Revealed: The Strongest Case For Impeaching Trump Is Bribery | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Revealed: The Strongest Case For Impeaching Trump Is Bribery | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Revealed: The Strongest Case For Impeaching Trump Is Bribery | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. What about Ms Reality Winner??? Can you do a story on her!!? Maria Butina gets out tomorrow and deported to Russia. Yet Reality Winner told us about russian interference! WHY IS SHE IN PRISON?

  2. Trump making snowflake leftists mad isnt an impeachable offense, its astonishing how stupid the IQ of a Democrat can be.

  3. In other words.. The Democrats in the House have to make it so clear cut and watertight, that not even a Republican Senate can defuse this and has to deliver Trump to the Wolves.
    Talk about 4D-chess.
    No wonder Pelosi & Co waited so long and make such slow and careful movements. She knows how Moscow Mitch & Co works.

  4. Senate Republicans – seing the MASSIVE crowds Trump draws at his rallies – know they would be committing political suicide if they ever voted to convict Trump!!!

  5. A dictator is never wrong, because the only thing that is wright is his word, period. So if Trumps followers are ok wit a Dictatorship, then go live in North Korea or Russia.

  6. that picture of rick ross the rapper he is really a corrections officer. thats not the same rick ross that said that quote lol

  7. Hahahaha you brainwashed low IQ morons will believe anything that is shown to you by fake media sites. Impeachment wont happen you dumb uneducated fools.

  8. In typical Trump fashion, he attempted to bribe Ukraine in exchange for other peoples money (American citizens money in this case). He did it and that's an obvious fact. The question is whether Republicans and Americans are really looking for dignity, honesty and respect from our political leaders or if crimes are fine if done by people in the party they support. Sad if that is the case.

  9. Donald Trump is powering
    l wandering how many billions he will get for that favor
    both are working together to
    make fakes conflicts and start selling arms
    and stolen Venezuela Rss
    both are working together to neutralize China
    both are working together
    to sell millions in weapons to Saudi Arabia
    both are working together to sell weapons to Iran
    both are working together
    to sell weapons to India
    both are working together to selling weapons to Turkey
    l wandering who is next 🤔
    probably the elimination of European union 😃😃
    starting with UK
    and Spain

  10. will the senate actually listen and not be biased??? I don't know they are so entrenched and so wrapped up can they do it??? I don't know…

  11. I liken the way they have to spell it out
    Q U I D P R O Q U O = B R I B E
    so American simpletons can get it.
    Need to put more money into education of your populous.

  12. offer the criminal in chief a deal, resign and no impeachment. stay, and get booted right into infamy in history, impeached, removed.

  13. There will be no Senate conviction.
    We've been thru this before, too many times. After so much ballyhooed nonsense, some Barr-cLoWn Lindsey will step forward and point at the sky and proclaim… "oh LOOK, there GoES a butterfLy! 😜😛🤓🤬😱🤔🙄
    …and the trainwreck, continues!

  14. "The only way to win is to lie, cheat and steal" has been the republican Moto at least since Reagan. I'm not old enough to know how spineless republicans were before him but it's my guess it goes back to at least the civil war.

  15. I disagree with that approach. The inquiry should not only be about Bribery, it should be put together methodically on all fronts of transgressions of the law. Picking only one to run on leaves the Senate to provide statements like ‘ I can’t see bribery’, or ‘ is that all?’
    If that one arrow misses then what?
    No, going to trial, you need a sweeping display of all crimes to demonstrate clearly to everyone the high crime perpetrated.
    You need to ensure that there is no mistake, this man is a serial criminal.

  16. I agree with some comments here. Trump should be convicted for its many illegal acts, or violation of the constitution. Its constant deny of the role of Congress is by itself illegal, and is a genuine threat against the Republic and the Democracy.
    Then treason! Why? Because saying, in Helsinki, that he trusts more Putin that its own secret services, at a time of a cyber-war, (that he denies!), seems to me to be an act of treason. A cyber-war is a war. 
    Trump, and its acolytes (Barr, Pompeo, …) have to be out of office well before the election. I would vote for a republican who stands eloquently (and soon) against Trump.
    After all the testimonies, and Trump's own confessions, decisions should accelerate. Trump is a bad loser, so the sooner he is out of office, the less harm will happen.

  17. So tired of hearing “closer” each time yet he’s still in office so over hearing about it just impeach him already..

  18. Watching this political stuff going on in America, and there are billions of us in what remains of the free world who are not Americans also watching. I cant help but notice that the accusers of Mr Trump all speak calmly in measured terms. The defenders of Mr Trump on the other hand all appear excitable, hyped up and over emotional. Just saying.

  19. Everyday it's the same thing for the last 3 years with you guys. "This is the thing that will end Trump" but it never works out.
    All what's happened is a divided America where the left fears the right and the right fears the left. It's terrible how you and the media have caused this sad breaking in our country.

    We Americans deserve an apology for these past 3 years, and to be reimbursed the millions of our hard earned money that have been wastes on these divisive attacks on America. You forget it's money from our taxes and to be more blunt, it's our lives you are messing with! You are dividing families……………

  20. Pelosi, Schiff and Dems have become the best Putin’s agents, willing to takedown a POTUS and damage the American system and laws. Her illegitimate and anticonstitucional actions demonstrate the danger of having despotic socialist running our government. Pelosi is planting the seeds of the radical socialists who are determined to destroy our economy and standing in the world. Ppl eventually will realize the craziness of the liberal ideology and will reject them in the next election.

  21. When Trump was announced as the Republican candidate is the day I turned my back on the republican party. I will never vote republican again ever. Most knew about Trump's corruption prior to running and he should have never been allowed to run for president.
    This creature makes Nixon look like a saint.

  22. As long as it sticks, I don't care what he's impeached for! How much longer is this going to take?!? It is too dangerous to leave him office!!!

  23. You'd think as much as Trump exposes himself, the hush money and all that, he'd get ZERO vote at the ballot box. No, this dude is a savior to many Americans and they love him unconditionally. Wow!

  24. Understand now, Quid Pro Quo, we do it all the time, translation "We take Bribery all the time, get over it. Johnson were pig headed, Clinton was just a bunch none sense charges, there fore he stayed and fight, Nixon was as guilty as Trump that's why he resigned. Trump as 10 the crimes and the charges then the 3 combined.

  25. The… MORE..People.. Make..Excuse s..for…A…Fool…The.. More..of..A…FOOL…Them…Cowards…LOOK…Crazy… Period.


  27. We expected different from Trump after he became president? His last 30-40 years was fraud, lying, shady business practices, suspect loans, and on and on.

  28. Why would anyone want to impeach trump when he has do all this?

    How about:
    1) shrinking the economy,
    2) hurting US exports,
    3) giving all shipping contracts to a Chinese company while US shipping companies are locked out,
    4) destabilizing our relationship with our allies,
    5) emboldening our enemies,
    6) Betraying our ally the Kurd's
    7) extorting a political favor from Ukraine
    8) causing the deaths of thousand of Kurds and Ukrainians by his illegal actions
    9) Corruption in the WH is rampant
    10) Using the WH to enrich himself
    11) his total disregard to the Constitution and the law.
    12) constantly lying, claim victory after screwing things up
    13) His trade war with China was done is in the dumbest way possible
    14) Gave Himself and the rich a huge tax cut while conning everyone else. The tax cut that the middle class got is temporary and go away in 2025 which is when they will start paying mor in taxes than before the trump/republicon tax scam. The Rich and corporation will get to keep their tax cuts.
    15) he increase the rate in which the deficit is growing by over $1 TRILLION
    16) Ruin America's standing in the US
    17) Given victories to Russia
    18) Broke most of his campaign promises
    19) Said Mexico would pay for his stupid wall and now is trying to stick it to the American Taxpayers.
    20) the trump tariffs are not paid by the other country they are paid by the American people and companies so you tax cut is going to be eaten up by them
    21) trump's tariffs also make US goods cost more and less competitive for exports which means companies like Harley Davidson will move jobs over seas to avoid the tariffs.
    22) China has been working on trade deals with Russia to reduce trad with the US which also means less US exports
    23 the big lie that the tariffs will bring jobs back to the US is a lie. Companies are just move manufacturing to India and other countries before they come back here but trump is a doofus who is incapable if thinking beyond his nose.
    24) obstruction of justice
    25) Violation of the Emolument Clause the the US Constitution.
    26) Encouraging people to break the law for his own personal gain
    27) Seriously compromised our national security
    28) Betrayal of his Oath to Office
    29) Betrayal to our National Security
    30) Abuse of Power
    31) Using the WH and the presidency to promote his own businesses
    32) responsible of hate speech which has caused hat crimes to jump

    while most are not impeachable offices there are quite a few that are in my list. The list just goes to show what a horrible piece of filth the doofus trump is and why he needs to be impeached and removed form office.

  29. Liar liar ….. Trump has every right to investigate corruption…..too bad Biden happens to be running for President…Obama administration is going down soon with the IG report….

  30. Congress is responsable ..if this or any other nut job from any party. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. Puts in harms way our country it’s there job . If any one interferes it’s obstruction plain and simple . It’s not fair it’s by not fair fair. Does not make some one inocente or guilty. It usually means that there is conflicting evidence and that some one is unhappy with an outcome . So what ever happens win or lose the average joe has to go back to work and make ends meet in sickness and in health till we drop dead .god bless America.

  31. Listeners heed this George Orwell quote "The people will believe what the media tells them they believe" you are all so gullible and they think you their audience are quite stupid….

  32. Extortion seems like a stronger term for what Trump did with respect to the Ukraine expenditures as Trump saw that Ukraine was desperate for the help and held it up until they agreed to meet his terms for his own personal gain.

  33. If my country gives your country money for “aid” but my country asks your country to do something for it, that’s not necessarily bribery. You’d have to prove that and you brought forward no evidence of bribery in this video.

  34. I think extortion would be more accurate than bribery. Doesnt really matter. The Senate Republicans will never vote against Trump, no matter how blatant the evidence.

  35. He was impeachable b4 he got to the white house a pure misinterpretation of what was really going on pointing the finger the other way the world & Americas national media broadcasters took the bait a[ready knowing they were following nonsense.
    as if they really had something to hide that the democrats started to cut their own throats over a false allegation against their main candidate which a few days ago found she has no questions to answer about her e.mails only for an edition of Russia today America tried to find and insinuate the democrats still need investigating but then realized it goes back to far even republicans past presidents bar Jimmy Carter and that was yesterday. perhaps Mark Thompson will do a better job at the New York Times than he did for the BBC pedaling nonsense in most cases.that is how The present President of America got away with it and I've only gone by the facts they've
    been staring everyone in the face for the last 5 or 6yrs that's how bad that is and now he is looking to the 2nd term of office in which the republican party or the white house would be able to stop further impeachment investigations and he is giving the odds for that to happen already and its not even 2020 yet egg on the face of the
    British Conservative Party if this carries over Epstein saga how will the world's broadcasters deal with that?

  36. 3 Articles of Impeachment
    • Congress money Not sent to Ukraine
    • trump threatening President of Ukraine
    • Abuse of Power which the WH holds to use Leverage for your political campaign

  37. He wont be impeached all this talk to impeach 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ nothing happening with him come on fake

  38. I agree that they need to just get on board with going after specific
    crime/s because they are spreading the investigations to thinly to be able to get a conviction!
    Until they focus on one,or two, specific crimes, they continue to spread themselves, and their arguments, way to thin to capture and hold the electorates attention!
    He will end up walking away from this, and the electorate will feel, once again, that they are being let down by our elected officials , and that our elected officials have lost to to the Trump camp!

  39. What a useless waist of time the useless Democrats will stop at nothing to embarrass them selves , the american people can see right through all this

  40. The Doj and the FBI need to investigate Adam Schiff's relationship with the Ukrainian Arms Dealer Igor Pastonak and George Soros immediately

  41. @jones-your comment is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Impeach him 9ver a sharpie??? Hahahaha omg you are seriously delusional. Plus he didnt do it and the weather people saif thatvwas the original projection. Go back to your safe injection sight moron.

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