Republican Lawmakers Struggle To Defend President Donald Trump Conduct | The Last Word | MSNBC

Republican Lawmakers Struggle To Defend President Donald Trump Conduct | The Last Word | MSNBC

84 thoughts on “Republican Lawmakers Struggle To Defend President Donald Trump Conduct | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Struggling to defend really means…

    no defense at all. The law is black and white. Trump committed an impeachable offense.

  2. The question is whether the 60% of WHITE Americans who STILL support Trump have been conned or if they are IN ON the con. I say that these WHITE nationalists will excuse any kind of unethical behavior as long it keeps the brown and black people out.

  3. Republican and Democrat senators should say nothing about the particular case while condemning foreign election involvement in general. They effectively serve as jurors in the impeachment trial and should not prejudge. The silence of congressional GOP shows a lack of spine and cult over nation.

  4. How do you defend the indefensible.? The evidence is indisputable he confessed on live TV and took the opportunity to invite more foreign interference.

  5. 1. I didn't ask any favours from Ukraine
    2. Okay I did, but it wasn't for the US arms sales and military support
    3. Okay it was, but it was just a perfect phone call and no quid pro quo
    4. Okay there was, but Mike Pence didn't know about it when he had a later meeting
    5. Okay maybe he did, but there's nothing wrong with it and doesn't mean impeachment
    6. Okay it is but WE'RE PULLING OUT OF SYRIA, Turkey take care of my 2 Trump towers there please

  6. Oh but isn't that America? John Q Yukon and Suzie Q Tahoe. Little kings and queens that now are as King George. A fair warning by a long dead monarch

  7. All the morons like Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan and Co. all slated Obama and Clinton for … nothing, yet Trump is literally a criminal, his only downfall in his own eyes is being caught, not doing things that are entirely illegal and they DEFEND HIM. How partisan must you be to put party before country. Not even that, criminal before the United States of America

  8. This guy's unstable, he could 'go nuclear'. I wouldn't be surprised if
    he declares marshal law and attempts to seize power. He won't go quietly
    that's for sure.

  9. If I were Adam Schiff I'd have a table at the Los Angeles Comic Con and sit there handing out signed immunity waivers for anyone not currently under subpoena willing to turn states evidence…

  10. The tide has turned for trump. Even if he survives the impeachment process, he will be damaged beyond rehabilitation. The country has had enough of this man.

  11. The Republican leaders and the base have been in a hypnotic state for the past 2.75 years: unfortunately, only the hypnotist can wake the hypnotized…

  12. Thank you Lawrence, of course they have no defense, thanks to Trump everything is based on Racist White nationalist right wing bullsh*t & lies.

  13. "Their cowardice turns then in another direction."
    Good call.

    I saw the discussion with McMaster on Cspan. It was good and he spoke straight.

  14. Donald tDump thinks that he is above the law because of the enablers that still supports him.George Conway is baffled as to why GOP still support this criminal and fake president.

  15. Looking at the political drama or spectacle of the Trump administration, I get the feeling that I am watching 3 movies that have been combined into 1 movie. The Supranos, the Omen and The Purge.

  16. New Republican oath of office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God – Unless allowing violations of the above are politically expedient for me and my re-election and/or personal profit in which case I will tolerate any abuse of the law or constitution, if not by any other means, then by my silence.”

  17. A couple of days before Nancy Pelosi announced that she would allow the House of Representatives to start the impeachment process against the badly brought up son of Queens I wrote in the comments section below a TYT story that she would do so “eventually”.

    Typical surprise-surprise revelations in the last few days have encouraged me to suggest, like so many others before me, that the said bbusoQ will eventually do a tricky-Dicky and resign from his squatting in the White House, meaning at some stage before the general election that will be held on Tuesday 3 November 2020.

    Of course, the primadonald is a millhand when compared with the much more intelligent late Richard Milhous Nixon, so the boy on the burning deck may well carry on regardless till election day.

  18. Two new Trump related criminals arrested !!! I have never ever seen a president who had this many criminal associates !!! One criminal associate can be a coincidence, even two criminal associates can be a coincidence, but three or more criminal associates is no longer a coincidence !!!

  19. I'm for a Biden/Warren ticket. I love Warren for prez but I believe it's time for a Very experienced politician to go in and clean out the filth left by trump. Warren will be a star as VP and on deck for Prez. I hate to admit that I believe the right would launch all kinds of sexist, racist attacks against Warren. Time to just settle down and get things right. No Drama Obama style.

  20. Trump and his family, throw in Barr and his family too but not Guiliani…need to check in at that worm-hole or time machine at New York Southern District.

  21. Trump will fight this to the last drop of Rudy's blood. Not thatthat means much. Interesttingly the cadaverous Miller is absolutely invisible

  22. “It’s possible I may have a picture with them (Giuliani’s associates) —— ahem… taking money from them. But other than that, I have no idea who they are and I’ve never met them!”
    —————— Crooked Trump

  23. Donald Trump goes to jail unless he resigns before the 2020 election!

    Trumps ONLY way out in which he doesn’t go directly to jail – is to resign before the 2020 elections and have Mike Pence issue a pardon for him.
    He will be impeached by the house. That’s already a done deal. There is more than enough evidence in the Mueller report alone to impeach him. The Ukraine scandal is just the gravy on top. The senate will not convict him though – so he’ll keep his job until the end of his term – and can’t pardon himself.

    It’s a near certainty that he will be defeated by an embarrassingly large margin in the 2020 election – and then it’s off to jail…!

    On the off chance that he’s able to somehow rig the 2020 election and “win” another 4 years – well, that’s when they’ll pull out the 25th amendment and remove him within his first year – and then it’s off to jail!!!

    Giuliani is obviously insane – so he’ll escape jail and instead be committed to the nut house.

  24. The question we should all be asking is “Why was there ONLY ONE whistleblower?”

    With all of the people who were listening in on that phone call, why did it take 2 months for ONE person to come forward? Who were all the other people who though it was okay to just let it slide…??? Their silence makes them complicit in the offense! There should have been a dozen different whistleblowers coming forward within a week of the call!

  25. Wondering if a "potted plant would do well against donald trump in the polling", that is priceless! I wonder what potted plant would do better, a 'Donkeys Tail' – any suggestions?

  26. Lets see how much preying helps Pence now…it'll do him as much good as the "thoughts and prayers" do for the survivors of a mass shooting…time to pay the piper Mikey.

  27. Republicans are like the Jim Jones cult. They'd rather die by poison than do the right thing. In the interest of self-preservation, one would think that they would turn against the maniac taking them down the road to certain death. Better yet, how about doing the right thing, the moral thing, doing what you were elected to do, which is NOT to protect the president.

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