Restore the Vote

Restore the Vote

The right of African-Americans to vote was consistently thwarted. Mostly by intimidation and insidious practices like the Poll Tax the Grandfather Clause and so much more. The Voting Rights Act, the cornerstone of the American Civil Rights movement, the thing that really got me engaged in politics got me to run for the United States Senate. For seventeen years I was chairman of, or the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. When we extended the Voting Rights Act the last time for 25 years I never thought we'd be fighting the fight again on voting rights. The Supreme Court ruled that the heart of the Voting Rights Act was no longer needed. No longer needed? Ruth Bader Ginsburg got it right when she said throwing out the existing process when it's working is "like throwing away an umbrella in a rain storm because you're not getting wet." Now we're in a hail storm. New attempts by states and localities to limit ballot access without the full protection of the law. Folks, it's time we take stock. In 1967 Dr. King posed a question. The same question we should be asking ourselves now. Where do we go from here?

17 thoughts on “Restore the Vote

  1. What for it needs to common Americans? Who will fight for this? Who writes such scripts? Don't be a finger, be a fist! Be One huge fist of the American Democracy, one concrete monolith of passionate hearts of the American's Sons and Daughters! Fight back to back, not for a chair in WH, but for Main Democracy in the World. The most strong weapon is your Unanimity! Close ranks around Kirsten Gillibrand and fights fearlessly because this patch is the most real way to the victory!

  2. Joe Biden is a patriotic American and cares about America and it's people. He isn't running for his ego.

  3. Yes the Pro slavery Jim Crowe law Democrats thwarted the African American right to vote. To restore our Democracy we need voter ID and proof of citizenship enforced before voting. We do not want illegals destroying our democracy and having foreign influence in our elections. Trump 2020. Do not vote the cheating Democrats into any office, Democrats are destroying our democracy with voter fraud.

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