the time of taxi so whenever coming from London from the runway to the gate was half an hour and now we've been texting probably for 20 minutes already so the distance between the guides and the runway is horrendous it is very unpleasant so I hope in a near future you can do something about it move the runway closer to the terminal building thank you very much Turkish Airlines fuel consumption must have doubled or tripled like ever since they open at New Year polls I don't want to see that fuel of Turkish Airlines and one cool feature this Dreamliner has as those cameras so you have like a forward-facing camera and you have a downward facing camera and I think the quality must be at least okay oh my god you can't even see the waves and the Sun reflecting onto the city that's pretty impressive so you can probably see that I swore and I'll see so unfortunately I'm not the wind due to this little divider here and I feel like pretty protected from the rest of the cabin and it does feel very private so if you end up on the aisle don't be too upset because it's still very separated very excluded as an Elsa literally just going to Italia to fight a Dreamliner I don't even leave the airport I'm gonna recheck in and then I'm gonna fly back on the same plane in economy cars and make a different video yeah dedication just for you guys so something I very much enjoy about Turkish Airlines always have like homemade fresh lemonade which is really good which you should try when you fly to Airlines so boys a hit never amiss with Turkish Airlines it's definitely too catering for me personally it's the best catering the world for any airline and look at those little shakers in form of minarets I'm sure they're gonna accidentally end up in my pocket today and then of course turkeys not only known for their amazing food but Elsa footer and grade which I 40 also strongly recommended if you fight your challenge either try some real Turkish coffee or some chai so we already started our descent but I wanted to quickly show you what it looks like once you go complete completely flat I don't know exactly what I would have a good sleep on here as soon as it feels a little bit claustrophobic but I guess the privacy is definitely given so as you can see gets very tight in there very little room to turn also I doubt that you have that you're going to have a great sleeping experience so yeah when it came to the whole flat bad experience the seat of the bed on the triple 7 is so much more spacious and so much more comfortable this is a very very intimate experience and I'm like average sized human being if you like 2 metre or 190 or whatever I don't think that you're going to enjoy this too much so essentially five more minutes until we touch down you Natalia my summary about the Turkish Airlines 787 the Dreamliner let's start with the things alike it is way more private in comparison of their triple7 it's classy the finishing is beautiful it is overall a very impressive product I also like how quiet the cabin is this is also something I've really enjoy you have Wi-Fi it's Wi-Fi Nanette enabled etc the infotainment is great there's loads of storage space this is definitely something I really enjoy about Disney you see however what I don't like is the flat back experience and overall how tight it is there isn't very much space especially if you a big guy or you tall person you will definitely not enjoy the seat especially once you've left it's pretty much like a coffin with your feet there is little that mutually very little room for you to navigate you will constantly bump if you even able to so Dennis duffel is something that is a bit of a letdown because the sleeping experience on the triple seven usually is one of the best because of the spice I unfortunately have to say that this is a bit of a letdown otherwise I think it is it's it's a smart product it's a cool product but on the long haul would I like it on a 15-hour flight if I want to have the purpose sleep I'm not sure about it so I'll probably have to come back to character please prepare for life and and try out anyways guys thank you so much for watching if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up let me know in the comment section below what do you think of Turkish Airlines new Dreamliner it has been years since they received a new airplane a new type of airplane and you cabin so what is your impression and what do you think what are your expectations yeah I really want to know your opinion so let me really know that call section below and if you want to see the economy class review subscribe to my channel now because this is going to come out tomorrow so I don't give you a comprehensive future also on the economy as always – thank you so much for watching much appreciated as usual safe travels wherever you officer


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  2. Is there still long wait for gate number? Why Do they still take by Bus to the plane under Rain, Sun and snow?

  3. I LOVED Turkish Airlines, the crew was nice, very accommodating, clean, great food, and the entertainment system was created for anybody to use. I would fly them again and again.

  4. Istanbul new airport is huge. It is one main terminal stretching 3kms. My last time there it was a 1.1km walk from the arrival gate to customs and immigration. Not user friendly for elderly or infermed. Always book assistance ahead. Yes designed for future increases in pax. But for now even the travelators don't help. After long flights to negotiate such distances is no joke. I too like exercise after a flight but not a mandatory work out. Try to avoid Istanbul if things can't be improved.

  5. I enjoyed flying TK, the food and service was great. However, I'm 193cm and this is another airline off my list. 🙁

  6. No, dear Josh. It’s NOT really true that 400 workers died during the construction. You have to believe what you see NOT always what you hear…;):
    Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet wrote an exclusive report about the construction of the new airport last year and a truck driver called “C” rumored that 400 workers had died in this report. That’s all. There is NOT any concrete evidence about the victims on this report. No photo, no interview with the families of the victims. I want to share this news with you and the other readers. It can be read by any translator.,557648

    Secondly, Turkish Airlines started an online poll on social media to name the new dreamliner.They offered 4 Choices which were all historical places like Göbeklitepe, Zeugma etc. but Many People wanted to name the dreamliner as “Eren”. Eren Bülbül was a 15 year old kid and murdered by terror organisation PKK. Turkish Airlines CEO offered to name “Maçka”. This is a city in the Trabzon region where Eren Bülbül was born. Because Turkish Airlines NEVER name the aircrafts with the name of the person. The CEO also suggested to fly to Trabzon in the very first Dreamliner flight to visit Eren Bülbül’s grave. 150 Twitterer has been selected by a competition, This is the story behind the first Dreamliner flight.
    This is not a propaganda, it’s just a civil intiative…

  7. JC… Great Review as always bud! Agree, that cabin looks classy, really nice use of subtle and well balanced colours/materials… such a shame it's so cramped, was really hoping this hard product would finally align with Turkish excellent soft offering. Seems they have a way to go… and as for the 400 lives lost, no matter how impressive Istanbul new airport (and from your vlog shots new IST seems incredible) I couldn't travel thro without a heavy heart for all those family and friends that lost loved ones… sorry but seems like too heavy a price to pay.

  8. That part with 400 workers are not the true. Typical Atlantic Bridge lie! There worked about 50.000 Tausend people and international companys also. Sadly there died 59 workers… This is a average of those big constructions.

  9. 8:17 Oh… That makes sense. You're supremely intelligent. The New Airport was surely built by an airliner lmfao.

  10. Turkish Airlines doing like the SQ 787 and their new A380 Business Class cabin.
    Huge upgrade and definitely one of the best looking Business Class but Turkish Airline is still not a top 10 airline, barely top 15

  11. Great Video I realy like THY I fly next week for the third time in this year on THY. I hope I will get the chance too to fly on their B787 domestic but the A330 is also very nice 😁

  12. Hi Dear Josh, I really appreciate you making sincere comments for #turkishairlines as a your turkish friend..everything you need to have in there..a great hospitality, a cheerful smile, a warmly welcome..all of my experiences that I want to share with you..keep going on this videos that make us feel good cause you look like a good man😊😊😊

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