25 thoughts on “Reporters duck and weave as bombs drop

  1. Hahahaa bull chit you guys are using a green screen hahaha CNN must think people are stoopid hahahaa !

  2. 0:11 the background is fake you can tell its a green screen behind him lol with added effects like video shake when the bomb goes off or lighting to make it seem like he's there… this is all directed and scripted they go to Hollywood and film the news you really think that reporter is gonna risk his life to give you news he aint that kind of reporter this is fake news out of its best you never here any of those kind of reporters get hurt act you can tell between authentic video and fake video this is an example of a authentic video of a reporter reporting near actual war
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5HCcaPQb_M its a little old in quality but you can tell that its not as faked as this video you can tell it hasn't been enhanced or manipulated it looks genuine

  3. Cnn pussy just do your job and stop acting like bitchies cause in ww2 journalist were apart of it and shooting back 4 the cause and that was to fool the American people with self control explosion

  4. i thought it was a green screen at first then I looked at the CNN logo and realized it prob was a green screen

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