27 thoughts on “Reporter Tells Truth About War & Gets Fired By NYTimes w/Chris Hedges

  1. Chris's interview with Matt Taibi is SPECTACULAR! At only @07:10, I am impressed with Mr. Hedges and his observation of what Corporate Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism/ Neo-Conservatism actually are. Many do not comprehend that presented ideologies work hand in glove with the prevailing social construction, which includes economics, politics, religion (presented and accepted), educational, and warfare. I personally refer the construct as Socialism.

  2. Tulsi Gabbard is on Joe Rogan's show Monday at noon West Coast time apparently. He has millions of followers, that will be a great thing…bypassing the MSM. One day the media will be exposed for their war-mongering and pocket-filling 'news', that always supports wars.

  3. In truth, most people who oppose the message against neoliberal "capitalism" are those who have internalized the belief capitalism is sine qua non to freedom itself.

    Such people are simply incapable of imagining freedom outside of neoliberal capitalism.

  4. Jimmy and Chris tirelessly working to wake everyone the fuc# up to the sociopath greedheads who have been destroying freedom for generations. This must end. Cherish and learn from one another.

  5. "You don't teach anyone morality, you show them." Thank you for showing us, Chris and Jimmy. Stay strong!

  6. Ask somebody if they believe in the divine right of kings, they will say hell no. Ask if they believe in the divine right of multi national corporations and they will get mad at you.

  7. he's saying neoliberalism (which is the same as neoconservatism) is not just kneeling to the dictates of the free market (which is not 'free' but fixed by the same cabal, so that no true competition of free markets can exist) — but it's an ideology that gives the power cabal an excuse to hoard the vast amounts of immense wealth & land, so that only they can forever keep their immense wealth & power, & cause further destruction & poverty to the rest of the populations of the world. … but what's the end goal chris hedges?? the 'new world order' ?? that they want to bring about, after the great world economic depression they will cause & then WW3 & then that gives this same cabal the excuse to erase all countries borders & rule the world as a whole, while extinguishing billions of people & species — and then artificial intelligence ???

  8. No! Not “the American press at its best,” but the two systems of indoctrination working together in lockstep to prevent public access to reasoned arguments, namely both the schools and the press—It being perhaps impossible to separate the two and/or to know which to hate more.
    However, because I am a teacher, and under the principle “Physician! Heal thyself!,” I am duty bound to hate the amerikan system of edukation more. But the damage done willfully by the official amerikan media is nevertheless incalculable! Up and down the members of the media are nasty and even demonic in their very souls! JWC

  9. another drama queen trying to get paid by producing nothing more than BS and not taking on or having a real job!

  10. Neoliberalism is the transfer of financial, economic, banking, natural, human, etc, etc resources from the people (represented and administeted by their governments) to a group of big international corporations. It looks to privatize all resources in favor of this corporations with no restrictions to them in any way.


  11. Gulf and Western has nothing to do with Trump, asshole, other than the faact that Trump bought their defective building and turned it into something useful. You just had to get in a dig at the Don. How typical.

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