Reporters Try to Match Trump's Perfect Cognitive Score

Reporters Try to Match Trump's Perfect Cognitive Score

so this is the test that Trump took it's a cognitive abilities test he got a perfect score which made him a stable genius everybody exaggerate let's see how I do first question I see letters and numbers in a box and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do it's a pattern v3c no then it goes the deed assuming it's thick with numbers first they have to connect now I need to copy a cube I think I can draw a cubit this is for kids draw clock it should be draw a clock eleven no ten past eleven hello ten past eleven that's 11 10 right p.m. Alec doesn't matter done no it's not no one is 10 oh yeah it is dude people are laughing at us all over the world name the animals that's a rhino this is really vague are you supposed to name the animal or say what the animal is Aslan the lion this one so far okay they think we're stupid and we argue five words yeah okay face face face velvet Church Daisy and red dairy he said velvet let it that out he put glasses on so people will think he's smart it just doesn't work I'm cognitively aware see two things you're gonna tell me how they're similar train and bicycle they're both methods of transportation wash and ruler both measurements always hid under the couch a little slower I didn't I can't remember all of them you can't always hid under the couch when dogs were in the room the cat always hid under the couch when dogs were around dogs are home one minute you're gonna gain as many words as you can that start with the letter yeah fine favorite 5 Ford f-150 you did not think fling flinging flinger fecundity Frankenstein fluffernutter filled floral arrangement that's two words are the words I told you what words say those five words back to me now you're kidding I couldn't even remember the last part of that dog sentence so much has happened between then and now face Daisy church velvet red that's hard how am i think couch velvet was another one we put that before Church farm was one of them violent cat I suffer from severe test anxiety and like I'm feeling air right now last category okay and I want you keep in mind that you are currently on pace with the president yes but I have to get the date July no sorry sorry January 15 mm 28 – somewhere in the middle of the month so I'm gonna say 17 Oh January 16th is this it how to do I've always considered myself I don't know if I'm stable anymore did I win for the people here that's what a 30 which makes you not know what I am a stable genius wrong they're losers they're babies that President Trump president is mentally very sharp very intact fakeness it's vacant some people have you know just gray jeans and release the tapes of him doing this

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  1. He spends all day every day for decades successfully negotiating complex business deals with the nastiest sharks in the real-estate world. His mind is honed, and sharp, and optimized for keeping countless items in order and connecting things and dredging up details that his opponents have overlooked. Starting early in the morning, ending late at night. For decades.
    He is smart. How can anyone be surprised at this?

  2. "I'm assuming you have to stick with numbers first."
    This one shocked me the most since the dotted example gives the answer away, and she even traced it too! And then she decides "numbers first"? You already went over A, so even without the example, it's already too late for that! I sincerely hope that she was just really tired and quickly realized her mistake soon, and they just happened to cut that out, because that kind of mistake is really concerning.

  3. There was also a study that showed journalists are of below average intelligence. So…there's that.

  4. Even Trumpanzees know trump didnt get a prefect score.

    The real give away is how the White House lied about trump's height so that he wouldn't fall into the obese category.

  5. "it's less of an IQ test and more of a 'are you OK' test. The only president that could have failed this is Lincoln after the theater."

  6. I would bet a big toe that trump studied for this test. Anyone that does not believe that is crazy. It's not like this was a surprise physical. I mean how hard is it to download Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) and do it ahead of time a few times, There is NO way he aced this test. Don't believe me? Look at this and then tell me he remembered 5 random words from 10 minutes earlier. But couldn't pass this, somewhat easy question. What's 17 x 6? Don't believe me? Not Fake News.. Easy way to do it in your head, 6×10 = 60 and 6 x 7 is 42. Add them together 102 See it's a little harder to be a stable genuis when you don't have the answers drilled in your head ahead of time. Kind of like the Hillary Debate interviews or the Recent Bannon interviews with Muellor.

  7. obviously fake. but for the people it was aimed at, they will believe and it will support their already distorted views.. it's really sad for democracy but Putin's happy with how things are going.

  8. So this is the test that declares you a stable genius. What's next? Count down all the items of the Mc Donalds menue to win a Noble Price?

  9. I'm no fan of Trump, but of course he's very smart. He became a billionaire and is an extremely skilled businessman. You can't do that if you're stupid.

  10. I feel so loved right now…someone in these comments is obsessed with me.

    I bet he is so obsessed, Nikola Tesla will find this comment and continue to show his love for me.

  11. First off, this test is a piece of piss. You picked 3 of the worst possible contestants for it. Secondly, the fact that they lied about Trumps height tells me he probably had help doing this test, or they faked the scores. (yes, they lied about Trump's height. They claim he's 6'3" and yet is smaller than Obama who is 6'2"…. Tell me again they didn't lie?)… I guarantee from the reactions you didn't give any kind of information to these people before they started that initial question, and I guarantee you told Trump more. That being said, How can you trust them to be telling you the truth about this when they even lied about his height just so he didn't register as obese? ….

  12. I feel like all of them are idiots, this test says Needs not hard. Maybe they just took the worst? Everyone in my family passed this test, so maybe these reporters are just dumb.

  13. Riiight…this is real, and monkeys might fly out of my butt. My friggin 5 year old… You know what, if you believe this shit… My five year old took the same test and scored 200, then NASA called and made him king of space.

  14. Just because you got retards to take a first grade test does not mean trump is a genius. I seriously doubt anybody who watched this who has a shred of cognitive ability missed any of these questions. The only one I can maybe see is when they had to say the exact date, but that’s because there are a lot of people who just don’t care what the exact day is. Then again, seeing those “Americans are ignorant and proud” compilations does lead me to believe the bar really is THAT low now. End me.

  15. Bullshit vid and 10 past 11 is the big hand on the one and the little hand just past 11 so he had it drawn right

  16. Obama got 100% in 1,850 different physical, cognitive and IQ tests administered by a panel consisting of far right international scientists who now feel "compelled to change the way they do things" based on their experience testing him. The evidence is there. In the same place you can found Trump's test results.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂stable🐴genius

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